13 Things You Don’t Know About Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

We have learnt about a Mason temple, gossiped every corner, and proved: the secret society is no longer so secret – but it remains one of the most influential in the world.

Freemasonry has been accused of everything, from performing sinister rituals, promoting orgies to dominating the world … even being behind the murder of Jack the Ripper. Many people believe that the Freemason Secret organization controls governments and that its members use public offices to help each other.

However, Masons ensure that almost all of this is bullshit. They would be no more than a philanthropic and progressive group. They recognize that they help each other, but that the duty to help a brother is always subject to a greater obligation to keep the law. After all, what is the truth about this secret society?

Let’s begin with the 13 facts about the Freemason secrets and their rituals.

1 Is Freemasonry No More A Secret?

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

Freemasonry is no secret. In many countries, everyone knows where the Masonic lodges are and who their members are. Masons involve in activities like publishing magazines and spreading their ideas on internet sites. Their temples immersed in an aura of mystery are now open for visitors.

2 Freemasonry Is Not secret, But Discreet  

The fact remains that they still have sessions behind closed doors. Angel Jorge Clavero (Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Argentina) has an explanation for this. He says, “Freemasonry is not secret, but discreet. The ceremonies we carry out here are only of interest to us, they are reserved for the initiates. “For Clavero, this is exactly what happens in any meeting, whether it is a condominium or the board of directors of a multinational.”

The Grand Master states that if you do not own an apartment in the building or director of the company, they will not let you in. The Grand Master’s argument makes sense. On the other hand, company directors do not usually meet to discuss philosophy, dressed in colorful aprons and surrounded by symbolic objects. Also, neither you nor your apartment neighbors need to swear absolute secrecy about what was discussed at the meeting. In Freemasonry, that’s how things work.

3 Six Million Freemason Members Exist On This Planet 

To understand, the first step is to take into account that there are several Freemasons. The organization is a global network of about 6 million members spread across 5 continents. Rituals vary greatly from one country to another. Some use the Bible in their meetings, others, the Torah or the Koran. This diversity allows Masonic symbols to have various interpretations.

4  Common Principles That Every Member Follows

Freemasons have much in common. All of them, regardless of country, defend the ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity. They worship the Great Architect of the Universe – as they refer to God. And they require requirements of the initiates, who, after undergoing an initiation ceremony, gather posts and accumulate more and more knowledge.

They forbid speaking of politics and religion within the temple, but continue to have the power and influence. The same as they used to initiate decisive chapters in history, such as the independence of Brazil, the US and almost every country in Latin America.

5 Mystery About Their Origination

The origin of Freemasonry remains a mystery even for Freemasons. One of the theories says that it arose about 3,000 years ago during the construction of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The Israeli king recruited the architect Hiram Abif, master in the art of stone-carving.

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

Temple Of Solomon

He taught him the mysteries of the craft. At the end, 3 craftsmen demanded that he tell them the Freemasons secrets. Abif refused and was killed for this.

The martyrdom of the architect has never been proven. Even so, it means a lot to Freemasons.

6 Secret Philosophy Of Freemason   

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

In The Meaning of Masonry, the British Freemason WL Wilmshurst interpreted the master’s death as a moral disaster for humanity – as if the flame of knowledge had been erased.

Wilmshurst writes:

Now, we still have 5 senses and the reason which will provide us with the surrogate secrets in this dark world.

Therefore, Freemasonry would be a philosophical system that discusses the Universe and our place within it. The more the Mason climbs the steps of the confraternity, the closer he comes to the Light-that is, rational thought.

7  Masons Are Heirs To The Templars  

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

Thesis claims that Masons are heirs to the Templars. Templars were the knights who traveled to the Holy Land in the 12th century to defend Christians but were eventually persecuted by the Church. There are also those who defend an even more remote origin in Egypt, of the pharaohs or in ancient Greece.

However, it was in medieval Europe that Freemasonry laid its foundations. It begun in the form of masons’ unions, which built monuments for religious and monarchs – among them the London Bridge and Westminster Cathedral, also in the English capital.

8 Secret Of Construction Methods

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals  

“English stonemasons ate lunch and left their tools in small houses called lodges,” explained American journalist H. Paul Jeffers in Freemasons. Like Abif, they kept their methods of construction secret, for they were the guarantee of better wages.

These unions flourished until the 16th century, when the masons had a surprise. Shaken by the Protestant Reformation and the feud with King Henry the 8th, the Church stopped building cathedrals. The result was the waning of contracts for new works.

“Freemasonry went into crisis and underwent a major change. Everything that was connected to the practice of the craft in stone became allegorical, and the tools became symbols in contemplation of the mysteries of life, “stated Jeffers. The Masonic lodges began to interpret these symbols through moral, ethical, and philosophical concepts. Society was open to other professionals, such as scientists, and allowed to be influenced even by alchemy.

9 Present Freemasonry

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

The current freemasonry began in 1717 when 4 London shops united in the United Grand Lodge of England. In 1723, Freemason James Anderson compiled the oral tradition of the fellowship into a constitution, whose mottos were science, justice, and labor. Those who did not like it were the Church, feeling their power threatened by a group that rejected dogmas. In 1738, Pope Clement 12 issued a bill in which he excommunicated Freemasonry – ratified in 1983 by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope Benedict.

The shot backfired. The more Freemasonry was slandered, the more it attracted revolutionaries – among them the South American liberator Simon Bolivar and the hero of American independence Benjamin Franklin. The French Revolution also assumed the Masonic values, but not with the intensity that many imagine.

10 Secret Codes

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

The story of persecution explains why Masons developed codes to recognize themselves in the midst of other people. In the handshake, for example, one would touch the index finger on the other’s wrist. When they hugged, they would put one arm over, another underneath in X, and they would beat 3 times in the back. Another way of communicating in public places would be to stand in an upright position and with feet in the shape of a square.

In their texts, the Masons abbreviated the words using 3 delta-shaped points. Examples: “Go” is brother, “Loj” is store. Today much of these Freemason secrets have already become public domain. So much so that the term used by the Masons to refer to God – Jahbulon, result of the union of the names Yahweh, Baal and Osiris – appears in almost 30 thousand pages in the Internet.

In order to enter Freemasonry, it was necessary to have a clean record, to be of legal age and to believe in a god. The candidate needs to be invited by a Mason and only becomes an apprentice after being accepted at a temple initiation ceremony, where he undertakes not to reveal what he hears therein.

“Our goal is to educate better men, to teach them to free themselves from dogmas and to think for themselves,” says Argentine Grand Master Jorge Clavero. “Freemasonry is not like a political party, which fixes positions. She acts in society through her men, silently. The initiate does his work among family, friends and in his workplace.”

11 Stages Of Knowledge

In Brazil, the most practiced rite is the Scots, but the one of York prevails in the rest of the world


1st grade – Apprentice started
2nd degree – Official partner
3rd Degree – Master Mason
4th Degree – Secret Master
5th grade – Perfect Master
6th grade – Intimate Secretary
7th degree – Provost and judge
8th grade – Intendant of buildings
9th grade – Master elected from the 9
10th grade – Master elected of the 15
11th grade – Rider elected from the 12
12th Degree – Grand Master Architect
13th degree – Master of the 9th bow
14th degree – Perfect and sublime Grand-elect
15th Degree – Knight of the East
16th Degree – Prince of Jerusalem
17th degree – Knight of the East and West
18th Degree – Knight Rosicrucian
19th Degree – Grand Pontiff
20th degree – Master ad Vitam
21st Degree – Patriarch noaquita
22nd degree – Prince of Lebanon
23rd degree – Head of the tabernacle
24th Degree – Prince of the Tabernacle
25th Degree – Bronze Serpent Knight
26th degree – Prince of Mercy
27th degree – Temple commander
28º grau – Knight of the Sun
29th degree – Knight of Saint Andrew
30th grade – Knight kadosh
31st degree – Inquisitor grand commander
32º grau – Sublime prince of the real secret
33rd degree – Sovereign Grand Inspector General


Brand Master
Past master (virtual)
Very good teacher
Royal Arch Mason
Royal master
Elected Master
Superexcellent master
Order of the Red Cross
Order of the Knights of Malta
Order of the Knights Templar
Towards the top of the pyramid

Climbing the hierarchy can take a lifetime. The structure of Freemasonry has the form of two ladders that begin and end together. The candidate’s first step is to become an apprentice. The 2nd level is the companion of craft and the 3rd, of mason master. The 3 initial steps are common to the Scottish and York rite. After that, those who want to climb the hierarchy must choose between the two ritual systems.

In the Scottish, it is 33 degrees, while the York is only 10. The history of the rites is also different:  for many scholars of Freemasonry, the Scottish ritual was founded in France by immigrants fleeing persecution.

However, York appeared in the English city of the same name where the first Masonic lodge of Great Britain was opened.

In Brazil, the most widely practiced ritual is Scots, but it is estimated that 85% of Masons around the world practice York. Some important characters of the Masonic tradition appear on the steps of this illustration, first published in the American magazine Life, In 1956. Among them, King Solomon (indicating the path at the base of the Scottish rite), who built the 1st Temple in Jerusalem, and George Washington (in the 20th degree of the same rite, master ad Vitam), the first US president.

Under the arch are the sister organizations of Freemasonry.

Master masons are accepted in Grotto and in the High Cedars of Lebanon.

Girls who have a Mason in the family can join the Daughters of Job or the Order of the Rainbow Girls;
Women in the Orient Star;
And boys, at DeMolay.

Only 32 degree Masons and Knights Templar can enter the Shrine.

And the woman of a Shrine can be a Daughter of the Nile.

12 From President To Astronaut, Masons Who Entered History


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

He was the first and only one to hold the positions of master of a store and president of the United States at the same time. One third of American presidents were Freemasons.

AMADEUS MOZART – 1756-1791

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

One of the greatest composers of all time, he joined freemasonry at the invitation of Joseph Haydn, another music genius, member of a shop in Vienna.

DOM PEDRO 1º – 1798-1834

Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

He arrived at the rank of Grand Master in Brazil. He left Freemasonry as soon as he was declared emperor and banned the work of the organization in the country, fearing that his power would be contested.


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

During World War II, 1901,  British Prime Minister was started to follow Freemasonry at the age of 26 at the Studholme Masonic lodge in London. It was the time when he was a parliamentarian.


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

Started by a bodyguard, he follows in the footsteps of other historical Masons. He loves to cite in speeches, among them: Simon Bolivar, José Martí and San Martín.


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

The first man to step on the moon was a Mason. He would have dressed his apron on the lunar suit during the Apollo 11 mission, but there is no proof that this actually happened.

13 Inside The Masonic Temple

A walk through the Grand Lodge of Argentina of Free and Accepted Masons, with explanation for everything you would see inside:


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

It corresponds to the Holy of Holies, the most sacred place of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem. The central armchair is used only by the venerable master who conducts the rituals.


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

By drawing perfect circles, the compass represents the pursuit of perfection. The right angle of the square, however, suggests honesty. The letter “G” comes from God – “God” in English.


There are many meanings attributed to the Sun in Freemasonry. Being focused to the ceiling of the temple, it can be interpreted as knowledge and mental or intellectual enlightenment. The blue sky symbolizes nature and the Universe.


The three adults of the Italian Enrique Fabris, represent science (old man with the torch of reason), justice (mother carrying the son) and work (man vigorous with tools). The central sphinx refers to the initiatory society and the long path to be followed by man in the pursuit of knowledge. The Sun symbolizes nature, present in its 4 elements: water, fire, air and earth. From them, only water cannot be dominated by man – hence the sea in the picture.


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

Symbol of work, it protects the Mason and indicates its degree. Gloves, always white, signify purity, moral rectitude, and equality.


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

With 5 tips it symbolizes the man in his 5 aspects – physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual.
In the background, one observes the pyramid with the all-seeing eye, an allusion to God.


Freemason Secrets & Their Rituals

It represents people of the world united by Freemasonry. The triangles and squares symbolize the harmony that can exist in diversity. They also synthesize the opposites: Good and Evil, body and spirit.