Ear Wax Removal Candles – Procedure, Safety, Instructions & More

Who doesn’t love hygiene? I mean yes, there are people who have reached the zenith of staying as dirty as possible, but maybe unaware of what harm it brings to them. The repercussions are something that they might have never dreamt of. Take for instance dirty nails; they might turn to stomach infection or diarrhea … Dirty ears follow the same path. Many major health problems erupt out of a dirty ear canal.

In that case, the ear wax removal candle comes to rescue. Indian candle or Ear Candle, or even Hopi’s Cone, originated among ancient civilizations. The ear candle has been used in medicine for centuries, being known in ancient civilizations as the Aztecs, Greeks, Romans and other continents.

1 How is the ear wax removal candle used?

Ear Wax Removal Candles

Candle fire burns the cone and creates an atmospheric vacuum that unclogs wax buildup, fermentation and debris. This way a sense of well-being is created. It is a natural, non-invasive process that can aid in various health-related discomfort effects.

When lit at the top, the column of rising air inside the candle begins to heat up. As the candle burns down, it continues to heat the top of the upward air column in the center of the candle. The upward air column creates a very gentle suction action at the base, which helps loosen the compacted wax.

At the same time, beeswax and other ingredients (which are infused into the tissue of the tube) are vaporized. These ingredients, some of which are slightly oily, make part of the air inside the heavier candle. They then spiral down inside the ear canal. Once down, they create pressure waves and the gentle sound waves of crackling ingredients massage the eardrum.

Since even the smallest movement of the eardrum is performed onward to the middle and inner ear, all structures of the ear receive a smooth gem mass. As the ear, nose, throat and sinuses are interconnected this has the effect of regulating and balancing the pressure in the ears as well as the entire upper respiratory tract.

2 What are the benefits of ear candle?

Ear candles are known to be safe and effective, and provide following benefits-

  • Relieves chronic migraine headaches
  • Relieves of Sinusitis
  • Helps in curbing ear infections, ear itching, and ringing
  • Allergies
  • dizziness
  • hearing loss related to excess wax
  • it also relieves stress and brings inner peace from treatment
  • clears nasal congestion
  • improves lack of concentration
  • frees of mood swings and stress
  • removes nervous disorders
  • clears sore throat
  • facilitates blood oxygenation
  • wax clearing

3 Who can do it?

People of all ages can do it without a thought of getting through any ear problem.

4 What are some of the contraindications of ear candle?

Following contraindications arise with the use of ear candle-

  • Ear cyst
  • Mastoiditis in its acute phase
  • News
  • Osteosclerosis
  • Congenital hearing loss
  • Ear tumor
  • Ear cleaning within three months
  • Recent surgeries