13 Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

Where the ancient Greek building architectural style emerged?

When we talk about Greek buildings & architecture, it’s common to forget the various stages of the country’s art and focus on what that interests most to us. Always we remember the most relevant and famous monuments of the history and no doubt, it’s the architecture of ancient Greece.

The buildings of the Greek mainland times are located in the islands of the Aegean and Greek colonies. Around the year 27 BC, the whole ancient Greek cities and its art is divided into Sicily and Italy

The architectural models of temples and public buildings in Greece are so innovative for that time, having such a beauty that inspire present day architects worldwide.

Let’s start with the overview of the most famous ancient Greek buildings and temples with most remarkable architecture.

13 Temple of Artemis, Corfu, Greece (Building Since  580 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

The Temple of Artemis was a tribute to the Greek goddess Artemis. It was located in Ephesus and stood out for its architectural grandeur. It is one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

When the Greeks found the inhabitants based in Asia Minor worshiped a goddess named as Artemis. They decided to start the construction of a small temple in his honor. The goddess Artemis was the protector of forests, hunting and wildlife, and as every Greek god had a Roman correspondence, is also known as Diana. The construction of this first temple was simple, it would still not the great Temple of Artemis to go down history.

After 200 years of construction, the result of the work was excellent and wow-worthy. The Temple of Artemis consisted of 127 marble columns in Ionic style arranged in double rows. All decorated works of art are 20 meters high. Entire building was 138 meters long and 71.5 meters wide.

One of the most famous elements of the temple was the sculpture of the goddess Artemis that was inside. The work of art was produced in ebony, gold , silver and black stone, surrounded by bronze sculptures of Praxiteles. The goddess sculpture had a long skirt covered with animal reliefs covering her legs and hips.

12 Temple of Hera, Olympia, Greece (Building Since 590 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

The Temple of Hera, also called Hereo or Heraion is one the continental Greece’s oldest and most prominent Doric temple.

It is 50 m long, 18.75 m. wide and having a height of 7.80 m approximately. The base of the building is still preserved that made of local stone which in turn prepared from fossil shells.

Columns and wood originally were replaced at different times by other stone as the base. Although all were performed in Doric. They were believed to be found different in capitals, striatum and even proportion.

11 Temple of Segesta, Sicily (Building Since 424 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

The Archaeological Park of Segesta, located near the Trapani city, both together portrays the ruins of one of the most powerful cities of Greek Sicily.

The Temple of Segesta is one of the best preserved Greek temples, and the main reason is its location, which spared him from having their looted materials in the course of history, as with many other monuments of Sicily .

The Doric temple has 26 meters wide and 61 long 6 front and 14 side columns. It’s incredibly maintained. However, it is an unfinished temple, probably because of one of Selinunte attacks, and it is not known which deity was dedicated.

10 Temple of the Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece ( 174 B.C. to 132 A.D.)

Ancient Greek Buildings

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is also known as Cyclopean Olympieion. The building has an impressive view and the contemplation of Corinthian columns.

Not surprisingly, it is the largest temple in Greece. It seems that it could be seen from any corner of the city. And, indeed, the amazing structure looms unexpectedly the many corners of the streets of the capital.

9 Tholos of Polykleitos, Epidavros, Greece (Building Since 350 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Buildings

The ancient theater of Epidavros is one of the most beautiful sites around Greece. It is famous for its perfect acoustics. It is used today for modern performances during the Summer Festival in Athens. The amphitheater was built in the fourth century. It has 55 rows of wooden benches, the scene has a diameter of 20 m and a capacity of 14,000 spectators.

At Epidavros, there is a temple of Asklepios, which housed a statue of the god of medicine, made of gold and ivory. Although a small part is visible from the temple, ongoing archaeological excavations are about to reveal much more of the site.

8 Erechtheion. Athens, Greece. (Building Since 421 B.C. – 405 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

The Erechtheion Temple divides the worship of the goddess Athena with the god Poseidon. His style is the Ionic and a party that draws the most attention is the Caryatids, the famous sculptures in the form of women’s robes.

7 Temple of Hephaestus, Athens, Greece (Building since 449 B.C. – 444 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

The old building of Hephaestus Temple is a great place to start a tour in Greece. It is located in the capital of Athens and boasts the honor of being the ancient Greek temple. It is the best preserved building in the world. However, despite this still remains overshadowed by the Pantheon.

You may know the site by its alternative name, the Theseus, as has been erroneously believed that the legendary Greek hero, Theses, who was buried at this site.

The temple was built to commemorate the God of blacksmiths and metallurgy and was designed by architect, Ictinus, who worked on the Parthenon. The labors of Hercules are written in columns and it is worth taking a guided walk in Greece around the temple to get a better understanding of the historical importance of this magnificent place.

6 Temple of Poseidon, Sounion, Greece (444 B.C. – 440 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

Located at the end of Cape Sounion, Temple of Poseidon was built between 450 and 440. BC by the same architect who built the Temple of Nemesis in Rhamnous, the Ares in Acharnes and Hephaisteion in the Ancient Agora of Athens . It is offering one of the best views of the Aegean Sea..

Decorative sculptures were built with the marble of Paros and is currently in poor condition. One of the friezes depicts the struggle between Athena and Poseidon for Attica while other one represents a Centauromachy.

5 Temple of Hera Lacinia, Agrigento, Sicily (Building Since 460 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

Temple of Hera Lacinia (Juno) was devoted to Juno, goddess of marriage and birth. It was built at the same time as the Temple of Concord was built and was destroyed by the Carthaginians in 406 B.C. The effects of the Punic fire are still visible in the color of the stones of the cella. Whereas The original colonnade entrance to the cella and an altar in the east is preserved.

4 Temple of Concord, Agrigento, Sicily (Building Since 430 B.C.)

13 Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

Following the route, between almond and olive trees, we saw the magnificent Temple of Concord. The path is all surrounded by limestone rocks that were used as walls by the inhabitants of ancient Akagras and later it is also used in Roman times as a cemetery.

The temple, built between the years 450 BC and 430 BC is one of the best preserved of all Magna Greece, even though it was transformed into a church in the sixth century and plundered during the Middle Ages. You can’t stop yourself to be stunned with such beauty.

The inner compartment is all surrounded by columns giving all the curiosity about the Temple of Concord .

3 Temple of Athena Nike, Athens, Greece (Building Since 427 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Building, Architecture & Temples

The temple of Athena Nike or Nike Aptera (meaning wingless victory) is a hymn to the goddess Nike and femininity, that is Ionic.

Built between 432 and 420 BC, the temple stands on the eastern wall of the wall of the Athens Acropolis and followed the plan Callicrates architect.

2 Temple of Apollo, Corinth, Greece (Building Since 540 B.C.)

Ancient Greek Buildings & Temples

It is the oldest known architects that describes as the preserved Greek temple.

According to the mythology, Bellerophon captured the winged horse Pegasus where the temple stands. .

Temple of Apollo at Corinth was built between 540 and 550 BC on a rocky height overlooking the Agora of Corinth and later renovated in the Roman era.

It consisted of pronaos, naos or cella, Adyton and opisthodomos.

1 Temple Of Hercules (Building Since 406 B.C.)

temple of hercules

Being built around 500 B.C., The Temple of Hercules is one of the oldest building that portrays the greek architecture.

It was destroyed during the siege and looting of the 406 B.C.

Later, it was rebuilt by the Romans and destroyed by the force of Nature, by an earthquake again. The building structure has a row of 15 columns on each side and 6 front on the porch. Eight of the columns on the south side were reinstated in its original location in 1923.