17 Facts You Can’t Miss About Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory

In the 1990’s, Black Helicopters became a familiar term in the United States military movements and the political groups that were associated with it. As the name suggests, the black helicopters were not just covered by black paint. Rumors engulfed that many unmarked black helicopters were used to enforce wildlife laws and keep a close check on the citizens. This helped in collection of tactics. First animal story surfaced in the 1970s where there were numerous reports linked to the mutilation of cattle. The conspiracy also rang well with the belief United States being invaded by the United Nations.

If these many facts didn’t transform it well into a conspiracy theory, then wait no more. Go through much more intriguing facts that aren’t known about the Black helicopter conspiracy.

1 Black Helicopter and its connection to the New World Order

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory facts

Black Helicopters were part of a conspiracy theory, especially common among the United States. Special black helicopters without any identification numbers were required by federal regulations. These helicopters were used by New World Order secret agents.

They were further used by United Nations troops or the Men in Black to take command of the United States, and other infamous purposes. In the UK a similar phenomenon known as “Ghost Helicopters” has been reported since the mid 1970s.

2 Black Helicopter Sightings

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory facts

Black helicopters were usually spotted after the appearance of UFOs or carcasses of mutilated animals. The aircraft had no identification and flied at dangerous, unsafe and illegal altitudes.

3 Reports from the UFO

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory facts

Some UFO scientists claim that the helicopters carried Men in Black or Agents of the Majestic 12. The activity of the Gray aliens on the planet is studied thoroughly by the Majestic12. UFO reports oriental-looking crewmembers in black uniforms.

4 Adaptive Aviation

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory facts

Although helicopters have been reporting since the 1970s, they have adapted to the new times of paranoia. Previously, black helicopters were seen flying lonely at night. Currently, fleets of black helicopters fly over inhabited areas in broad daylight.

5 Black Helicopters and the US military

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory

Some observations refer to black helicopters on mission. The US military has operated helicopters painted in black or dark colors, especially Pave Low. Pave Low is optimized for long range, cautious introduction, and even combat search and rescue.

6 The question of existence of Black Helicopters

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory facts

Black helicopters do not exist. In fact, if it exists, some of them are used by Army National Guard units and are really black. The US Department of Homeland Security deals with at least one UH-60 Black Hawk black and gold color.

7 Military practices in the US

The US military regularly conducts reconnaissance missions in the operational airspace of the country. Some of the exercises are done in populated areas, like Los Angeles, Detroit, San Francisco, Oakland and Washington DC. Southwest and outer Florida houses the most operational monitoring missions. GPS and night vision devices and secret means allow to fly in difficult conditions of visibility, without lights.

Many helicopter manufacturers conduct their flight and reconnaissance tests at their corporate aerodromes for training or flight exposure.

8 How did the aircraft look like?

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory facts

Occasionally, some of the aircrafts were intended for military customers and was painted black or dark in color.

9 The haunting nights in the conspiracy

Many American citizens have for many years had nightmares. The cause of bad nights was a world government controlled by Zionist elite and that Europe (European Union) and black population. For them, it would be part of a conspiracy to take away the sovereignty of the United States of America, using the UN as executing instrument.

11 United Nations army with Black Helicopters

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory

The United Nations is like a Machiavellian world army. Also in addition, there would be a series of mercenary military men dressed in black, armed with automatic weapons and in black helicopters. The army men would land from time to time in secret places of North American populations. They would further enter houses of Peaceful and not so peaceful American citizens and kidnap them.

12 The Army Reinforced

Dramatic events occurred at Wacco. A Christian sect called the Davidians was led by David Koresh. They strongly resisted the federal police FBI and the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency) dying heavily. Its members during the assault reinforced the thesis of many people attached to militias that abound throughout the United States. They also continued training, buying ammunition, waiting in some cases for a racial war for control of power in the USA, or in other cases a confrontation with the world army.

13 Widespread rumors

Rumors have increased over the years. The observance of the cascade of news: economic crisis, middle class destruction, progressive loss of US hegemony in the world, possible world currency to replace the dollar, etc.

14 Ammunition and Peace- The distance uncovered

The US federal government knows that the days of peace are numbered. Black helicopter concept is preparing police and military personnel to deal with possible public order problems such as protests, riots, looting, etc. Before an imminent collapse of the system due to the circumstances of the American nation, where owning a firearm is a fundamental right embodied in its founding constitution, it will not be easy task. It is estimated that there are 300 million firearms in the USA; One for each inhabitant.

15 How do the Europeans look on the US citizens?

In the eyes of a European, many US citizens suffer from an exaggerated cult to arms with a long tradition and whose maximum exponent is the lobby of the National Rifle Association. A peaceful white American belonging to a Mormon church explained to me this way: It is very difficult to dispense with weapons, because you are always afraid of being attacked in any place.

16 The secret truth of US federal government

Mormons are not characterized precisely by their violence, they are extremely peaceful. If collective groups emphasize the difficulty of living without weapons, this gives wings. It further gives the defenders all costs to carry them and the ones who are actively and passively denied any disarmament or delegate their security to a puppet government of the New World Order.

“We want our country back”, said a top Michigan Militia official, commenting with some anger that they knew for certain that the US federal government had been lying to them for years.

17 Promotion of conspiracy

Black Helicopters Conspiracy Theory

The conspiracy of black helicopters was promoted in the 1990s, on radio programs by Mark Koemke and Tom Valentine.  It was endorsed by documentaries such as America under Siege by Linda Thompson or Police State 2000 by Alex Jones.

One should believe that these can come true.