Dreaming About An Ex: 11 Things You Should Know

Dreaming about an ex always plant some doubts in people’s minds. Is this is a sign that something was left unfinished? Would it be a desire to resume the relationship? Some heartache, perhaps? If you have faced this dilemma, the following information may help you. People tend to forget 90% of what they dream about.

Especially for those who are already in a new relationship, dreaming with a former lover can become a reason to feel guilt. However, in most cases, this is not related to a specific feeling. See below what this phenomenon can mean

dreaming about ex girlfriend or boyfriend

1) Dreaming About Ex Girlfriend/boyfriend Is Natural That May Occur Two Hours After Sleep

Dreaming about an ex is natural. All mammals are capable of dreaming, but only humans have the ability to recount the experience. The dreams occur in the deeper stage of sleep, called REM. This stage happens approximately two hours after falling asleep and that is also when the body has relaxed completely.

2) This Dream Might Be One Of Many Dreams In A Single Night

Brain activity does not cease, however, and, generally, all individuals have four to six dreams every night. In many cases, they end up not remembering a thing about it the next day, but when they wake up still in the REM stage, they are more likely to remember the dream.

3) Ex Lover’s Dream Is Result Of Unconscious Mind

Dreams can bring memories and thoughts stored in the unconscious back to the forefront of our minds. Therefore, we can dream about former lovers even when we have not thought or talked about them, or to them, lately.

4) This Dream May Also Occur While You’re Feeling Lonely

In addition, the phenomenon may be related to thoughts that you have been having about the end of the relationship. It is possible that the dreams occur when you think about this person, reflect on the decisions taken or, even, when you are feeling lonely.

5) An Opportunity To Reflect About Your Feeling

Dreaming about a former lover should not be seen as a “premonition” about the relationship picking up where it left off. Ideally, the experience should be seen as an opportunity to reflect about your feelings.

6) Aura Of Your Ex

If seeing their face in your dreams has messed you up somehow, it is necessary to able to identify whether it is just a good memory or if you are ready to seek them out to patch things up. If you decide on the latter, try not to confuse real life with that which you exprienced in your head.

7) Things Not Erased After Ending Of A Relationship

Apart from the biological factor, are there any more explanations about dreaming with an ex? Does it happen for any reason other than the mental convention of keeping certain people in our minds? When faced with doubts such as these, it is important to understand a little more about the subject and discover the truth about dreaming about an ex: The meaning of dream about a former lover

Dreaming about people we interact with in our daily lives is one of the most common dreams, especially when they have played major role in our lives, occupying a part of our mind and heart.

This holds true both for boyfriends and girlfriends, but also for parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends, just to mention a few types of relationship. As these people are an important part of our lives, their being excluded from our routine unleashes even more thoughts and feelings about them, precisely by the fact that when a relationship ends, it does not mean that everything will be erased from our minds

The memories and all the tender feelings associated with that relationship are the culprits of such dreams, whereas the full acceptance of break up may take to come about due to everything that was experienced in that relationship.

8) Does This Type Of Dream Speak Of A Mystic Bond?

Neither prophetic nor mystic. Dreams about former lovers, or other people who are no longer part of our lives, is just how the brain deals with the separation and relives memories due to the emotional and mental state of the dreamer.

So, do not to be surprised at finding yourself dreaming about an old flame: It is completely normal!

Some Curiosities About Dreams You Should Also Know

9 ) You Forget 90% Of What They Dream About

“Ah, I never dream.” Have you ever heard that? You should know then that whoever says it could not be more wrong. All humans dream, but about ten minutes after the event, our brain has already forgotten 90% of what it had just “experienced”.

10) You Only Dream About With What You Know

Have you ever dreamed about an unknown face playing a specific role? In fact, that face has already been in your life, you just don’t remember it. We passed by dozens of people throughout a regular day, and some of them end up leaving a in our subconscious.

11) Your Dreams Are Affected By External Stimuli

This phenomenon is called Sensory Incorporation in Dreams. Some noises from the real world can end up “invading” whatever is happening in your head. Common examples are sensations, such as hunger, thirst or an urge to go to the bathroom.

The end of a relationship, even when it happened amicably and mutually, always brings some tension about, which in turn triggers different types of thoughts, sensations and feelings.

At this stage of much confusion and insecurity, the subconscious mind often makes everything more difficult by bringing up that person to mind, both during the day and night.

As a result, we often meet that person in our dreams because we had been thinking about them somehow. This is not just a sentimental factor: It happens that, thanks to the excess of thoughts about a particular subject, we end up keeping an idea in mind, either consciously or unconsciously. That is why dreaming about a former lover is natural.