11 Of the Best Super Powers You Have Seen In Hollywood

Ever wondered what it takes to have one of the greatest superpowers?

Is it phenomenal power? Is it a colorful and modern fantasy? Or a lot of money and a cruel and powerful hollywood villain?! All this helps in building fame, but what really matters is the identification that takes place between a hero and public.

We have at some point of time desired to have all the powers that we just fantasize about. Not all turns real but at least we can get to know of the ones that exist, fictionally or in Hollywood!

Let’s get ready for the best super powers that you might have seen in Hollywood.

11 Iron Man Powers

Best Super Powers

When someone hears us drawing a relationship between ergonomics and Iron Man, the next one that comes is: What one has to do with the other?

The answer remains- Absolutely everything!

Ergonomics is a science and art of adapting work and the environment with an interface to man.

Any ardent follower of Iron Man knows that Tony Stark designed and built his first armor- Mark 1, inside a cave, being watched by terrorists who threatened to kill him. It was the same armor that let him flee unharmed and unscratched.

Obviously cave scraps do not help in making armor. The lesson here has to do with the use of “n” science and knowledge to achieve a certain result in the interaction between certain technologies for the service of man.

Ergonomics is 50% engineering and 50% medicine or human science. Without the knowledge of these two, Iron Man would not have been the way we know him to be.

10 Spider Man Powers

Best Super Powers

A young Peter Parker gets bitten by a genetically modified spider and gets the powers of an arachnid, such as the ability to climb walls, launch webs, super force and even the incredible spider sense. This makes Spider Man simply the best.

Al this cannot change the fact that he was still the usual nerd. It didn’t matter if he was a hero, he continued to suffer bullying from his peers and his dream woman didn’t even notice his existence. Who never went through something like that?

Spider-Man’s humor in the heat of battles has won him million hearts. His high spirit has earned him the name Neighborhood Friend.

Only few superheroes have technology matching their powers in the real world, and with Spider-Man, reality and fiction are very close.

9 Superman Powers

Best Super Powers

Superman’s mind is nonetheless a computer. He can fly fast, become super strong, and get x-ray, telescopic and thermal vision, a super tuned ear and a bullet resistant body. He can speak all languages ​​on Earth and even other planets Superman takes a tiny impulse once it attains height and can fly at will, maneuvering through the skyscrapers of Metropolis. Although it is against its principles; you can go back time, making your molecules vibrate and spinning around the earth at great speed; you can create an energy field that makes what is close to your body, invulnerable.

8 Wolverine Powers

Best Super Powers

Only a few characters are privileged enough to join the pantheon of an almost invincible superhero. Wolverine is one of them.

His descendants are the Lupines who have the power of healing, courtesy of the X gene. It makes him regenerate any wound and renders him practically indestructible. Good reason to have many friends and foes.

7 Batman Powers

Best Super Powers

Batman is a human possessing all superhuman abilities. He’s an incomparable athlete, skilled in all forms of combat, the world’s greatest detective, master of fugues and disguises. The utility belt contains wide range of devices, such as lasers, gas caps, ropes and batrangs. Batman’s vehicles are equipped with the latest equipment, such as the Batmobile, Batplano, Batlancha, batcave, batwave and the batwing. All thanks to the technological advances of his company, Waynetech (of the Wayne Companies).

Batman has just as weapons as it takes in a night hero’s routine. In his utility belt, he has some bat-bulmerangs, sharp batarangues, gas bombs, bat-ropes. His mask as well as his costume is bullet-proof, made of a very tough material called Kevlar; its clothing and hood are made of Nomex, a fire resistant material.

Because he is a common human, Batman can be injured, but in most cases he can counts on his faithful butler, Alfred, trained in war medicine and who also helps him solve most of the cases.

6 Green Lantern Powers

Best Super Powers

With the ability to overcome great fear and utilize the power of will, the Green Lanterns set an impressive record of heroism throughout the galaxy.

Come check out the greatest powers of the Green Lanterns.

With the Ring, the Lantern gets powers that go deep into imagination. This power is called Energetic Construction, where the ring builds from its energy, anything that the user can imagine. The more determined the Lantern is the more complex and intricate these things can be.

The rings can also design beams, form protective bubbles, force fields, and shoot destructive bursts. Each Green Lantern ring has a connection to the central battery in Oa. It acts as an on-board computer, telling the user what they need to know, responding loudly or silently in the user’s mind.

Artificial Intelligence contains a large database of information that may be crucial to the success of a flashlight. The ring also translates almost all languages, although it has difficulty in relating with words of low slang.

When a Green Lantern ring bearer dies, he will look for a suitable replacement for his sector. Artificial Intelligence can also alert the bearer of entry threats or attempts to manipulate the builders by building an external part.

5 Flash Powers

Best Super Powers

The Flash’s name has become synonymous with speed or the one doing things quickly. Greatest sprinter of DC Comics, the Flash has starred in several other media in addition to comics, like TV and cartoons. While there remains the cinema, the scarlet speedster will soon be back to the small screen: Barry Allen appeared and soon will become the Flash Arrow, the TV series adapting the Green Arrow hero of DC Comics, displayed by channel The CW, owned by conglomerate Warner Bros.

4 Thor Powers

Best Super Powers

Thor is virtually a possessor of vast unlimited powers, unlimited strength and superhuman velocity. It can control the elements datempestade, generate storms, lightning, hurricanes and frosts. He also has in hold, the magic hammer Mjolnir and the Megingjord force belt.

Thor is known to be the strongest of the Asgardians and Avengers, able to effortlessly lift objects weighing tons as well as mountains. His body resists fire, extreme cold and even bullets and explosions.

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3 Ant Man Powers

Best Super Powers

Now, according to the synopsis of her movies – “Armed with the incredible ability to shrink in scale but increase their strength, the swindler Scott Lang must accept his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Henry Pym, protect the secret behind his Ant-Man costume spectacular of a new generation of growing threats. Against various obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and execute a plan that will save the world. ”

2 Dead Pool Powers

Best Super Powers

The character is full of incredible abilities. Some are known to the public, such as their sharp tongue, others not so much. For example, did you know that the little fellow is immune to telepathy? The guy can regenerate completely from a small part of his body.

He can still have eternal life. Thanks to its power of regeneration, the anti-hero has the ability to engage with the personification of death in real life without dying. He and death end up lovingly enveloping themselves.

The character is stronger than a normal human and weaker than most superheroes. Deadpool’s superpower is not that big, but it’s worth it!

1 Captain America

Best Super Powers

After going through the project rebirth Rogers reached the limit of the physical conditional Human. His strength, speed, and endurance came to levels greater than the greatest Olympic athletes. It is, with military training, fighting technique and acrobatic skills, the American captain is an opponent bark thick in body-to-body combat.

Captain America’s shield: The hero’s trademark, his shell was forged with a steel alloy and vibranium, a rare metal, capable of observing impacts. Virtually indestructible, it can be used as a protection, as a weapon of attack, or can be launched. Steve Rogers took years to develop the incredible super powers to make the ricochet shield to hit his target, making his attacks absolutely unpredictable.