6 Surprising Facts About Worshipping Baphomet – The Satanic Goat

Baphomet, Lucifer, Iblis, Prometheus, etc. are the different names for the God of Light. They appear throughout time. They have occurred between the Templars, Rosicrucian, Illuminati, and Masonry and are the true drivers of light and initiation. Baphomet is used to describe an idol or deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping. Baphomet worship was later incorporated into occult and mystical traditions. The name first came into popular English usage in the 19th century, with debate and doubts on the reasons for the suppression of the Templars.

Dan Brown in Angels and Demons, explains it, wrapped in his fantasies. Let’s have a look at some surprising facts about Baphomet worship a.k.a Satanic goat.

1 Incorporation of Teachings

Worshipping Baphomet facts

Modern Freemasonry incorporates the God of Light into its rituals and teachings and in his expressions of Iblis, Baphomet, and Lucifer.

In one of the great Masonic treatises- Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, General Albert Pike wrote that Lucifer is the Bearer of Light. It is the strange and mysterious name given to the Spirit of Darkness. Lucifer is moreover the Son of the morning.

It is interrogative if he is the one who carries the Light and with his intolerable glows blinds to weak, sensual or selfish souls. It is not to be doubted, because the Traditions are full of Divine Revelations and Inspirations, and Inspiration is not of an Age, nor of a creed.

2 The Initiation System

Worshipping Baphomet facts

Montague Summers

The Initiation System was called Rojismo and its orders centered the initiation on the God of Light Baphomet. The figure of Baphomet was repeatedly subjected to rigorous interpretations. The late Montague Summers was a presumed expert in demonology and witchcraft.

He derived the word from the Greek term Baph Metis i.e. the baptism of Light. The occultist Madeline Montalban was the founder of the Order of the Morning Star. He was the one to have defended the hypothesis about the name being derived from the exotic word Bfmaat, meaning “The Opener of the Door.” The French occultist Eliphas Lévi assured that the secret of such a mysterious name was discovered when inverting his letters.

3 Satanic Pentagram As Symbolism

Worshipping Baphomet facts

The occultist Lévi drew Baphomet with a goat’s head, androgynous features and initiatory symbols, sitting on a cube. She drew horns, a pentagram, and a torch. Also added were female breasts and a Hermes stick-shaped phallus. The phallus was one male and one female and one hand up and one hand down. It signaled a crescent and a waning moon. Each arm had a Latin word: solve and coagulate.

The symbols quoted were- Crude stone symbolizes the raw Mason, the Apprentice. The cube of six faces symbolized the Mason in the elevated state. The square relates to the cube and is the symbol of the world and of nature. In it we find the name of god in Hebrew, YHVH, the four elements, and the four seasons. We can therefore say that we have a Baphomet sitting on the world, the god of Creation.

The torch is a symbol of the Divine Light. It is carried by the one who carries the Light to humanity. According to the symbolism, Baphomet is the god that carries the Light.

The pentagram or five-pointed star is in use since the dawn of mankind. The Pythagoreans called it Pentalfa and is linked it to Sirius, the first god who perhaps knew humanity.

The right state of the pentagram is a symbolism of triumph of spirit over matter and the reverse state symbolizes the opposite. The pentagram of Baphomet appears in its right state, because its figure is divine and initiatory. It is not material, unlike Satan. In fact, the current satanic sects use the pentagram in inversion.

4 Hermetic Principles

Symbolism is also observed from Hermeticism and its seven principles. The symbols of Baphomet are linked to the seven hermetic principles.

Let’s look at the relationship between the seven hermetic principles and Baphomet.

(a) Principle Of Mentalism

The words solve and coagulate of Baphomet are in allusion to the facility to dissolve and to create. They symbolize “everything is mind, the Universe is mental”.

(b) Principle Of Correspondence

One hand up and one hand down from Baphomet symbolize the “as it is above, it is below”.

(c) Principle Of Vibration

The aforementioned hands and the rod of Hermes in vibration symbolize “nothing is motionless, everything vibrates”.

(d) Principle Of Polarity

The two directions of the hands, the black moon and the white moon, the female breasts and the male phallus of Baphomet, symbolize “everything is double.”

(e) Principle Of Rhythm

The lunar phases represented by the two moons symbolize the “all flow and reflow, advance and recede, rise and fall”.

(f) Principle Of Cause And Effect

The words “solve and coagulate” of Baphomet symbolize “all cause causes an effect and all effect part of a cause”.

(g) Principle Of Generation

The female breasts and the male phallus, the two types of arm of Baphomet, symbolize “everything is male and female.”

5 Rojista/Rojismo

Worshipping Baphomet facts

The initiate develops in opening to Rojismo, through tantra and kabbalah. With it he transforms into the divine androgyne, the androgynous alchemist. He discovers in God, that he can transform his reality and all the reality that surrounds him. It is then that he surpasses all the phases of alchemy and the last phase- Obra al Rojo.

It is heard that an initiatory route was attached to him. That’s how he discovered his real power. It is also that without Baphomet, the initiation cannot be completed. The lack of knowledge, light and an initiatory route that exalts the man to his condition of God would not let the initiation happen.

6 A Concluding Idea

Worshipping Baphomet facts

The conclusion can be that in psychoanalysis, the figure of the god of Light has its importance for Freud. Throughout his work, Freud has elaborated a psychoanalysis applied to the god of Light. He called it Satan, since as a Hebrew he knew it in his tradition. Firstly he discovered it as the representation of the unconscious. He then associated him with the bad father. The first one was acceptable because it is true that there is a relationship between the unconscious and the god of Light Baphomet.

With tantra and kabbalah, the initiate penetrates his unconscious and discovers Baphomet inside. But there is a disagreement with the latter. The evil father is not Satan, but the slave god. The god of Light would be the grandfather, with whom the son who fights against his father (slave god), in the middle of rebellion, agrees.