10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories

This time, I am compiling the list of amazing ghost ships with creepy sea stories !!

The ghost ships are supposed to parts of the apparitions with the mystic sightings but anyone might frightened by the phantasms of his own making.

Throughout the years, many observers and sailors had been claimed to have seen phantom or ghost ships floating in the seas. Such legends of the haunted ships turn the seafaring into a more adventurous journey.

In our post, the list also includes the abandoned ship adrifts in the water with scary and unbelievable circumstances.

Who know whether these derelict ship legends are true or just a myth, here the compilation of 10 amazing ghost ships and their haunted stories.

1 The Octavius

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories

Octavio was an open vessel supposedly on the west coast of Greenland, on a whaler called Herald on October 11, 1775, when members of the crew boarded the abandoned ship, they found to their astonishment with the whole crew dead, but strange was that it was frozen, apparently something happened at the time of their death.

The captain was in his cabin also frozen at his desk with pen in hand as it was writing in his diary, was accompanied by a woman with a child covered with a blanket and a sailor holding a powder keg.

The boarding party took daily petrified to take it to the Herald, but taking it disintegrated leaving only the first and last page, where the latter date was 1762, which meant that the ship had been frozen and drifting for 13 years.

It is believed that the ship was trapped in ice while traveling in Northern Alaska. This discovery of the ship Octavio gave the category of the first ship sailed through the Northwest Passage, but his crew never lived to witness it .

The ship is presumed to be freed from the ice in the spring and its crew killed by freezing. The ship is said to be sailed adrift at the mercy of the winds for 13 years, but the strangest thing was that Octavio was never seen again after this strange encounter, leaving in memory of sailors Herald as a ghost ship with all hands intact.

2 The Caleuche

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories

In southern Chile, the Chilota mythology is most popular legends that explains a scary ship, the Caleuche.

Many people reported its sightings near the Chiloe island, especially in the night. As per the local folklore, the ship runs on the water surface operated by the spirits of the passengers who drowned in the water many years ago.

Most of the people claimed that the ship appears with the strange sound of laughing people and party music. The Caleucheis remarkably bright and stunning in its appearance.

The ship disappears within a matter of time and suddenly water engulfed the entire ship.

As described in the Chilota legend, the Picoy, the Pincoya and the Sirena Chilota are the three spirits responsible for summoning the spirits of drowned passengers. These three special spirits have appearance like mermaids.

Once the spirits of drowned people aboard the ghost ship, they can able to garner the power to resume their life similar to the previous one that they spent.

3 The SS Valencia

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories

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Dates back to the 1906, In British Columbia, It is the coast of Vancouver where the SS Valencia had submerged into the seawater.

The steamer ship experienced the bad weather without expecting it. This causes extreme drifting and it walked out the reefing and finally the ship sunk off the water.

The crew tried to save one hundred eight passengers by letting down the lifeboats in the water surface. Unfortunately, water-waves caused some lifeboats to capsize.

It is believed one of the passenger disappeared named Valencia or might be sank. The crew members succeed to rescue approximately 37 people only.

In nearby location from the accident spot, eight skeletons with life raft had been spotted by a fisherman. A large expedition was organized and nothing observed in the sea.

After this incidence, sooner Valencia turned into the source of ghost ship legends.

Not only the fishermen, but many sailors reported the sighting of ship-drifting in the nearby location of Pachena Point.

And now, there are many theories regarding the Valencia death and phantom ship sighting without any strong evidence.

After the twenty seven years had passed away, and dramatically, one of the life rafts of the Valencia ship was claimed to find even in the finest condition.

4 The Ourang Medan

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories

Back to the 1947, people knew the legend of Ourang Medan. The story is based on the two American ships in distress while sailing in the coast of Malaysia.

The Ourang Medan was actually a Dutch vessel. The man who contacted was describing himself the crew member. He informed all the ship crew and captain was in danger and were dying.

He urged for help with strange and jumbled messages with the words like: I die. Sooner, the passengers of the ship was in hunger to rescue themselves. But the reason for the disaster couldn’t found.

Later, the rescue team arrived at the spot and found the mysterious ship undamaged.

But, all crew members including the ship dog had lost their lives till the time and their faces remained in the scary poses and unexplained expressions. What happened?, we can’t say but the true story has been obscured by the situation about what happened.

During the investigations, the ship caught fire with unknown reason and the rescuers had to evacuate in middle of the investigation.

Later, the Ourang Medan was reported to explode and sink into the sea with a terrific view.

Due to the lack of evidences, the veracity of Ourang Medan’s legends are the subject of debating. The informers set out to prove their theory that we don’t sure about the reality of the mysterious ship.

Some believed that the people on the ship were indulged in transporting nitroglycerin and other chemical agents illegally. Due to the explosive nature of the chemical, it leaked a fume of poison that caused the unfavorable destruction of the ship.

While there are various folklore regarding the Ourang Medan apocalypse that tells it was an paranormal activity

Others, meanwhile, have claimed the ship was a victim of a UFO attack or some other kind of paranormal event.

5 The Carroll A. Deering

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories
The Carroll A. Deering is the most interesting legends of the Eastern sea stories ever. It was the schooner that went aground in 1921. It was reportedly seen near the locations of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina.

The ship transported coal in South America and came back. Near Cape Lookout, the ship was finally marked in the south of Hatteras.

And then, it was the notorious Diamond Shoals where the ship settled for many days. The place was famous for several mysterious destruction of the ship.

The coast guard was employed for the expedition of the ship and found the ship without any human being. Apart from the two lifeboats, logbook and navigation equipment were missing.

Carroll A. Deering was not only the victim, though there were several other ships who went disappear at the same time under strange condition. US government also performed a mega investigation behind the cases.

Later, several reasons were stated, the pirates or rum-runners was also one of them.

I have read many wild guesses about the mystery of this case and many believed that the incidence was caused by paranormal activities. Those clans put forth the examples of evil place Bermuda Triangle to support their speculation.

6 The Baychimo

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories

The Baychimo, acquired by the Hudson’s Bay Company during its lifetime, began to explore the Arctic coasts of Canada, connecting the different ports in the area and trading with fur. Everything was well -Full nine trips to Canada- until the day October 1, 1931, the Baychimo was trapped in the ice one kilometer offshore from Barrow (Alaska). The crew of 36 men decided to abandon the ship and took refuge in Barrow hoping that conditions would improve.

Two days later , the ship had come off the ice. The crew was evacuated on planes, but a few were in a nearby put on hold to retrieve the boat when spring arrives. The precious cargo of furs worth.

On 24 November. a tremendous snowstorm with temperatures below -60 ° C, hit the area for three days and when it subsided, the crew responsible for monitoring the ship realized that the ship was no sign. The SS Baychimo, trapped by ice had completely disappeared. The captain, thought the ship had not been able to withstand the storm and had gone into the sea, so given up for lost cargo and the ship. After a few days, the crew received news of a hunter Inuit , who had seen the boat about 72 km south encased in an ice floe.

After finding it , they unloaded the most sought skins and left the ship there, because given the state of the ship and the arrival of harsh winter, there was little chance that the SS Baychimo could survive ice break. However, little they imagined that the ship would be able to endure this season of ice and at least 38 seasons… more!

The first sighting subsequent abandonment was 480 kms further west just a couple of months later, in March 1932, was quietly sailing near the coast of Nome ( Bering Strait , Alaska). From here it was seen in 1933, 1934, 1935, 1939 … being seen by many people even a group of Eskimos found him sheltering a snowstorm in 1933- being tried to recover by various expeditions had to abandon by bad weather.

7 The Joyita

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories
In 1955, a sailing ship named MV Joyita conducted a two-day trip to the Tokelau Islands with 25 passengers and a light load. The ship never reached its destination and there was no distress signals. A mission search and rescue was organized, but got no success.

The boat was found a month later, but no one aboard. The MV Joyita was flooded and partially submerged.

The radio was in perfect working condition and adjusted to the emergency frequency, but only had a range of two kilometers. The first investigations determined that the ship began to sink and passengers had to leave the boat, but the mystery began when researchers realized that the boat was in perfect seaworthy, only had a small amount of water inside the ship that was mainly due to the ingress of water by waves during weeks of neglect.

If the crew and passengers used lifeboats, they were not seen by the air rescue, although the lifeboats were designed to have good visibility and not meant to sink easily.

The mystery increases when almost all the windows were broken and the ship’s main engine was covered with mattresses for some strange reason. One of the passengers, who was a doctor,had left his briefcase on the deck, in addition to finding bloody rags. Ship clocks stopped at 22: 25 h (except watches standing of the captain’s cabin, which showed a completely different time). I never heard from the crew or what actually happened.

8 The Mary Celeste

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories

On December 4, 1872, the ship Mary Celeste was discovered between the Azores and Portugal. His crew disappeared without a trace, there were no signs of struggle, also the boat was fully stocked with six-month supply of food and water. The last record was captain of November 24.

The ship showed no sign of danger. The captain’s cabin Benjamin Briggs was completely intact. According to the team that boarded the ship, only one lifeboat was gone, and the shipment of 1,701 barrels of industrial alcohol were intact. The fact that all reasonable explanations have been discarded, has given rise to another type of alternative theories. The reality is that today the fate of Mary Celeste remains one of the most famous and enigmatic mysteries of maritime history.

9 The Flying Dutchman

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories
Born of a rumor circulating through the Caribbean in the early days of piracy. The legend that The Flying Dutchman was guided by the ghost of a captain who had a crew of spirits aboard his ghost ship and attacking all ships that crossed all the seas of the globe for eternity.

In the British South Africa Yearbook, 1939 edition, we read the account of a witness who had precisely one of the appearances of the ghost ship.

“We were me and several other people on a beach using the sun when suddenly a boat appeared before our eyes. Nobody showed much attention at first less because the boat had a very mysterious air. His course was fixed without deviating from the least … Its sails were fully deployed and inflated by air, but did not run or even a light breeze. he came straight to the beach … it closer and closer to us … Gradually all went our awe.

Those who saw no threat of this boat, they were quickly warned by others who saw it … All we were standing, frightened, watching the demon that ship closer and closer. When all the excitement was high, the ghost ship in the air vanished as mysteriously as it had come, leaving us all frightened by what we had just seen ….

How to explain the appearance of this ship bound with breakneck speed towards us … probably crashing on the beach before our eyes ”

10 The Lady Lovibond

10 Amazing Ghost Ships: Real Haunted Sea Stories

The Lady Lovibond was a three – masted schooner that sank in the Goodwin Sands, on the southeast coast of England, close to Kent on 13 February 1748. This date in 1748 was on a Friday the 13th and according to his legend appears every fifty years, like a ghost ship.

His captain, Simon Reed (sometimes called Simon Peel), was madly in love with Annette, the woman with whom he had just married and celebrate their wedding off for a cruise on his ship that was down the River Thames towards the English Channel on their way to Portugal. The wind was blowing nicely and the sky was clear. There was no sign of any storm.

The crew was happy with the wedding party and at the same time nervous because the new bride of Captain Annetta and her mother were on board. And a long-standing superstition among sailors of the time was that, to take the women on board gave bad luck. But the celebrations spoke louder and everyone seemed happy except one man, called John Rivers.

John Rivers was an old suitor of Annette and as if that were not enough the fact of seeing Annette marrying another, see them happy celebrating the marriage made him increasingly enraged.

In a rage and drunk access, John Rivers came up behind the captain and struck in serious head and so then grabbed the wheel and drove the ship to the treacherous sands of Goodwin, a kind of quicksand in the sea, is it very known as a graveyard of ships, killing all people on board, including himself. A subsequent inquiry into the disaster was recorded which indicates it was a true accident.

After 50 years from the incident, on February 13, 1798, the captain of a coastal vessel, James Westlake of Edenbridge, reported that his ship almost collided with the Lady Lovibond. He said, he turned the steering wheel at the last moment, and so he was able to avoid the shock. He also reported hearing strange sounds similar to the joy from the deck when his ship passed.

The second ship that saw that night was a fishing vessel. The captain of this boat reported that they had seen the schooner crashing into the sand and break. He reported that when he was rescuing survivors, sands were empty and silent.

In 1948 Captain Bull Prestwick reported having seen him and that seemed very real though emitted a scary green glow.

The Goodwin Sands are very fertile grounds in England for ghost ships, and also the location of the legendary island of Lomea. The Lady Lovibond shares the area with two other ghost ships: The SS Montrose and Shrewsbury, both soon here in Unraveling the Mysteries