10 Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

Love is not just whispering fine words or giving presents on Valentine’s Day. Love also means showing strength and overcoming challenges. Check out some love stories and see what these famous people have done for love.

1 Mako, The Princess Of Japan, Refused Her Title For Love

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

The Princess of Japan, Mako Akishino, accepted her boyfriend Kei Komuro’s marriage proposal. They met while studying at the university and they have been together ever since. Rumors have it that he used to work in a coffee shop.

As he is not of noble blood, in consequence of their marriage, Mako would lose her rights as a royal heiress. The decision was not so difficult for her to make, however, as introduced her boyfriend to her family and, apparently, they approved of him.

2 Sha Jahan Built The Taj Mahal In Memory Of His Beloved Wife

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

After the death of his beloved wife, Shah Jahan decided to immortalize her memory. His love for her had been so strong that he spared no effort in building her tomb. The best specialists from all over the empire and the neighboring countries were summoned to create a building that took over 22 years to be complete: the Taj Mahal It is now the symbol of a great love and a example of perfect architecture. As the song says, “It was a beautiful love story…”

3 Linda McCartney Learned How To Play The Keyboard So She Wouldn’t Have To Stay Away From Her Husband

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

Paul McCartney was the last of the Beatles to get married. He was very fond of Linda and did not want to be apart from her even for a minute. But what about the band’s tours? The solution was found very quickly: Paul taught her how to play keyboard and she joined a new band, the Wings.

Later on, Linda admitted that “those who judged my skills as out of tune were right”. But the couple’s goal was achieved, for as long as The Wings remained together, so were Paul and Linda. Linda died in 1998, leaving a void in the former Beatle’s heart.

4 John Lennon Changed His Name After Marrying Yoko Ono

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

Speaking of The Beatles, John and Yoko’s love story, it is one of the most famous romances from the 20th century. The Japanese artist caught Lennon’s attention with her lifestyle and he fell quickly and hopelessly for her. After the wedding, Lennon added Ono to his own name. This wasn’t exactly a sacrifice, but it is interesting to see that such a famous person would do something like this.

5 Marilyn Monroe’s Second Husband Was Faithful Even After Her Death

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

The baseball legend from ‘New York Yankees’, Joe DiMaggio, was married to Marilyn Monroe for only 9 months. During that time, they formed a beautiful couple and were respectful to each other even after their divorce. A few years later, they got together again and set the date for their second marriage, but she died a few days before the anticipated day.

Some say that, during their first marriage, she told him: “Promise me that, when I die, you’ll give me flowers every week.” And he did. After that fateful night in August 1962, he gave sent flowers to her grave three times a week for 20 years. He never talked publicly about their relationship, and he never got married again.

6 Grace Kelly Sacrificed A Career As An Actress To Be Queen

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

When Grace Kelly met the Prince of Monaco, she was already a successful actress. She had worked with Hitchcock and was expected to become the greatest Hollywood legend of all times.

Her marrying Prince Rainier III of Monaco had an inevitable impact on her plans and she was unable to continue working. She decided to live by the monarchy and helped Monaco be ‘reborn’. But let us agree that there must have been a difficult decision, right?

7 The King Of England Gave Up The Throne To Be With Woman He Beloved

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

In 1936, after the death of King George V of the United Kingdom, his son Edward VIII become king. It so happened that he was madly in love with Wallis Simpson, an Englishwoman without any titles to her name. The government gave the king an ultimatum: either he married the woman or became king. With these words: “I cannot be king without the help and support of the woman I love,” he abdicated the throne in favor of his brother, George VI. And they decided to marry. The story is depicted in the movie “The King’s Speech”.

8 F. Scott Fitzgerald Made His Wife The Protagonist Of All His Books

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald were considered the most famous couple from the golden age of jazz. The writer loved her very much and refused to leave her when she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. They traveled around the country and stayed in hotels near hospitals. Francis tried everything he could to help her and made her the inspiration for the female protagonists of his novels.

9 Artist Niko Pirosmani Gave 1 Million Red Roses To A French Singer

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

Little is known about the French singer Marguerite de Sevres. In 1905 she made some presentations in Georgia and that’s where the painter Niko Pirosmani saw her. It was love at first sight, and he decided to paint ‘Marguerite’.

To declare his love, he filled an area of her house with red roses. The actress, impressed, reciprocated with nothing more than a kiss.

10 Albert Riera, A Famous Soccer Player, Fell In Love And Went To Live In The ‘Ice’

Famous People Who Sacrificed For Love

When still young, the soccer player Albert Riera met Yulia, a Russian girl from the Siberian city of Omsk, in Palma de Pallorca, Spain. He liked her very much, but he didn’t mention he was a professional soccer player.

Less than a year went by before he traveled to Russia to meet her parents. He often travelled to Siberia after that and ended up in love with Russia. He is not afraid of the cold or the snow, and he even enjoys Russian pop music and hockey.