10 Most Famous Cases Of Drowning Victims

Most Shocking Cases Of Drowning Victims Are Explored Here!!

For the common people, water bodies are the less explored places on Earth. We have a plethora of information when it comes to universe, organisms and environment, but less of water bodies. These curiosities to explore the less seen intrigues people to go, take a refreshing dive, and sometimes result in taking a permanent habitat down the bed. Death isn’t inevitable at all; it is a cycle that will keep rolling, no matter what. But it doesn’t seem to be a smart choice to give the bull a chance to hit. Remember, water is a great friend and a worst foe.

We bring to you today, the most famed stories of drowning victims in the lap of sea.

1 Spalding Gray

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

Spalding Gray was an actor, writer and a playwright. He was found dead on the bank of the East River in New York. This shocker came two months after he disappeared from his home on Manhattan Island.

The police found the actor’s lifeless body and recognized it by his teeth’s X-ray.

Gray’s wife, Kathleen Russo, told the local press that he left his apartment in Soho on January 10, and the same night he called his six-year-old son to tell him, “I love you.”

Gray, who became known for monologues combined with humor, tragedy and personal references, had a long history of depressions and suicide attempts.

The reason for his death is undetermined yet.

2 Joe Delaney

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

To most football fans, Joe Delaney’s name means nothing, but it should. This running back not only sacrificed his promising career in the NFL, but also his life. And all this was done within 24 years and might be, he is one of the most famous drowning victims in the history.

Delaney landed in the NFL in 1981 after being elected in the second round by the Kansas City Chiefs. After fighting against his father’s wish, who did not want any of his eight children to play football. He became a star receiver at his Louisiana high school. Delaney’s greatness on the ground was matched by his kindness and excellence outside. He went on to become Arrowhead’s most beloved player.

On June 29, 1983, the runner went to an amusement park with friends in Monroe, Louisiana. Once inside, he saw a group of three boys get into a surveillance free pond. Delaney shouted at them not to, that it could be dangerous, but the boys ignored and jumped into a two meters deep and two hectares wide pond.

He was unable to leave them as the boys shouted for help, and without a second thought, Delaney went to rescue them. The problem was that he could not swim. First he took one of them …Then to another … And both he and the third boy were removed later from the bottom of the pond. But unfortunately, Delaney couldn’t rescued himself at the incident.

Delaney was 24 years old. The NFL lost a future legend and humanity to a great person.

3 Whitney Houston

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

Whitney’s team member found her lying dead in a bathtub of a suite on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles. The official cause of Whitney Houston’s death was reported to be accidental drowning. Coroner’s report stated that the singer consumed cocaine before her death.

Police spokesman Craig Harvey said that the results of the drug tests indicated that “Houston was a chronic cocaine user.”

In her hotel room several bottles of prescription drugs were also found, but law enforcement officials said they were in permissible quantities.

Besides cocaine, other drugs identified in Houston’s body were marijuana, alprazolam (xanax), cyclobenzaprine (flexeril, muscle relaxant) and diphenhydramine (Benadryl for allergy) but they had not contributed to death.

4 Dennis Wilson

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

Even having succeeded in life, Certain artists become even greater after they die. Such was the case of Dennis Wilson (39), a drummer for the Beach Boys. On December 28, 1983, he died of drowning.  Even today his solo work continues to be rediscovered and praised for innovation and emotional honesty.

Dennis was known for his unique lifestyle in the group. Rebel, always in turmoil with his father, Murray, he was the only beach boy who actually surfed. Dennis at first did not play any instruments, but in a few weeks he learned to turn on drums (in the studio, he was usually replaced by musician Hal Blaine). Once on stage, he played with little technique, race and speed, screaming the fanatical girls for the Beach Boys. As a womanizer, he lived the typical routine of a millionaire rock playboy in Los Angeles. Everything changed one day in 1968 when he gave a ride to two girls.

He was unaware that they were the followers of Charles Manson, who soon lead a series of brutal crimes. Dennis was charmed by Manson, an aspiring singer-songwriter, and invited him to live in his mansion for a while. The drummer even persuaded the Beach Boys to record a song from him, originally called “Cease to Exist”, but was reworked and recorded with the name “Never Learn Not to Love”.

Dennis had a solo vocal on every Beach Boys album, and from the late 60’s he started to compose as well. Even obscured by the most talented brothers Brian and Carl, he created memorable songs for the albums 20/20, Friends, Sunflower, Carl and the Passions and Holland. “Forever,” the Sunflower became an anthem among Dennis worshipers.

In 1971, the musician even attempted to become an actor and starred in “Corrida sem Fim,” a Cult road movie starring James Taylor. In the midst of his troubled career, he found some loving stability alongside model Karen Lann. He drank and smoked a lot, and little by little his voice faded.

The sea and the freedom it provided-was Dennis’s great passion. He, in 1970’s, bought a luxury boat-house named HARMONY and lived in for years. He was expelled several times from the Beach Boys on grounds of irresponsibility and had a quarrel with his cousin Mike Love. With financial difficulties, he could not afford the Harmony: the boat was taken from him and then sank. He then started working on Bambu, but the album was never released while he was alive.

The last years of his life marked illness, alcoholism and drug addiction. Dirty, early aged and away from the Beach Boys, Dennis depended on the charity of his friends. The day he died, he was sailing when he decided to dive to try to retrieve Harmony artifacts. He was a good swimmer, but the alcohol he had ingested hours before charged the price. The body of the beach boy was buried in the sea, an honor granted only to high military patents.

5 Robert Maxwell

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

By 1980, Maxwell was leading a number of newspaper companies such as the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror, the Scottish Daily Record and the Sunday Mail, as well as other companies.

The entrepreneur was the President and Chief Executive of the “Maxwell Communications Corporation” from 1981 to 1991; President of “Mirror Group Newspapers” from 1984 to 1991 and President and Chief Executive of Macmillion from 1988 to 1991.

He had the desire to create an information empire and this led him to contract numerous debts. It accumulated to the point that he used his companies’ pension funds to keep them from sinking.
In an alleged attempt to plug the financial holes, Maxwell quickly bought and sold companies in the late 1980’s.

He reportedly disappeared on the Canary Islands where he was sailing on his yacht “Lady Ghislane”. Several unproven theories about his passing came. The chances were of accident, suicide or murder.

The official version is that he drowned after falling from “Lady Ghislane”, possibly due to a cardiac arrest. Maxwell was buried in Jerusalem with honors, and government and opposition leaders attended his funeral.

Shortly before his death, an American journalist Seymour Hersh told “The Samson Option”, that Maxwell had contacts with Mossad, the Israeli secret service. The allegations were denied by the businessman.
His death exposed the catastrophic state of the company accounts, and all the companies were declared bankrupt in 1992, though the “Daily Mirror”, after several crises, ended up in the hands of the “Trinity Mirror” owner.

6 Jeff Buckley

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

Jeff Buckley was the son of Tim Buckley, a folk musician who opened his arms to jazz. He had left Jeff when he was a few months old. Jeff grew up surrounded by music and musicians.

On May 29, 1997, in the city of Memphis, Jeff Buckley and Keith Foti, a friend and roadie, made their way to a studio where they were to meet with a band. When they realize that they are lost, the two decide to rest by the river. Jeff entered the waters of the Wolf River with his clothes and boots on, despite Keith Foti’s fears and warnings. In the background was playing the Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. Jeff was chanting the lyrics aloud and playing with Robert Plant’s own singing.

Keith Foti tries to move away the radio to avoid being damaged by the waves. When she turned, she couldn’t see Jeff anymore. At that time only the lights of the city illuminated the sad waters of the Wolf River. Nature had strange ways of showing anger. Jeff Buckley’s body was found six days later. The man who knew too much about life and love had succumbed prematurely and tragically.

7 Natalie Wood

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

Mysterious death victim, actress Natalie Wood completes 75 years

Natalie Wood began her career as a child actress in the movie ‘Happy Land’.

His death, at age 43 in 1981, to this day is regarded as indeterminate.
A career marked by great classics and a mysterious death. Natalie Wood began her career as a child actress in the movie ‘Happy Land’. At 7 years old, she was in Miracle on 34th Street, considered to be a Christmas classic.

It was with ‘Youth Transvestite’ that came the first Oscar nomination. As Judy, Natalie starred opposite James Dean. The production brought a plot unprecedented for the time: the rebels without cause. With controversial scenes of fights and car races, the film was a success.

In 1961, Natalie played Maria in the film ‘Love Sublime Love’, based on the play ‘West Side Story’ on Broadway. It was the second most viewed film of that year, and received ten Oscars.

During the recordings of ‘The Great Promise’, Natalie Wood fell into the water and almost drowned. In interviews, she said a gypsy had warned her to be afraid of water. Because of that, he never learned to swim.

In 1981, at the age of 43, Natalie Wood was out of work for the Brainstorm film. She, husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken dined aboard the couple’s yacht. After an argument, Natalie would have entered a lifeboat and departed. She was found hours later in the sea, dead.

The crime shocked the actress’s fans. Despite all the mystery, the case was filed as an accident. In 2012, a new report from the coroners raised the suspicion of homicide. Police then altered the cause of the actress’s death to undetermined.

Natalie Wood was in more than 50 productions and was one of the most successful actresses in the 60s. The last film with the participation of the actress was released in 1983, two years after her death.

8 Josef Mengele

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

In the small town of Bertioga, on the coast of the Brazilian state of São Paulo , a monster Nazi lived his last moment. He died in a sea bath, possibly due to a heart attack. The name Josef Mengele , or even his nickname, Angel of Death, might sound unfamiliar to the new generations. His work as a doctor in Hitler’s regime symbolized a few horrors of the concentration camps.

The Brazilian Espedito Dias Romão, then in his early thirties, was a corporal of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo and arrived at the scene on the beach of Enseada, next To the commercial center of Bertioga, soon thereafter. He will never forget February 7, 1979. At the end of an afternoon of sun, he received a call informing about a body on the beach. Upon arriving at the place in a car, he claims to have seen a small crowding around a lord in the sand.

It was the Austrian Wolfgang Gerhard, according to model 19, an old document for the identification of foreigners in Brazil. “When I arrived, the body was stretched out on the sand strip. Everything indicated that he was taken from the sea already lifeless. He was a very white, mustached gentleman with no common signs of drowning, such as vomiting and water spewing from his sides and mouth. I was led to think that it was a case of sudden illness, “he says.

In the police report just issued after death, and pointed to the death natures a sudden drowning evil , it was stated that Wolfgang was 54, was a widower, worked as a mechanical technician and lived in the district of Brooklin Novo, São Paulo . “According to the witnesses, the victim bathed in the sea, felt bad, coming to perish drowned, although rescued by the popular,” says a copy of the document shown by Dias to EL PAÍS.

Wolfgang was, in fact, Mengele, second to reveal an intense work of scientific research years later, but that still raises controversies and raises theories that the Nazi doctor would be destined other countries, including the United States. The man found dead in the small Bertioga was one of the most wanted criminals in the world since the end of World War II , and would have passed by other Latin American countries such as Argentina, before dock in Brazil.

Mengele’s death was not witnessed by many people in Brazil. There was hardly anyone on the beach at the time of the incident. Bertioga, which was a district of the city of Santos until its emancipation in 1991, currently has about 50 thousand inhabitants. At the time, Dias estimated the number of residents to be close to six thousand. “Everything was practically deserted and the sea calm. It seemed there were only three of them in the Cove, “he recalls.

9 Brian Jones

Famous Cases Of Drowning Victim

Brian gained immense fame and fortune, but gave in to the unregistered use of drugs. This earned him the band’s release on June 8, 1969. On July 3, less than a month later, Brian was found drowned in the pool of his home, Cotchford Farma, in Sussex. The house earlier belonged to the writer AA Milne, creator of Pooh Bear, whom the musician adored. His death is officially regarded as accident but many doubts and books have filled the media, fueling many conspiracy theories. He left a large number of fans who worship his image and musical contribution to the present day.

10 John Jacob Astor IVFamous Cases Of Drowning Victim

He can better be known as a millionaire and the richest man who boarded the Titanic. He was a real estate entrepreneur, investor, inventor, author, and military man during the Spanish-American War in 1898. Astor was a distinct person, possessing more hotels and skyscrapers than any other New Yorker. He drove more than twenty important companies, also among them the railways.

Astor embarked on the maiden voyage of White Star Line’s RMS Titanic transatlantic ship, where he was the wealthiest individual among the passengers. When the ship wrecked, his pregnant lover and her nurse were rescued. John Jacob Astor IV tried to enter a boat but was denied for his request and thus gave way to two children.