25 Things You Should Know About Cattle Mutilation

Recent years have witnessed a strange phenomenon surfacing. Cattle mutilation has taken hold of the scientific community as well as the ufologists. The mutilation of cattle, oxen, cows, sheep and horses, is a phenomenon marked by unexplained elements like precision of surgical mutilation, the drainage of blood, and the elimination of certain internal organs and genitals. The reports have been attributed several times to natural decay, natural predators, extraterrestrials, secret government, or military agencies and satanic cults.

Cattle mutilation has been in practice since the 1970s and has scared farmers to death. Such was the space and the heat of the affair that the United States government took to investigate the case twice.

The 40 year old issue of cattle mutilation has remained controversial and become an important research element. Cattle mutilation has till date remained one of the greatest contemporary mysteries. Reporting it as a fact or a farce is a tough job. Let’s leave that on you to decide.

1 Cattle Mutilation- The first occurrence

Cattle Mutilation facts

The earliest case of mutilation was first reported by Charles Fort in England between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first mutilation occurred in the United States in the early 1960s. The phenomenon was practically restricted to small rural communities until 1967.

2 Which case was the first to gain media coverage?

A small newspaper in the state of Colorado published the curious story of a mutilated horse in mysterious circumstances. In addition to being the first media case in that country, it was the first to be associated with extraterrestrial beings.

3 What was reported in the first mutilation case of the United States?

Cattle Mutilation facts

This reporting of the first case scared the American public. It had precise cuts, clean bones, no drop of blood in the pasture, and there was a strong smell of ammonia in the air. Just a few feet away were pieces of horse meat with a supposed green liquid that burned the horse owner’s hand. A little farther in the forest was a crushed bush, and broken tree branches.

4 What were the findings of the Civil Defense Team?

The local Civil Defense went to the farm and found alarmingly high levels of radiation on the track between the remains of the mutilated horse to a point in the forest. In the meantime, two horses died of cancer, probably due to radioactivity.

5 What was the aftermath of the first media reporting?

The national publication of this occurred in the United States caused other people to contact the press reporting similar facts that had occurred between 1955 to date in the case 1968. The people did not give importance because they thought they were beef stealers, which could attack certain properties during the dawn.

6 What awareness was witnessed on points of cattle mutilation?

Cattle mutilation gained a larger ground in 1968. The Colorado State Superior Court Judge Charles Bennett claimed to have seen three orange discs in the sky, close to the first farm. This caused a great wonder since the account came from an individual who could put everything to waste in fake and imaginative demonstration. This further increased UFO-logical thirst in reports of mutilation in the field.

7 What similarities were found in all the cases of mutilation?

A group of Colorado veterinarians began studying the bodies found on the field and noted a similarity. Each one of them lacked brain, abdominal and sexual organs. Another group of veterinarians pointed out that horses suffered from widespread infection and apparently died by sacrifice to reduce animal suffering.

8 The saddening affair of cattle farm owners

There was a great disbelief in the professionals regarding the mutilation of the cattle in the farms of Colorado and Texas. Already in the middle of the 70s, the owners of the dead animals and witnesses trusted and waited for answers to a series of factors such as surgical cuts, lack of blood, increase of the radiation in the soil, diseases in the other animals, strong odor of chemical material, etc.

9 What was the change that occurred post these recording of mutilations?

Cattle Mutilation facts

Sen Flyod Haskell

From the 1970s and during the 1980s, cattle mutilations were recorded in fifteen US states and in some countries, such as France and Mexico. In 1975, the then-Sen. Floyd Haskell called for an investigation into the FBI. He personally documented at least 135 cases in Colorado. Over the decades everything remained in the vague territory of assumption, more of something between belief and absolute doubt.

10 The first case of human mutilation?

It dates back to 1998 in Sao Paulo. The press was shocked to report the first case of mutilation in a human being. The body was found in the same way as the cattle. There were surgical cuts, missing organs, strong chemical smell, etc. The same happened in 2000 to a person in Bulgaria.

11 What was peculiar about the mutilation style and cuts?

In all the cases that were reported, injuries were performed through very precise and surgical cuts. Another controversial point was the lack of blood in the bodies and at the crime scene.

12 How did large predators react to mutilated animals?

George Onet was a veterinarian and a university professor and researcher on cases of mutilation of cattle. He found that large predators avoided eating meat of mutilated animals. As a part of his research, the flesh of mutilated victims was served to wolves, jackals, coyotes, skunks, badgers and dog foxes. The predators not only rejected the meat, but also showed behavioral changes.

13 What is the official statistic of mutilation?

According to a 1975 FBI report, within documented cases of mutilation, there were: 14% eye removals, 33% tongue, 74% sexual organs, 48% intestines. A 1980 research showed changed percentages: 59% of eye removals, 42% of tongue, 85% of sexual organs and 76% of intestines. In addition, 90% of these dead animals were on average, five years old.

14 How much time it took to mutilate?

As per most of the reports, mutilations occurred quickly. There was a short space of time between seeing the animal alive and dead later. In general, the average time was one and a half hours. Legal medicine specialists explain that death is due to a large object, and surgical cuts with more delicate instruments.

15 Was there a discovery of any rarest of the rare case?

Cattle Mutilation facts

Yes. In rare cases, those responsible for mutilations leave traces or clues. The case was first documented in 1967. Tripod marks were found on two farms in New Mexico in the 1970s. It measured 30 centimeters from one point to another and had the bodies of eight mutilated cows nearby.

16 What were the Scientific and laboratory reports?

Reports indicate to increasingly mysterious results, such as very low levels of vitamins and minerals, or the presence of chemicals that usually do not appear in animals. However, these anomalies vary from case to case, and region to region. There is skepticism and there are excess of certain creeds.

The only certainty is that the quality of surgical cuts indicates no relation to death due to natural predators. Wolves and foxes do not kill cattle or make square cuts, patterns, or remove specific organs. After decades of rigorous scientific studies, scientists have noticed that animals found had abnormal levels of zinc, potassium and phosphorus, as well as the classic ammonia odor in their bodies. Another finding is the anticoagulation of the rest of blood in the animal.

17 The Notes on Conventional Explanations

In 1978, after public pressure, the US government released the FBI to investigate the strange case. It won the title “Operation Mutilation”. Initially the research had a budget of $ 44,000 and was led by Kenneth Rommel. It had five main objectives: (a) to determine the reliability of the information and to collect as many testimonials as possible in the sites, (b) to determine the Possible causes of mutilation, (c) determine whether the killings are punishable under US law, (d) find a way to deal with the problem, if it is a real fact, (e) if it is not a problem then recommend the best scientific way to deal with the problem.

18 What was in the report submitted by FBI?

The final 297 page report is considered very basic and superficial. It points to the mutilation of cattle as a natural fact, elapsed from natural predators – such as wolves, foxes and wild dogs. Experts now agree that there was some unwillingness on the part of the FBI team to conduct more forceful investigations at that time.

19 What was the result of New Mexico Investigation?

In the early 1990s, an investigation was sponsored by the New Mexico government. It pointed out that mutilated animals took tranquillizer and high levels of anticoagulant substances in their bodies. It also pointed that cutting techniques have become increasingly accurate and surgical over the years.

Some experts point out that the cause of livestock death may be natural, through diseases transmitted by flies. Dead animals become susceptible to terrestrial predators. However, this explanation comes up against several factors: increase in radiation, surgical cuts of the bodies, and refusal of the animals to eat the meat.

20 What are the explanations for surgical cuts of mutilation?

Cattle Mutilation facts

The natural explanation for the surgical cuts is based on the swelling of the skin after death. It follows the pattern of muscle tissue which makes the abdominal cuts appear geometric and uniform. Scientists also explain that the lack of eyes is related to the action of flies, which enter bodies from these organs.

A research was done to highlight the differences between the famous surgical cuts and natural cuts made by natural predators. Studies showed a very large difference between the two interventions. Many farmers have challenged the sources claiming natural causes of livestock deaths. They claim that the animals were healthy. In some cases the dead animals were the strongest and most productive of the herd.

21 The noted explanations of Human Actions

Cattle Mutilation facts

One of the notes studied lately suggests human intervention. People seek animal cruelty in the pursuit of pleasure or the desire to create myths in the media.

Pleasure attacks on animals have been an old happening in our society. However, the victims are usually domestic animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. and not larger animals like horses, oxen, sheep, etc. A psychology study claims that sociopaths kick start their attacks, even as children, against their domestic animals.

FBI reports pointed that the cattle mutilation doesn’t comes under the category of human cruelty. Another point has been that the mutilation of cattle can be part of some cult still unknown, or some sect. This has been a hypothesis that runs away from the two most commented patterns: predator attack and social deviance of humans seeking pleasure in sheer cruelty.

In October 1975, two forest rangers from Idaho testified that they saw a group of about 15 people wearing dark clothing, and circling the forest at night. The next day two mutilated horses were found in an area near the site.

The 1970s and 1980s saw a real fever of exchanging prison sentences for parole or reducing their sentences. There was a lot of lie in this relationship between the mutilation of cattle and the action of Satanist groups or social psychopaths. It was for this reason that this line of investigation was perpetuated, leaving aside the strange physicochemical evidences.

In the 1980s, there was an evangelical outbreak in certain areas of the United States. There were cases of cattle mutilation and some pastors stated that it was a sign of the biblical disaster, the first step toward human sacrifice. It was believed to lead to collective frenzy in some rural communities. Official investigations failed to make connections between sects and those that occurred.

The strangest explanation for the mutilation of cattle arose in 1981. They pointed out that the occurrences happened by the hands of former veterans of the Vietnam War in shock. It is claimed to be a reproduction of the torture they had seen in Asia.

22 The unusual explanations

Charles Oliphant wrote a book that gave the hypothesis of cattle mutilation being the result of a secret investigation into a possible bovine disease that could be transmitted to humans. The author’s point was to suspect the chemicals found in necropsies, and get the organs removed. They are important means of transmission and incubation of viruses and bacteria.

In 1976, there were cases of mutilation in Utah farms. The farmers began to make armed patrols in forests. They claimed to have seen the army helicopters flying twice over these areas of their properties. Horses and cows appeared mutilated.

23 Involvement of the US

The theories of US involvement in mutilation cases have seen a steep rise in number. There was appearance of soldiers and helicopters in the areas of events, even before official reports. In 1974, two unidentified helicopters opened fire on Robert Smith Jr., the owner of a farm attacked by the phenomenon. He went to the press and demanded information from the authorities. 15 cows were found dead in New Mexico after the appearance of some army helicopters.

Experts point out that helicopters are used to spawn corpses on farms after school. So there is no trace of action at the site, such as scraps of blood or cut parts of organs.

24 The hypothesis on mutilation

The online and offline libraries are filled with hypotheses suggesting that mutilations are alien acts in order to search for Earth’s genetic material. In addition, it also had a premise that humans could not perform dissections in such a short space of time without leaving dirt and traces behind. This is cited as the reason why cattle mutilation ended up entering a new field of study of UFO-logy.

25 A study that went crazy

Cattle Mutilation facts

Philip Duke

One of the craziest studies that got published was in 1999 by ufologist Phillip Duke. It was entitled as “The Aids-ET Connection”. According to him, the aliens would be coming to Earth to study or incubate the HIV virus in a systematic way through these mutilations. Duke told that the removal of genitalia and anus shows the most common means of HIV transmission, and therefore the disease in mammals.

Duke supported his hypothesis by pointing out studies that claim the mammalian chromosomes to be similar, as well as pointing to the ancient research on horses to understand tetanus in humans. The hypothesis is an inconsistent one as scientists understand the emergence of AIDS as a disease of African primates. It is a zoonosis that passed to man for having a monkey-like DNA structure.