Cocktail List: Top 10 Most Famous Drinks & Alcohols

Whether you’re the occasional drinker or consider yourself a cocktail connoisseur chances are you’ve probably tried at least one of these beverages and if you see one you haven’t sipped on yet, why not give it a go? There is a reason these drinks are the top 10 most famous drinks and alcoholic bereaves in the world! You’ll be surprised just how historic some of these drinks really are.

The production and consumption of alcohol can be traced back around 12,000 years!

10 Beer

Beer famous drinks & alcohols

Beer is and has been the most popular alcoholic beverage consumed since ancient times. Some records date the first beer being made from fermentation, starches and malted barley as early as 9500 BC, although the taste probably wasn’t as delicious as it is today. Today there are thousands of types and flavours from fruit infused beers to more bitter, wine style beer. In general the fermentation process usually takes around two weeks but in some cases with bigger batches it can take up to six.

Beer fun fact: When workers were building the Great Pyramids of Giza they were given rations of food as well as 5 litres of beer per day.

9 Cider

Cider Most Famous Drinks & Alcohols

Cider is similar to beer in the sense that it comes from fermented fruits but the similarities stop there. Whilst it is more carbonated, lighter and with less yeast cider packs a whopping 10 times more sugar into a glass than beer. The types of ciders are endless, apple,  berry, pear, mango and even passion-fruit are fermented to make this delicious drink. Cider was particularly popular during the American Revolution but it’s popularity in the states has decreased significantly in recent years.

Cider fun fact: In the 14th century some babies were baptised in cider because it was more hygienic than water.

8 Champagne

Champagne famous drinks & alcohols

This sparkling wine has been consumed during celebrations for thousands of years and was a popular choice amongst nobility during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Champagne gets it’s name from the region in France in which the grapes are grown, in some countries it is actually illegal to brand a alcoholic beverage champagne unless the grapes were specifically grown in Champagne, France. Whilst it has less calories it actually has three times more gas in it than beer, which is why sometimes people feel more hungover after a night of drinking champagne.

Champagne fun fact: Marilyn Monroe once bathed in 350 bottles of champagne

7 Martini

Martini famous drinks & alcohols

Martini’s have been one of the most popular cocktails since the late 19th century. Whilst there is a lot of people claiming to be the creator, the exact origin is unknown but the first mention of a Martini style cocktail was in 1888. Since then it has risen to worldwide fame and undisputed king of cocktails. A perfect Martini should have equal parts of sweet and dry Vermouth but a dirty Martini has a splash of olive juice.

Martini fun fact: Martini’s are so famous, they even have their own national day. June 19th to be exact

6 Margarita

Margarita famous drinks & alcohols

This icy cocktail usually consists of tequila, triple sec and lemon or lime juice and should be served with a thin layer of salt around the rim of the glass. While it’s usually served mixed with ice you can have it straight up (without ice) The Margarita originated in a town between Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico in 1938 and is said to have sometimes even been served in schooner glasses! This legendary cocktail didn’t take long to find it’s way North to The United States and has been a worldwide hit ever since.

Margarita Fun Fact: The word Margarita actually means Daisy in Spanish and if you believe the rumours were named for an ex lover of the creator.

5 Sangria

Sangria famous drinks & alcohols

Sangria is a lethal combination of red wine, shopped fruit, some kind of sweetener and a small amount of brandy. Although usually there are only a types of fruit put in the mix they can range from oranges, lemons, limes, grape, strawberries, mango or pineapple. Although it’s exact origins are a little murky it’s heritage can be traced back to the Ancient Romans who were looking for a way to add something to their red wine to make it more refreshing but it is typically a drink found in Spain and Portugal.

Sangria Fun Fact: This yummy beverage wasn’t actually introduced to the USA until 1964

4 Bloody Mary

Blood Mary famous drinks & alcohols

Bloody Mary’s a typical drink for a Sunday morning when you’re still recovering from Saturday night. It contains vodka, tomato juice, sometimes a little bit of Tobasco sauce, cayenne pepper and celery. The Parisian cocktail was born in Harry’s New York at 5 Rue Danou, but as for who created it that isn’t 100% known. By 1920 the now iconic drink had made it’s way to Prohibition America and appeared on menus as tomato juice cocktail.

Bloody Mary Fun Fact: Some say the name came from Queen Mary I of England who was known for her brutal and bloody tendencies

3 Pina Colada

Pina Colada famous drinks & alcohols

This creamy cocktail is a mixture of rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice usually topped with some ice, it’s so delicious it’s actually the National drink of Puerto Rico! It’s origin has an interesting story and actually involves a real life pirate. In 1825 Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresi was looking for a way to boost his crews morale and concocted a drink with whatever he had on board, soon enough everyone on the island was in a frenzy over this coconut filled cocktail.

Pina Colada Fun Fact: The name actually means strained pineapple

2 Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan famous drinks & alcohols

The Cosmopolitan is a relatively young cocktail compared to the others on this list but it’s definitely on it’s way to legend status. Since the 1970’s this mixture of vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lime juice has been making it’s way around the United States and it’s exact creator isn’t really known. Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City made this cocktail uber famous during the early 2000’s and has been a regular on drinks menus ever since.

Cosmopolitan Fun Fact: Although the name sounds sweet and girly, the cocktail itself actually has a bitter flavour to it

1 Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea

Just as the name suggests, this combination of tequila, vodka, rum, coca cola and gin was born in jazz filled Long Island in the 1920’s. Although back then it was known as an Old Man Bishop and was made by a local bartender to try and add a little bit of excitement to the otherwise bleak drinks market. However it took nearly 40 years for the Long Island Iced Tea to reach peak popularity and hit the big cities.

Long Island Iced Tea Fun Fact: The name has nothing to do with tea, it actually came from it’s easy drinkability and how it resembled more of a non alcoholic drink.

All of these cocktails and drinks are delicious, not nutritious and fun to have at special occasions. Just remember if alcohol isn’t your thing you can always ask for your drink to be made “Virgin” (no alcohol) or even try some of the hundreds of mock-tails out there.