15 Exciting Archaeopteryx Facts – A Mystified Flying Dinosaur

Archaeopteryx fossils was the most fascinating and controversial discovery ever. Yes, we have mentioned it controversial.

The reason behind it, some of us know this species as a dinosaur while according to several paleontologists, its fossil study and other evidences indicates that this prehistoric creature belongs to bird.

Anyway, we have a lot of exciting facts of Archaeopteryx that assist you to study about the general knowledge about its appearance and nature.

But, I request you to not to skip a single point because we have compiled a more interesting facts about Archaeopteryx.

1 First Bird Like Dino (or dino like bird)

Exciting Archaeopteryx Facts - A Mystified Flying Dinosaur

Archaeopteryx…….they was actually known for their amazing feathers.

Yes, you may hear about it everywhere! Scientists are still debating to predict what actual the creature is? I am searching everyday some news about its success.

A study from our researchers community who were studying this project found that it has some of the features like claws, bony tail and teeth that suggests nothing but a prehistoric bird.

Secondly, a feathered layer with an organized skeleton indicating various other possibilities.

It seems that some researchers believed that the feather doesn’t resemble with the rest of the fossil or may be entirely different.

2 When It Has Been Discovered?

And the study of this creature started in the 1860 and attract the quite good attention from our researchers.

The first feather was found in germany in 1860 while the first headless fossil of  Archaeopteryx was discovered in 1861.

The well renowned paleontologist Richard Owen has given this name to the dino-bird.

3 One Of The Fossil Of Archaeopteryx Has Been Stolen

Back to the 150 million years ago, a well established world of dinosaurs have been existed ever. While the limestone beds of the Germany are having success with the fame of flora and fauna of Jurassic world.

The first fossil was unearthed 150 years ago there.

And even the scientists got success to discover ten more specimens that describes a fine detailing of its anatomical structure.

Dramatically, one of the fossils have been not in the museum or research center. But what I am expect realistically – it has been stolen by someone (as per my personal belief).

4 Archaeopteryx Doesn’t Carry The Size Of Any Prehistoric Flying Dino

Exciting Archaeopteryx Facts - A Mystified Flying Dinosaur

Many dinosaur lovers believed that the flying dinosaurs actually contain a quite bigger size but this is not the case with  Archaeopteryx.

Starting from the head to the tail, fossil could explain its size only up to 20 inches.

Even the adult one weight nearly to 2 pounds that is commonly a modern day parrot has.

5 Archaeopteryx Could Attend Only Shorter Flights

Since the birds like parrot and pigeon can deal with a well powered flight. It’s much different situation where Archaeopteryx has a notable weak structure of wings.

So what we can predict – the wings were used for a smaller flights for a short span of time like flying while moving down from a tree.

Since many paleontologists believed about its parrot sized weight, but not nearly as all. According to others, they possibly can attain an understandable flight because they might have somewhat smaller body than as expected.

A shorter body in comparison to those of also wings can help them to gliding up to a reasonable height.

6 Archaeopteryx Had Dull Metabolism

Since the more and more studies were conducted, one of them suggested the Archaeopteryx hatch-lings needs more time (approximately three years) to turn into adult one.

This is much slower than a modern bird pace with same size as that of Archaeopteryx.

This theory somewhat suggests its warm blood sluggish metabolism. This ancient bird was so inactive as compared to modern birds and theropod of dino family.

7 Lifestyle Of Archaeopteryx

Exciting Archaeopteryx Facts - A Mystified Flying Dinosaur

As we know, many evidences indicates that unlike to the other birds, this bird was a glider instead of a great flier.

They might live on trees (arboreal nature) and can hunting with the help of its gliding skills.

Conversely, if it was being able to powered flying, then this bird could possibly be a smart predators to catch its prey from lakes and rivers.

8 Archaeopteryx Brain Matches With The Bird Pattern

As you can observe, birds response to any external activities is excellent. In short we can say that, the efficacy of the bird brain is fantastic.

Some survey and research revealed Archaeopteryx and many similar other dinosaurs have similar brain structure like birds, instead not actually fine tuned like birds.

9 Archaeopteryx and The Theory Of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin walked the the science world through his famous theory that is famous as the theory of “The origin of species”.

This theory went viral to the world and imply on the existence of Archaeopteryx. Because many scientists agreed that this prehistoric bird is a transitional form between birds and dinos.

And most important of all, as every new theory has a contradiction. Since, many of them wasn’t convinced with the idea that came out the issue for a dispute (whether the species has transitional nature).

10 Deadliest Claws Of Archaeopteryx

The claws of the dinosaurs are attractive but dangerous as shown in the Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park that is famous for raptors.

Archaeopteryx had also a curved claw that might help to kill preys. This killer claw is supposed to be presented on the second toe of each foot.

The fact turns this bird into a deadliest predators when compared to other small prehistoric creatures.

11 Archaeopteryx Diet

It’s not simple as that to find what did this bird eat.

Well, it sounds clear that the prehistoric bird was a carnivore and might eat a droves of insects, reptiles and other amphibians.

And obviously, all the possibilities come down to the two facts:

1 Its jaws helped him to catch preys.

2 They may use their claws when dive into the larger prey.

12 Bird Vs Dinosaur Feature

Exciting Archaeopteryx Facts - A Mystified Flying Dinosaur

I have already mentioned,  ‬Archaeopteryx had several dinosaur-like features including its long bony tail and the alignment of its shoulders.

Regardless of the wings, the modern bird’s tail outperforms and assist them to steer and slow down while lying down in the ground.

Unlike to the modern birds, Archaeopteryx might not have been functional tail.

The main function of a bird’s tail is to counterbalance during a flight. Though Archaeopteryx and the theropod dinosaur ancestors used to live on the ground having no sense of tail.

Researchers suggested its wings are associated with the feathers,  and they also reveal the main body is surrounded by the smaller downy feathers.

That are no evidence in particular that suggest the presence of feathers on neck or the head. This uncertainty somewhat suggests it’s dino-like feature.

13 Study On Archaeopteryx By Reisdorf and Wuttke

Till date, all known fossils of Archaeopteryx were discovered from marine sediments. The reason they were left into the water before being devastated their body into the sediment.

According to the study of Reisdorf and Wuttke in 2012, most of the dinosaurs specimens are preserved with a certain physical characteristic.

And this logical death pose characteristic shows the neck and muscles have been stiffen after the death making the the pattern of the neck and head to the arc back.

This data correlates the Archaeopteryx with dino-like features.

What they were talking about, let’s have a look – the head and neck are the two primary parts that went under water while floating rest of the body on the surface. This results in softening of the skin  and the bald appearance.

14 What Is The Colour Of Archaeopteryx

It is unclear about the color of Archaeopteryx but Carney study of 2011 had suggested an idea about a glimpse of this creature’s looks.

A covert feather has been discovered in this study that protects or covers the other parts of the body. The electron microscope used in the same study ensures the presence of melanosomes. These   ‭

Scientists are still figuring out the correct colour of Archaeopteryx.

A study of Carney in 2011 shown an idea about the colour and appearance of this bird. A covert feather of the Archaeopteryx’s wing has been studied with an electron microscope.

According to the observations, various melanosomes were found. This pigment (melanosome) were known to exist various bird species.

Since, ‬87 bird species with the same pigment were compared to the fossils of Archaeopteryx, such that resulted observations suggest that the chances are high where this bird has a black colored feather on the wings.

Conversely, study of feathers color on the body parts other than wings was unclear. We can assume full body covered with black feather but it would be still an assumption.

15 Structure Of The Foot Suggests Ground Life Of Archaeopteryx

The study of the foot structure indicates its suitability to ground locomotion.

They consists quite relatively long legs to its body proportions, so some researchers would predict that they spent their most of time on ground, not on the air.