10 Facts About Samrat Bindusara – Emperor Of Maurya Dynasty

Many Indians may know the Chandragupta Maurya was the first emperor of Maurya Empire in Indian History. Whereas, Samrat Bindusara was the next Mauryan Emperor and son of the Chandragupta Maurya. Similarly the great known emperor Samrat Ashok was the son of the Bindusara.

There are not much discussions and findings in literature about Bindusara. Still if you are interested to know about Bindusara, we compiled a list of various facts of his life from the well renown resources.

1 Death Of Durdhara & Birth Of Bindusara

 Facts About Samrat Bindusara - Emperor Of Maurya Dynasty

Samrat Bindusara’s mother Durdhara died when he was born. According to the scriptures, one day Durdhara shared the food with Chandragupta Maurya during her pregnancy. Unfortunately the food used by the Chandragupta Maurya had a small amount of poison in order to develop his immune for various type of other poisons.

2 The Poison Theory By Chanakya

 Facts About Samrat Bindusara - Emperor Of Maurya Dynasty

Chanakya – Guru Of Changragupta

The act of poison is not a conspiracy by any enemy but this was added by Chanakya who was the guru (teacher) of Chandragupta Maurya. Chanakya hadn’t any bad intentions towards him and Chanakya already knew he has a lot of enemies who can give him poison through food.

Therefore, Chanakya himself was adding the poison with precautionary concerns, such that Chandragupta immune or body could become up to the level and can resist to any other type of poison as well.

Lastly, while Durdhara shared his food, her immune couldn’t resist to the poison and it spread in her whole body and she died after a moment.

3 Chandragupta Saved Bindusara With His Ayurveda Skills

 Facts About Samrat Bindusara - Emperor Of Maurya Dynasty

As Chandragupta understood the poison had expanded over the larger area of Durdhara’s body. With his excellent knowledge and skills in Ayurveda, he decided to cut her stomach to take the baby (Bindusara) out into the womb. It was believed that this was the first cesarean operation. Finally, he had successfully saved the life of Bindusara but Durdhara died at that time.

4 Concept Behind The Name Of Bindusara

As the life of the baby was saved successfully but still the Bindusara had contacted with a drop of poison that developed a spot on his head. Thus, he was given the name Bindusara (bindu is a hindi word means spot and sara means head, collectively Bindusara indicates a spot on the head).

5 Family of Bindusara

 Facts About Samrat Bindusara - Emperor Of Maurya Dynasty

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Many tales believed that Bindusara had 4 wives while according to some books represent there are 16 wives of Bindusara.

According to a Tibetan writer named Tarantha, it is supposed that he had totally eight son including the Ashoka. Later Ashoka killed other six brothers to get into the royal power. Ashoka opted not to punish the last brother and later made him deputy king.

Bindusar’s wife Dharma gave the birth to Ashoka in 304 BC.

6 Victories Of Bindusara


 Facts About Samrat Bindusara - Emperor Of Maurya Dynasty

There are sixteen states between the Arabian Sea and Bay Of Bengal. Almost all states were conquered by him except the one state Kalinga. His son Ashoka later got a victory over Kalinga (present day name – Orissa).

Chanakya had a strong sense of political theories and strategies and since he assisted Bindusara to get the victories over all the states between Peninsular region.

7 Political Relationship

 Facts About Samrat Bindusara - Emperor Of Maurya Dynasty

He was famous as Amitrochates among the Greeks that means the killer of enemy and therefore, rewarded with the title of Ajatashatru – A Man without any enemies. According to the Tibetan writer, no wonder, Hellenic west and Greeks had good relationships with the emperor Bindusara.

He had a gracious relationships with his step uncle who was a Syrian King and also with the Egyptian king.

8 The Revolts Against Bindusara

The mountain people of the North and the Taxila protested against the Bindusara government. Then the emperor told his son Ashoka to stand against the boycotters and suppress the risings.

In the conversion of Ashoka and revolters, civilians of Taxila had explained him that they are extremely angry with the evil ministers of Bindusara’s government making the sense that their actual protest was meant to the ministers and officers, not to the Bindusara personally.

Ashoka warned his ministers not to harass the people and developed strong relationship of natives with the government. This way, he had won the loyalty of the people of Taxila.

Due to Ashoka, Bindusara could become stronger and turned his ruling more strong.

9 The Death Of Bindusara

According to the Purans, Bindusara died in 273 BCE. His death was the result of the fratricidal war between his two sons – Ashoka and Sushima.

Bindusara always loved to Sushima and wanted to become his heir (absolute monarch) as being the elder brother. But the Brahmins (the higher caste in society) didn’t like Sushima because he had no moral values to respect others.

Further there was a strong support of Brahmins to the Ashoka and he became the final monarch of the state, regarding the fact that he was the son of a lower status women.

10 His Values Towards The Society

 Facts About Samrat Bindusara - Emperor Of Maurya Dynasty

Chandragupta Maurya had conquered and left an extensive and large kingdom for Bindusara. The entire empire was kept intact by his son.

The Bindusara didn’t fail to give momentum to the machinery of government that was described by the Chandragupta Maurya. During his period, the government could become functional properly .

Apart from the Ayurveda, he has also deep interest in philosophy and a great respect for culture and all religions.

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