10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

The word ‘Cryptids’ refers to the creature that is difficult to interpret by science and their existence is still supposed to be mysterious or obscure.

Various extinct animals are reportedly known to exist and such creatures are also included in the list of cryptids.

Conversely, other legendary creature famous in folklore is a great example of cryptids and they are also famous for thorough evidences and sightings.

While most of them are certainly just a mythos. Their existence are challenged by only particular cultures and don’t you think – they are obviously the Mountain Gorilla or the Giant Squid were also previously the part of legendary stories.

So be ready for the compilation, who know some creatures are waiting in ambush for someone

As usual, we have compiled an interesting list of 10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real.

Loch Ness Monster

10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List


This is one of the most famous cryptids in the list ever. And we thinks – there are thousands of news of sightings of Loch ness monster. If we believe to the folklore, the well known cryptid lives on the lakes, especially the Loch Ness lake of Scotland.

Its legends were on the hype after its first sighting in the sixth century by an Irish monk named St. Columba who reported a man is stalked by Lochness monster and suddenly killed him within a matter of moment and dragged his body under the water surface.

Regardless of the large expeditions, nothing couldn’t be proved whether it’s real or just a myth. Some scientists support its existence while some argued that Lochness monster is just a fantasy.

Even the researchers and cryptozoologists agreed to the fact that, Loch can support this massive lake creature with a depth of 700 feet.

Another hypothization indicates the giant creature can travel from the Loch to the ocean via hidden water path.


10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

Thunderbird is known as Rocs in some parts of Asia and Europe.

Usually, the Thunderbird is an umbrella term for a massive sized bird that was marked many times across North America.

Surprisingly, this monster bird have a massive wingspan as big as fourteen feet.

Thunderbird came into light from a famous story where the two bizarre thunderbirds ambushed on a young boy group and upraised one of them from the ground level.

Thunderbird also mentioned in the mythological stories of Native Americans. These tales narrates deeds and adventures of this heroic bird. This creature have the power to create thunderstorm just by waving its wings.

The Mongolian Death Worm

10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

The  Mongolian Death Worm is believed to be alive in the large Gobi desert of the Asia continent. The known creature is reddish color and having length of three to five feet.

It is believed that the creature survives under the intestine of a cow. Since it is also known as Allghoi khorkhoi (an intestinal worm).

The Mongolian Death Worm is a fabled creature among the nomadic peoples of the society. And it is supposed the major culprit behind the several deaths of the tribals.

The Death Worm spits certain kind of venomous acid to the victims. The poisonous substance is known to quite lethal to take one’s life.

Some Mongolians consider it for having psychic talent because the creature have the amazing ability to discharge the electric powers. So, don’t face this worm otherwise you can be killed just by looking towards its body.

Till date, many explorers had tried to find this enigmatic creature. Especially, an expedition was made in the efforts to find evidences of the Mongolian death worm but unfortunately, nothing found beyond these interesting traditional stories.

Also, some Mongolians believe that they emerged recently when nomad tribes ripped by their traditional vodka drink.

Phantom Cats

10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

Phantom Cats is probably the most stylish titles given to special type of felines. Recently, there have been many news of spotting this predatory beast in many regions of Europe, Asia and Oceania.

When it comes to appearance,  this feline species have a look of Cougars and Jaguars. They are commonly famous as  Alien Big Cats.

Back in the 1970s, Phantom Cats were came into the light from a famous story of UK where hundreds of sheep were killed by the same kind of beast called Beast of Exmoor.

As per British media reporting, they dramatically believed on the folklore and  declared rewards for hunting the creature.

Further the british government got interest in this investigations. A handful number of Royal Marines were employed to the area in the quest of the legendary creature, no evidences are found. Though several soldiers reported to spotting the Phantom cat.

Similarly, the kindred creature was seen in the nineteens that was famous as the Beast of Bodmin. Again, no proof of its existence was confirmed.

Finally a subsequent research figured out that indicates there are no such environment and food resources suitable for giant cats.


10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

Mokele-Mbembe is regarded as spirit or even a modern dinosaur. But its existence was supposed to be in the water that has been often seen in the Congo River Basin of central Africa.

It may be a giant reptilian beast that resembles to elephant body and a tall neck.

Most of the stories of Mokele-Mbembe sightings were reported heavily in the 1776.

Back to the 1990s, many researchers that explore the area have been warned of a giant Sauropod that resides in the river of particular area.

Since many observers relates Mokele-Mbembe with a Brontosaurus while many of them told – it may have a dragon like appearance.

But, we couldn’t find any photographic evidence of the this beast existence..

If we believe to the stories, several local hunters had killed a Mokele-Mbembe with the help of spears. Further one, another tale revealing that the dead body of this beast was brought in the local area of hunters where it was cooked for a celebration. Unfortunately, some people was died who consumed it.

Recently, various expeditions was made in effort to spotting the water beast in the jungles but no proof couldn’t exposed to view.


10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

Scary red eyes, the wings of a moth, body size like a human being – It’s an identity of a Mothman.

In 1966, Many people of West Virginia have been claimed to see the Mothman. While, in 1967, a suspension bridge had been collapsed that leads to the death of 46 people. It was reportedly appears before the bridge failure.

Some speculated that the mothman is an extraterrestrial creature or a mysterious ghost.

Though there are several explanations put forward. It might be, all of them are hoaxes or who knows it is a real bird with supernatural powers.


10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

It was the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet where Yeti have been uncovered. It is believed that the creature resembles the largest size ape. The beast is well documented in the myths and folklore of the Himalayan tribes.

The story of its appearance had became increased with the westerners started to climb Himalayan peaks.

In 1800, several mountain climbers have claimed to watch a huge ape like animal with two legs was walking. Moreover, they have uncovered the large footprints in the snow of mountain.

In 1984, an American mountain climber claimed that he had been followed by a bizarre looking giant ape but he couldn’t gather any real photographs.

The stories of the Yeti leads to many hoaxes just like the most of the enigmatic creatures.

We are little skeptical of most of the cryptids in the list. Still, the Yeti folklores are attracting a quite credibility among the researchers and scientists.  The detour paths of the Himalayas and the remoteness had obviated a large expeditions to get a thorough research.

The Jersey Devil

10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

Jersey Devil is a well renowned folklore creature and the only one who became the mascot of a famous sports franchise of NJ hockey team.

The legends of this creature came into existence in the 1700s.

It has a scary looks consists of a long neck, pointed wings similar to the bat and a large body structure.

And the red glowing eyes are also included in the identity of this mystical creature.

It is responsible for the deaths of a massive number of livestock. It has been claimed to have streams and poisoned local creeks.

Over the years, the Jersey Devil had been spotted many times in the Pine Barrens.

The most popular story came into light in the 1909, where thousands people near the Pennsylvania reported to see the Jersey Devil.

A reward of ten thousands dollars was declared in order to capture the Jersey Devil. Nobody could hunt the bird and still many people are spotting this bird every year.

El Chupacabra

10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

El Chupacabra – the famous cryptids often spotted in some countries like Russia, Latin America and United States. Being the famous legends of the popular culture, its method of attacking the other animals are well renowned.

The name of this mystified animals has a definite meaning, i.e, Goat Sucker. Supposedly, it was due to its nature of drinking the goat’s blood.

Back to the mid nineteenth, El Chupacabra was described as an appearance like a reptilian while first seen in Puerto Rico.

Since, the many people reported its existence with red glowing eye, sharp teeth and a notable smell of sulfur.

Cows, chickens and goats are generally the main victims of El Chupacabra. Their dead bodies found with a mark of a large tooth and sucked with all the blood.

Bigfoot Or Sasquatch

10 Cryptid Sightings Who Might Be Real: Legendary Creature List

Sasquatch is also an ape like monster who supposed to be live in  America’s Pacific Northwest forests.  Due to its reportedly large footprints, the giant animal is also known as Bigfoot.

In 1958, bigfoot stories came into the light with 500 pounds of body weight and ten feet tall body.

The first evidence of Bigfoot was ever told by a Californian bulldozer operator. He reported giant footprints from his sites.

This garnered the media’s attention and the news were on hype where everyone convinced to believe the Bigfoot existence. Many people ran for the expedition in quest for Sasquatch.