7 Facts About Babushka Lady Mystery & JFK’s Assassination

On November 22, 1963, there was a huge line up of spectators in Dallas, Texas,, to see the President John F. Kennedy pass by. It was then that he was assassinated. This enough to literally shake up the CIA and FBI, and what followed was investigations, questioning, and statements from the spectators who were present that afternoon. There were people who were clicking or framing videos that afternoon, and the investigators took them all.

The team of investigators brought together the pieces- the photos and videos and began hunting for a clue. The president’s visit to Dallas was an open-car parade which was very well documented on video, both by television stations and by the spectators. The hunt came to a mysterious halt as in many of these videos a certain lady was eventually registered. Her identity was never discovered, being then called Lady Babushka. (Babushka – literally means grandmother, or old woman in Russian, because of her scarf).

The President’s death came as a blow to the entire United States. It left behind a political void, as well as a lot of mysterious speculations about the Babushka Lady. Although nothing has been unearthed so far, but there is an increased clarity about the lady, the investigations, and never ending assumptions and theories. Let’s have a look at whatever has been brought to file so far.

1 The Lady’s Identity & Kennedy Assassination

Babushka Lady facts & JFK Assasination

People said that there is nothing strange in the woman appearing in several shoots and photographs, and really there is nothing strange in it. The strangeness lies in one of the images, where the woman is extremely close to President Kennedy’s car. She appears on her back with her hands close to her face, as if she were holding a camera. At that time, the FBI requested in several media that the woman introduce herself. It was because her good placement had ended up with a recorded photographic image of the event. Such image or images recorded by her could be of great importance, but the woman never showed up.

2 Understanding The Case

A Film By Marie Muchmore (Video Credit: JFK Assassination Truth)

The days following the murder came as a whirlwind for the investigators. There was a conflict between information and witnesses. Many witnesses came up to tell that they knew more than they actually knew. Eventually, the images began to emerge and it unfolded rather another mystery. A woman appeared in several photos and it appeared that she was filming or photographing the car in which the president was spotting during the whole parade.

The pictures showed her standing near the street, also a great spot to catch great scenes of the situation. The woman had a light brown scarf wrapped around her head, and this gave her the nickname Babushka, a well-known Russian fabric. The photos in which she was seen were taken by photographer Marie Muchmore, who was covering the parade. Marie told that the lady fled from the other cameras, and suddenly disappeared into the crowd. She also revealed that Babushka was the only one who seemed calm during the rush and simply walked calmly among the people.

The case and its mysterious unfolding had left the officers intrigued. If she was so close to the scene, the police needed to see what she had captured with her camera. The authorities even issued subpoenas and appeals, but to no success. The mysterious woman never appeared in public to tell her version of the facts. Almost a month later, a filmmaker arrived at the FBI and revealed having received footage from an unknown woman. The images were actually a slide with blurred images, but according to the filmmaker’s descriptions, the slide scenes had actually been taken from where Babushka was.

3 The False Claims Of Beverly Oliver

Babushka Lady facts & JFK Assasination

in 1970, the mystery trail just seemed to end when a woman named Beverly Oliver (a singer and lyricist) declared herself to be Babushka. Oliver claimed that a FBI agent confiscated her camera on the day of the event and never returned. At first it seemed that the mystery had been solved until Oliver identified the camera she had used. To everyone’s surprise, the model had only come into production several years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Several witnesses claimed that Beverly was not around at the moment. In addition, several studies of the photos indicated that the lady was much older than Oliver, who would have been 17 at the time.

4 Theories Of Cosmography

Babushka Lady facts & JFK Assasination

Suspected Culprit of JFK Assassination

The mystery involving this woman who apparently did not want to identify herself and bring her information to the public, even today serves as an argument for the Conspiracy Theorists who claim that the truth about Kennedy’s death, and his Real killer still remain hidden. The official version marks the Lee Harvey Oswald as the responsible person for the assassination of President Kennedy. Many people do not believe that Oswald acted alone. Much more because Oswald was murdered a few days after being arrested, in what many what we can believe, it was just a burnt file.

5 The Soviet Union Commissioned The Death Of The US President

Many theories evolved and declared the death of the American president to be architected by the Soviets. Oswald is believed to have been used only as an agent, or a scapegoat. If these theories are to be believed, then the Lady Babushka would surely have played some part in the murder plot. She may have helped Oswald or would have actually murdered the then US president. May be that’s why she would have done everything to get away from the photos, as Marie Muchmore even claimed.

But the question remains that if the Soviets went, why did the authorities settle for the version of Oswald being the killer? Or was it that the FBI got no evidence of Soviet involvement?

Theories claiming the Soviet participation in the events leading up to Kennedy’s death were drowned out by the authorities, as that would eventually lead the American people into panic, and war would be unavoidable. A war of this magnitude would surely destroy all who were around.

6 Theories About CIA Involvement

A number of conspiracy groups claimed that the death of the American president was planned by the CIA itself. The ground behind this agitated step was a continuous dissatisfaction of the CIA with the White House’s policy on the Vietnam War. The other reasons were- the possible attempt to approach the White House and the Kremlin and even supposedly release sensitive information about extraterrestrial life on the part of Kennedy. The CIA thus had grounds to eliminate the president.

Now what was the role of Lady Babushka in this plot? Theories suggest that she could have been a CIA agent acting on the case and helping the killer. How could it have been just an unlucky looking that the US agency eventually eliminated?  Just the way it happened with Oswald for having seen too many things on the fateful day. It is assumed that for these reasons the woman’s identity was never revealed, or the identity was highly preserved, or maybe she was eventually murdered.

7 Assassination Records Review Board

Babushka Lady facts & JFK Assasination

On November 18, 1994, the assassination researcher Gary Mack testified before the Assassination Records Review Board. He claimed that an executive in Kodak’s Dallas office informed him that a woman in her early 30s, with brunette hair, brought in a film of the assassination scene. The woman explained to federal investigators at the film processing office that she ran from Main Street across the grass to Elm Street where she stopped and snapped a photo with some people in the foreground of the presidential limousine and the Texas School Book Depository.

The Kodak executive told Mack that the photo was extremely blurry and useless. The executive indicated that the woman likely went home without anyone recording her identification. Mack suggested that the lady may have been the Babushka Lady, and told the Board: “I do not believe that Beverly Oliver is the Babushka Lady, or, let me rephrase that, she certainly could be but the rest of the story is a fabrication.”

Also appearing that same day before the ARRB, Oliver stated that she was 17 years old at the time of the assassination, and was filming with an experimental 8 mm movie camera approximately 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 m) from Kennedy when he was shot. The film was confiscated by a man who identified himself as an FBI agent. Oliver told that she handed over the camera because the man was an authority figure and because she feared being caught in possession of marijuana.