26 Famous Celebrities Who Are Openly LGBT People

Once in a while some celebrity or another decides to make public the fact that they are LGBT and a lot of people who think this is unnecessary, justifying their opinion on their belief that each person should mind their own life. It so happens that, in a society where some have more rights than others and many people are still beaten, expelled from home, raped and even killed just for being who they are, this sort of representativeness remains something very important.

And that is why admitting their homosexuality publicly is an act of courage, even in today’s supposedly modern work.

Here are some LGBT celebrities who decided to get out of the closet and start breaking paradigms.

1. Jodie Foster

LGBT celebrities
The speculation about the actress’ sexuality began in the beginning of 1990, but she only felt comfortable to talk openly about it several years later.  Foster publicly declared being a lesbian in 2013 and got married to the photographer Alexandra Hedison in 2014.

2. Elton John

Sarah Paulson
The singer declared he was bisexual in 1970. In 1988, he admitted being gay and he has been married to the filmmaker David Furnish since 2005.

3. Ellen Page

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In February 2014, during a pro-LGBT event, the actress made a moving speech as she announced her homosexuality. Nowadays, she is an activist for the cause and pilots a TV program called Gaycation.

4. Sam Smith

Sarah Paulson
The British came out of the closet in 2014. In the following year, he announced he was dating the model Jonathan Zeizel.

5. Samira Wiley

LGBT celebrities
The actress who plays the lesbian Poussey in Orange Is The New Black is also homosexual in real life. In March 2017, she got married to Lauren Morelli, who is one of the writers of the series.

6. Jane Lynch

LGBT celebrities
The eternal Sue Sylvester, from Glee, is openly lesbian since before she became famous. In 2010, she got married to the psychologist Lara Embry, but they divorced in 2015.

7. Neil Patrick Harris

LGBT celebrities
The womanizer Barney, from the acclaimed TV show How I Met Your Mother, is in fact a homosexual. He and his husband, David Burtka, are together since 2004 and have two sons.

8. Josh Hutcherson

LGBT celebrities

Within the spectrum LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and beyond), the actor can be classified as sexually fluid. This means that he is not bisexual per se, but he is not considered fully heterosexual either: he is open to get involved with both genders. “Maybe today I can say that I am 100% heterosexual. But who knows? A year from now I might meet a guy and say ‘Damn, I am attracted to him’”, he said in an interview to Out magazine in 2013.

9. Lana Wachowski

LGBT celebrities
With her sister Lilly, she is the mind behind the Matrix trilogy and the series Sense8. When they worked on Matrix, the filmmaker still answered to Andy, but she assumed being trans in 2012.

10. Lilly Wachowski

LGBT celebrities
Known as Larry during the greater part of her career, Lilly being trans in 2016, four years after her sister Lana.

11. Andrew Garfield

LGBT celebrities
In 2015, in an interview to the Mic website, the actor revealed that he had no sexual preference for a specific genre. He also stated that he is tired of living in a world where such a natural thing is still seen as taboo.

12. Ricky Martin

LGBT celebrities
A celebrated sex symbol since the 1980s, the singer was thrown back into the spotlight in 2010, when he admitted being gay. Today, he is also the father of two twin boys, born my means surrogacy.

13. Adriana Calcanhotto

LGBT celebrities
Em 2010, In 2010, Adriana got married to the filmmaker Suzana de Moraes and both decided to make the relationship publicly. The singer was widowed in 2015.

14. Ruby Rose

LGBT celebrities
The actress made both men and women swoon during the third season of Orange Is The New Black is also a lesbian in real life. Ruby has already stated that, for a time, she considered transgender surgery.

15. Jim Parsons

LGBT celebrities
Even before his success in The Big Bang Theory, the actor never hid who his homosexuality. In May 2017, he got married to the graphic designer Todd Spiewak.

16. Ian McKellen

LGBT celebrities
A confirmed homosexual since 1980, the actor is a living legend of LGBT activism. In 2006, he was elected the most influential gay man in the United Kingdom by The Independent newspaper.

17. Cara Delevingne

famous LGBT celebrities
The model has been openly bisexual for years. From 2014 to 2015, she dated the actress Michelle Rodriguez and, months after the relationship came to an end, she got with singer St. Vincent. This relationship ended in 2016.

18. Caitlyn Jenner

famous LGBT celebrities
Known as a successful athlete and patriarch of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, Caitlyn (who was born Bruce) assumed his identity as a trans woman in 2015.

19. Lance Bass

famous LGBT celebrities
The singer, who was part of the boyband ‘N Sync, revealed to be homosexual in 2006. He has been married to the actor Michael Turchin since 2014.

20. Ellen Degeneres

famous LGBT celebrities
She came out in 1997 and has been married to actress Portia de Rossi since 2008. Due to being one of the most powerful women in American television, Ellen is today a symbol of lesbian visibility for the whole world.

21. Elizabeth Gilbert

famous LGBT celebrities
The author of Eat, Pray, Love had already married two men, but separated from her second husband, the Brazilian José Nunes, in 2016. In a moving post on Facebook, she revealed the reason for the end of her second marriage: she had found out that her best friend, Rayya Elijah, suffered from an incurable cancer. It was then that Elizabeth realized that she was in love with her friend and that she needed to live this love story.

22. Sarah Paulson

famous LGBT celebrities
In March 2016, the star of American Horror Story has publicly confirmed her relationship with actress Holland Taylor – who is famous for her role as Charlie and Alan’s mother in Two and a Half Men.

23. Cynthia Nixon

famous LGBT celebrities
In 2004, months after divorcing her ex-husband and father of her two sons, the actress announced she was dating a woman named Christine Marinoni. They got married in 2012 are still together.

24. Amandla Stenberg

famous LGBT celebrities
She appeared as the character Rue in Hunger Games, and is today one of the most influential actresses of her generation. In January 2016, Amandla revealed she was bisexual and, months later, stated that, in fact, she considered herself pansexual.

25. Miley Cyrus

famous LGBT celebrities
In 2015, during an interview to the Paper magazine paper, she said that Miley Cirus told her mother she was bisexual when she was 14. More recently, the singer stated that she prefers being categorized as pansexual.

26. Kristen Stewart

famous LGBT celebrities
In 2015, rumors of Kristen dating a girl named Alicia Provincia surfaced. The actress spent a lot of time and effort dodging the issue but finally confirmed the relationship in 2016. In February 2017, during a stunt for Saturday Night Life, she decided to approach the truth: “I’m so Lesbian, man.” Currently, she is dating the model Stella Maxwell.