Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

Kindly note that the contents of this article are not meant for children. It talks about the Mafia and underworld criminal activities. The criteria for choosing the top ten criminal gangster names were: how notorious the criminal was; the manner by which astute the epithet was and how the hoodlum landed by the moniker.

Get ready to discover the top 10 most famous gangster or mafia nicknames !! Keep your hands up and begin perusing.

10 Charlie Luciano – Fortunate Luciano

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

Charlie Luciano was given the handle “Lucky” when he returned from “taking a ride” to be whacked. He received a blade wound from his experience which brought about a changeless sagging eye (find in picture). There are many stories about the ride.

However, most concur he was tormented by the family of an officer whose little girl he had allured. He utilized this story to build his legend with the underworld regularly expressing he was the main individual from the mafia to return alive after being taken for a ride.

In his seniority, in the wake of being expelled to Italy, Lucky turned into a magnanimous man, helping many Italians before he set up a therapeutic supply store as a cover for his unlawful business activities.

9 Charles Floyd – Pretty Boy Floyd

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

Charles Arthur Floyd abhorred his nickname, yet sources differ on how he got it. Two stories are given, one suggesting that “Pretty Boy” was given to him by the whores from the whorehouses he frequented while the second expresses that he earned his nickname from a portrayal of him in his first real theft as “a pretty kid.”

He abhorred the name so much that he killed other hoodlums for using it. Actually, in the wake of being gunned down, with his withering breath, his last words were, “I’m Charles Arthur Floyd.”

8 Israel Alderman – Icepick Willie

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

This shocking nick name needs little imagination. As you would associate, Icepick Willies’ strategy with homicide included an icepick. As the proprietor of a speakeasy in Minneapolis, the hoodlum would kill his casualties by pushing the icepick through their eardrum and into the cerebrum.

He utilized this snappy “strategy” since observers would just see the casualty all of a sudden droop over as an eventual tipsy that had gone out. Icepick Willie could then drag the carcass from the speakeasy, as though helping the alcoholic, and afterward dispose of the body.

7 Sam Hunt – Golf Bag Hunt

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

The epithet “Golf Bag” does not cause dread, fear or much ponder, until you know the reason this gangster was given the name Golf Bag. Working for Capone as a horde authority (hitman), Sam Hunt would convey his weapons in his golf pack to conceal them.

On the off chance that you saw Sam coming towards you with his golf sack threw on his shoulder and you weren’t teeing off on the green, you ought to most likely be running the other direction.

6 Benjamin Siegel – Bugsy Siegel

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

An American hoodlum who was a main thrust behind the advancement of Las Vegas! Ben “Bugsy” Siegel was not enamored with his epithet and was never called that to his face.

It was said to make him get to be incensed, lethally so. Amid his trial for the homicide of Harry “Huge Greenie” Greenberg (he was cleared), the daily papers uncovered Siegel’s shameful past and began alluding to him as “Bugsy”. He abhorred the moniker, “Bugsy” (said to be founded on the slang term “bugs”, signifying “insane”, depicting his hysterical conduct), and wouldn’t permit anybody to call him that.

5 Vincent – Frantic Dog Coll


Not somebody you could ever need to meet, Mad Dog Coll was given the handle for his nonchalance for human life including youngsters. On July 28, 1931, Coll unsuccessfully endeavored to abduct Joey Rao, a Dutch Schultz subordinate.

The subsequent shootout left a five year old youngster, Michael Vengali, dead and a few kids injured. After this barbarity, New York City Mayor Jimmy Walker named Coll “Frantic Dog” and the entire city began searching for him. A $50,000 liberality was put on Mad Dog and he was gunned down while making a call in a telephone stall in 1932.

4 Thomas – Butterfingers Moran

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

Fabulous pickpocket, Thomas “Butterfingers” Moran, was a skilled pickpocket who could “slide in and out of a pocket like pure butter.” Thomas made his first pickpocket in 1906 in San Francisco and his last at the age of 78, in 1970.

He is thought to have picked more than 50,000 pockets in this period. Like Pretty Boy, Butterfingers hated this epithet and said so when he was cited, “I’ve never pardoned that keen Alecky columnist who named me ‘Butterfingers’.”

3 George – Machine Gun Kelly

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

George “Machine Gun” Kelly, the famous mobster who gave FBI operators the handle G-men, was given his criminal nick name by his significant other Kathryn who constrained him to hone with the automatic weapon. (She offered it to him as a birthday present.)

She turned into his public relations power and developed his “street cred” with different hoodlums. George was not blamed or indicted for homicide and never utilized his assault rifle with the plan to murder. Amid his time at Alcatraz he got the name ‘Pop Gun Kelly’ because he was a model detainee and was no place close to the intense, merciless criminal his wife had made the public think.

2 Lester Nelson – Baby Face Nelson

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

Considered Public Enemy #1 all through the 1930s, Lester Joseph Gillis otherwise called “baby face” Nelson, because of his young appearance, couldn’t have cared less for his nickname and at one point announced himself “Huge” George Nelson.

The issue? He was just 5 feet 4 inches tall. “Where criminals such as Pretty Boy Floyd… would murder for self defense when cornered, Nelson made a special effort to kill – he adored it,” said Jay Robert Nash in Bloodletters and Badmen. “His heavenly, pear-smooth face never deceived his moment capacity to execute.”

1 Scarface Al Capone

Top 10 Underworld Gangster & Mafia Nicknames

Scarface Al was a bouncer for mobster Frankie Yale. Capone got the scars that gave him the handle “Scarface” when he offended a lady while working the entryway at a Brooklyn night club. This incited a bloody battle with her sibling Frank Gallucio. Capone’s face was cut three times on the left side by Gallucio.

Whenever pictured, Capone shrouded the scarred departed side of his face and would lie about his wounds as war wounds, yet he never served in the military. As per the 2002 magazine from Life, Capone was known as “Snorky” by his dearest companions. “Scarface” was surely the better decision for an underworld hoodlum. No one could take Al “Snorky” Capone seriously.

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