7 Best Murder Mystery Books Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

Top Mystery books or novels have engaged, fascinated stuff and may give headaches to readers from their pages and stories.

The mystery has the power to entertain, attract a primitive part of the human being where good and evil are one step from each other, being very difficult to distinguish.

So today we bring you seven mystery novels by best murder mystery writers that surely will give you the willies.

Best Murder Mystery Book – The Moonstone

best murder mystery books

“The Moonstone” , began as a series in a magazine literatura. Segun TS Elliot was “the first and the best of English detective novels”. This mysterious story falls under the foundations of what would become the model for future thrillers, with a complex argument and not just one, but several suspicious characters.

Plot: On his 19th birthday, Rachel Verinder receives from his late uncle, Colonel Herncastle, a dubious hero of the military campaigns of the British empire in India, a magnificent legacy: a huge diamond, whose brightness grows or wanes in line with moon phases, valued at 30,000 pounds. What Rachel does not know is that this valuable gem is the product of a sacrilegious robbery and that brings a curse. The same night that the recipient has the opportunity to verify that this is actually a poisoned gift: the diamond disappears and sow confusion, mistrust, greed and death in a family until then good avenue.

Best Murder Mystery Book – The Hound of the Baskervilles

best murder mystery books

“The Hound of the Baskervilles ” was the creative novel ‘fictional crossover’;It has all the essentials of mystery stories: characters with ulterior motives, pessimistic scenario, the intricate plot and also he adds a supernatural element.

Argument:   The detective and his faithful friend and chronicler, Dr. John Watson, moved to the desolate region of the moors of Dartmoor, in the west of England, where they have to face a spectral dog chasing members of an ancient family. Sherlock Holmes unravels the mystery and discover a diabolical machination.

Best Murder Mystery Book – The Big Sleep

best murder mystery books

“The Big Sleep” is one of the most popular mystery novels, proof of this, are the many imitations that have been made ​​of it.

Chandler defined the genre thriller, in which all the characters are guilty to acertain point, and they all have a price.

Argument:   Detective Philip Marlowe faces a case that promisesto be simple: the old general Sternwoods, paralytic and extremely rich, has received a blackmail note concerning her youngest daughter, Carmen wild. Touring the city from his office in Hollywood Boulevard to the mansions of the suburbs, Marlowe must enter a labyrinth of increasingly dark perversity.

Best Murder Mystery Book – The Maltese Falcon

best murder mystery books

“The Maltese Falcon” , is an icon of detective and mystery novel.This novel gave rise to the film of the same name by John Huston in 1941 that starred Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor and Peter Lorre.

Plot: In 1530, the Knights of the Order of Malta gave the Emperor Charles V shaped statuette dehalcon inlaid with precious stones. For more than four centuries was the subject of thefts and disappearances, until the twentieth century the hawk appears in San Francisco, which is coveted by an international band decriminales attracted to his invaluable. The detective Sam Spade, after the mysterious murder of his partner MilesArcher, will be involved in the search for the strange statuette.

Best Murder Mystery Book – Ten little Indians

best murder mystery books

“Ten Little Indians” is a detective story originally published in the UK by Collins Crime Club in 1993. These are the convoluted stories whose consequences are the killings. It is the best – selling novel of mystery and history is considered within best -selling books of all time. It has been adapted to theater, cinema (several times) and radio.

Argument:   Ten people unrelated to each other are brought together in a mysterious island off the English coast by a Mr. Owen, owner of a luxurious mansion on the site alongside a stranger to all its guests. After the first dinner, without having even met his host, the ten diners are charged by a recording of having committed a crime. One by one, from that moment, they are killed without explanation or apparent reason.

Best Murder Mystery Book – Il nome della rosa

best murder mystery books

“The Name of the Rose” is a historical novel of historical mystery. It uses the characteristics of various genres such as chronic medieval Gothic novel and the detective novel.

Plot: The Name of the Rose tells the detective William of Baskerville activities to clarify the crimes committed in a Benedictine abbey in 1327. It will help in its work the novice Adso, a young man facing for the first time to the realities of life beyond the doors of their convent.

Best Murder Mystery Book – The Postman Always Rings Twice

best murder mystery books

“The Postman Always Rings Twice”gets an argument that calls overflowing passions, compulsive greed, lies and an unbridgeable unlimited destination.

Despite having two film versions, none of them gets the stress and the impact that causes history to be read. Today it remains one of the peaks of black creepy genre.

Plot: Frank Chambers, a globetrotter unemployed, narrates in first person the attraction to Cora Papadakis, the wife of an immigrant Greek – born owner of a tavern in California, and how they become lovers united by the ardor and ambition. But not so easy to get rid of the old husband. And we must also have the inscrutable fate.