The Teachings of Ascended Masters & Their 8 Avatars Facts

Ascended Masters or avatars (the Sanskrit avatara, which means “descent”) is an esoteric term for a group of beings who have attained great spiritual evolution after several incarnations as humans. The Mahatmas, Masters of Wisdom, and Elder Brothers are masters- spiritually oriented beings who are in search of spiritual evolution on Earth.

All this cosmic hierarchy, these wonderful beings and the Angels, are present as never before, only to save us. This is happening thanks to the great work of the Ascended Masters and their workers on Earth.

The masters form the road to our contact with the divinity of the universe. The masters have eased the fulfillment of our desires, wishes and worships and their spiritual significance needs to be enlightened at every nook. Keeping the same ray alive. Let’s read on more about 8 facts about Ascended masters and their teachings.

1 Occurrence Of Ascended Masters

ascended masters and their teachings

The term emerged in the nineteenth century, in 1877, in the works of Russian esotericist Helena Blavatsky. They ascended because they were already incarnated and evolved hierarchically, away from the constraints of the flat toward the Light, the spiritual ascent. The rise relates to the search for unconditional love for life. A minimum quantification of 51% of Karma transcended the Dharma while the other 49% is equated in service of devotion to humanity, in levels of superior octaves.

2 Role Of A Teacher To An Ascended Master

ascended masters and their teachings

The work of teachers is to awaken the Christ consciousness, the Christ in the consciousness of each. The work of teachers further relates to aid in the release of Wheel of samsaras or cycle of reincarnations, in which humanity would be trapped. The teachers guide humanity in search of spiritual evolution and awareness of the need for such transcendence.

3 Hierarchy Of The Masters

ascended masters and their teachings

Ascended Masters are at the top of the hierarchy. According to the cosmic hierarchy, the masters are between God and Angels. According to esotericism, the rise is the primary objective of the incarnate beings on Earth at the end of which the soul no longer needs to exist in time and space, is a time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit and the presence I am.

When we speak to the angels, when we ask them something, in fact, these winged beings do not have the autonomy to solve the problem. They ask permission for the Ascended Masters to make the request. Of course it is about a request that interferes with karma. When it comes to a simple subject, angels can treat for themselves.

4 Masters As The Messenger Of Gods

They were human and brought a message from God-and all were recognized as MESSENGER. After they ceased to exist on our physical plane, they continued to be messengers of God in higher spheres. They belong to the Great White Brotherhood, and continue helping humanity if it so desires.

5 Importance Of Humans To Masters

The Masters will immediately bring us what we request. As we make the invocations, we are being a channel for them to infiltrate the world of forms and to radiate all His Light and Power. Each of us may consider himself a Worker of the Light, a collaborator here on Earth and a channel to bring Harmony and Perfection.

6 The 7 Rays

They are the leaders of the 7 Rays. For each ray there is its driver. No one has ever mastered all external circumstances without the help of the Legion of the Ascended. When men appeal to God, these appeals are perceived and answered by the Ascended Masters.

The vibrations of the spheres are so subtle and delicate that only very few people are able to receive impressions with sufficient clarity to act accordingly. When the Masters actually find an educated receptacle, embodied in physical persons, then it becomes easy to convey the Truth to the whole of humanity through these receptacles.

7 The Great Messengers


ascended masters and their teachings

The Ascended Master El MORYA is the guardian of this Ray. His sanctuary is in Darjeeling, India. It represents the will of God. He is represented by the Blue color and his key melody emanates from Elgar’s song Pomp and Circumstance. In the time of the Master Jesus, he was Melchior, one of the three wise men of the countries of the East. He was also the legendary King Arthur of the Sacred Grail Cup, as well as the humanist and statesman Thomas Morus, who wrote The Utopia.

The people of the first Ray are often easy to recognize from others. They usually have unlimited strength and energy. They create and build, they have action, and they are born leaders.

Anyone who has need of energy, strength, solving financial matters, jobs, should invoke Master El Morya, repeating the phrases: “I AM the force of Hercules; I have limitless strength and power.”


ascended masters and their teachings

The Second Ray is golden in color and described as the radius of the educator and the teacher. In the past, The Ascended Lord Lanto was a great ruler of China and developed the power of ray for many centuries. He later gained the right to take on more burdens and this is how he transferred the power of ray in the custody of his Temple under his disciple Confucius, who worked there. Lord Lanto decided to stay on the Earth in the time of crisis in order to rise the importance of this ray.

This golden flame represents wisdom, balance and enlightenment. One should always visualize this color surrounding our body whenever we need the attributes that it can give us.


ascended masters and their teachings

The Master Rowena is responsible for this ray. It represents Love, both spiritual and physical, worship, beauty and brotherhood.

People who belong to it love beauty in all forms of expression and are kind and compassionate.
Master Rowena serves all who seek her. The master stimulates, maintains, and protects not only the men who have managed to reach the top of the ladder, but also the humble aspirants who have just set foot on the first step toward the goal. It keeps the symbol of Freedom.

The Flame of Freedom Light Focus guarded by Master Rowena is located in the south of France, in Chateau Liberté, on the physical plane.

His music is the “Maseillaise”, in favor of Freedom. Invoke it to fortify affective relationships and activate the inner flame of your soul mate. It is the most perfect color. Use it whenever you need to emanate good fluids for someone else.


ascended masters and their teachings

It is invoked for harmony, peace, balance, and ascension. It also removes the Cobra Genius. His Master Guardian is the Ascended Master Seraphis Bey. His protection is subordinate to the current Ascension Flame of Luxor, Egypt. It was carried by him and other devotees, before submerging the continent of Atlantis on the waves of the ocean.

The emanations of life that belong to this ray are usually endowed with artistic talent, with tendencies for music, classical dances, Opera Theater, painting, sculpture and architecture. Such people are almost always blessed with spiritual power and full of spirit, as well as the gift of “penetrating and seeing through things.” Its key melody of recognition is Frantz Liszt’s “Dream of Love”.


ascended masters and their teachings

This light is used for Eternal Truth, physical health, abundance, and concentration.  The Master is Hilarion. At the time of Jesus’ mission, he was the apostle Paul. Its sanctuary is in the ethereal field, located on the Island of Crete.
The green flame is healing. It should be comprehended that both can be the healing of the physical, but it is also the healing of the soul of humanity.


ascended masters and their teachings


The Sixth Ray represents dynamism, courage, strength and should also be used in an emergency. Master Jesus and Master Kuthumi were its directors until recently, even when they were elevated to World Instructors. Today its responsibility is laid under the Ascended Master Nada. Her temple of enlightenment is found in South America. Mistress Nada was in another incarnation Mary, Mother of Jesus. Together, they carry out their works of benefit to humanity.

The angels, who belong to the Ruby Temple, receive and send the divine essence to the supplicants of the Earth, in an emergency. Therefore, we turn to this Ray and to Master Nada in these situations.

It is customary to pay tribute to this mistress of the Rubio Ray, in early spring, when nature, seemingly “dead”, awakens to life.


ascended masters and their teachings

The Master Saint Germain held its rise in the year 1684. It is the Seventh Ray whose task is to instruct mankind of how to get through the Violet Flame. It is the Ray of Transmutation, Purification and Magnetization. Also, it is a cosmic and divine instrument used by the Ascended Legions of Light, to free all imprisoned lives.

8 The Great White Brotherhood & Ascended Masters

The Great White Brotherhood is a fraternity which traditionally emerged in ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III. The fraternity is reserved only for beginners and gives the name of the mystery school. The definition of the historical origins of GWB is not accurate.

It is agreed that there was a period between 700 BC and 300 AD in which there were many thinkers as Confucius and Lao-Tse in China ; the Buddha in India ; Zoroaster in Persia , Pythagoras , Socrates , Plato and Aristotle in Greece and Plotinus and Ammonius in Alexandria ; besides the Jews who have studied esoteric Judaism, or Kabbalah. These thinkers were initiated in universal knowledge or perennial wisdom, which is manifested in four pillars: science, philosophy, mysticism, and history.

In a context of preservation of own culture and identity, secret societies also aimed to preserve the sacred sciences threatened by the invasion of the Phoenicians (who ruled Egypt for nearly a millennium) and therefore closed to strangers or intruders.

This period was marked by parallelism between the esoteric initiation of the elect and the cult of Osiris and Isis by people in general. It appeared this time that the figure of Moses (1300 BC), liberator of the Hebrews, and author of the sacred scriptures of Judaism, initiated the mysteries of Isis and Osiris.

Several other companies now claim to be descendants of that most ancient fraternity, among them is the Freemasonry, the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC), Movement I am, Bridge to Freedom, the Supreme Una Consciousness Movement, the Summit Lighthouse and the very Theosophical Society.