13 Facts About Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

Barney and Betty Hill were abducted by extraterrestrial aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system. This abduction is considered a classic case which blurted worldwide repercussions, even from the scientific community. As if the add-ons to the already unquestioned tales of UFO’s and space craze weren’t enough, this time-space abduction happened. It did nothing but inflated the curiosity of the masses and cursed the Hill’s for lifetime. Unending happenings were the talk of the day and it is needless to comment anymore. It is absurd to not have ears on for what followed.

Read on and follow next for 13 facts about Barney And Betty Hill abduction by Zeta Reticuli aliens.

1 The Thrilling Night

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

On September 19, 1961, the couple was returning from their vacation trip to Canada. They were on the New Hampshire road to Portsmouth, where they lived.

It was night and they intended to continue their journey until dawn. The weather service had given a warning about the possibility of the region being hit by a hurricane and they wanted to get home before that happened. At around 2:30 am, in the south of Lancaster, the two saw a luminous object flying in the sky.

What caught the attention of the couple was the fact that the object appeared to be accompanied by the car. Barney Hill was already intrigued. He stopped the car, took his binoculars and left to observe the phenomenon better. At that moment the Hill couple realized that the object was a huge disk containing what appeared to be a large turning dome at its upper end. The known abduction case is very famous for UFO geeks followed by the Roswell incident.

2 Confirmation By PW Henderson

The military base commander PW Henderson confirmed that an unidentified object was detected by the air base radar Pease on the same date, time and location where the Hill couple was.

3 The Invisible Disc

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

The disk dropped some small sphere shaped objects, which flew around. Soon after, she began to descend slowly and Betty began to shout for her husband to return to the car.

However, Barney paid no attention to Betty’s pleas – it was as if he were hypnotized. Suddenly Barney has a strange feeling that he would be captured by that object. Fearing the worst, he reacts and quickly returns to the car. Meanwhile, Betty had already started the vehicle.

The couple comes out at high speed with the car, listening to a sound – a kind of buzz – that came from the UFO. But then the strange noise stopped, and they, relieved, believed that they had escaped that object. About fifty kilometers ahead, they heard the noise again, but did not see the disc anymore.

4 The Unnoticed Time-lapse

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

The Hill couple had not noticed that about two hours passed and they had covered only the distance between Indian Head and Ashland. For the Hill, the time between buzzing was ten minutes. This phenomenon is known as “time-lapse” (missing time) and is very common in alien abductions.

The Hill couple only became aware that they lost two hours on the trip, was when they got home two hours later than planned.

5 Hill’s Medication

In the days that followed, Barney and Betty Hill had nightmares every night. Bothered to such an extremity, they went to get medical help. They were attended by psychiatrist Benjamin Simon. Simon decided to use regressive hypnosis as an instrument to try to rescue the memory of the couple about what had really happened in the two hours they had disappeared from the trip. From successive sessions of hypnosis it was possible to trace back step by step the events of the incident that night.

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

Benjamin Simon

6 How Were The Aliens Like?

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

Except for minor differences, Betty and Barney’s accounts agreed. In fact they had not been able to get out of the car quickly. The two had been paralyzed and carried into the UFO by almost human-like creatures but with huge eyes. They were medium in height and communicated by telepathy.

Only one of the beings – who seemed to be the leader – was able to speak. The curious thing is that he used English and was responsible for all the information that the couple obtained during the abduction.

The most attention seeking feature was the creature’s eye. Both Barney and Betty said that those eyes were sinister. Betty described them as “like the eyes of cats” and Barney in turn, said that “lengthening reaching almost to the side of his head, looking like your visual field was larger than ours; and this disturbed me”.

7 The Spatial Catch-up With Aliens

Barney and Betty underwent a series of clinical tests, among which the creatures inserted a needle into Betty’s navel. At that moment Betty began to despair because of the gnawing pain she felt. Immediately, the supposed leader placed his right hand on Betty’s head. Betty Hill’s pain disappeared in a few seconds.

After the examinations, the creatures interrogated the couple on some human notions like “time”, “old age”, etc.  At one point, Betty asked the “leader” of where they were and he showed a stellar map to Betty.

The creature asked her if she was able to point out where our system would be on the map. Betty said no. The creatures even gave Betty a book that was stolen at the last minute. Finally the couple was returned on the road. When they heard the second hum, they were already inside the car, driving on the road. The UFO had taken off and disappeared. On the takeoff, Betty Hill remembered how it was in one of the hypnosis.

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

The creature was also described as:  “When the ship took off, was surrounded by a halo of light. I mean, you could see the silhouette of the ship in the light. It was like a red-orange swirling mass and as soon as the ship took off, the light disappeared, erased”.

8 The Creation Of Real Star Map

After several sessions of hypnosis, Betty Hill was able to reconstruct the map by drawing. Initially, it was not possible to determine if it was a real star map. However, several years later, with the evolution of astronomy and dissemination of new celestial letters, the design of Betty Hill came out as an extremely accurate star map.

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

Barney and Betty Star Map

It contained the constellation Zeta Reticuli that lies about 39 light-years from our system. It is even worth mentioning that Majorie Fish’s study of the Betty Hill map was extensively confirmed by several well-known astronomers.

9 The Upcoming Plight

For the Hill, the unusual experiences did not end with the kidnapping. After the abduction, they lived in strange situations, some of them apparently para-psychological. Their situation was studied accurately and reported by Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz.

Six weeks after the abduction, Betty and Barney returned home one night and entered the kitchen. Surprised, they found a pile of dried leaves of some vegetation on the table. In the middle of the leaves was a pair of blue earrings. Betty was wearing those earrings at the time of the abduction and had never seen them again. She was almost certain that one of the creatures had removed her earrings when they were examining her.

One afternoon, about three months after the abduction, Barney had returned home early. Shortly after, when Betty arrived, Barney rested quietly. Betty entered the kitchen and found in a newspaper, “a piece of ice, which was shaped as if someone had filled a bucket of water and then frozen had”. Betty noticed some strange marks on the ice. Barney assured him that he had not brought the ice and knew nothing about it. They resolved to leave the ice in the sink, to melt.

10 The Ceasing Of Barney

Barney Hill died in 1969, at the age of forty-six. The reason is believed to be brain hemorrhage – the same cause as his father’s death. But the inexplicable facts in the house did not end. Betty Hill herself told Dr. Schwartz:

“The things went so badly after the death of Barney that my niece and her husband left her apartment to move in with me. But things happened so mysterious that they were frightened. There were noises in my room when there was no one. They went to investigate and found nothing, but always had the feeling that someone was there. They went down and heard a bang. The door to the room opened and they saw a man coming into the house. They went into the living room to see who the invader was and, incredibly, there was no one. I myself was followed by all kinds of people. One of them was light and plump. I met him outside my door and asked him what he was doing there. The man said he was selling magazine subscriptions. To ask where were the magazines, although he was laughing”.

gn of Betty Hill came out as an extremely accurate star map.

11 Lives After Barney

Betty rented a dormitory from her home to a woman named Maureen Keating. She is supposed to have reported strange things happening, such as hearing voices where there was no one.

Barney had a son named Barney Hill Jr. who was born to a previous marriage. Barney Hill Jr. served in the military service in the Panama Canal Zone. Several times between two and four o’clock in the morning, when he was on duty, a tall man came up with his trousers, shirt, and white jacket.

This man had an unrecognizable foreign accent. He always questioned Barney Jr. about his parents’ experiences with flying saucers. The military authorities also questioned Barney Jr. on the subject.

12 The Estimated Consumption Game

On one occasion, Betty heard someone knocking on the door. She opened it and found a man dressed all in green who claimed to come and read the gas meter. A week later, another appeared in the same suit that also claimed to have to read the gas meter. Fifteen days later, another came again with the same costume reading. When he reached the gas receipt, the invoice had discriminated “estimated consumption”.

Betty called the company and asked what was going on, because how could discriminate “estimated consumption” on the invoice had been three employees in your home to do the reading. The official stated that no one in charge of reading had been sent that month. To Betty’s surprise, all the attendants wore blue, never green, and whoever was in their house was not actually the gas company. These “strange visits” may be related to the so-called MIB (Men in Black).

13 Betty- The Stranger

After Barney’s death, Betty Hill sighted strange lights in the sky. Every time she passed through airport security gates with metal detectors, the alarms rang-even when Betty had no metal. Noises and things moving without anyone touching also happened at Betty’s house.

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction By Zeta Reticuli Aliens

As Dr. Schwartz mentioned, fortunately the widow Hill proved to be a fairly balanced person and went through all these experiences without being left with psychological sequels. In one of the interviews given by Betty Hill, she went on to say “nobody in their normal state should enter an alien spacecraft”. His own life after abduction seems to be an argument in favor of this statement.

Unfortunately, on the morning of October 17, 2004, Betty Hill passed away. She was 85 years old and had been struggling for more than a year against cancer.