23 Shocking Government Secrets Still Hidden From Humanity

It is possible that the believers of conspiracy & hidden government secrets are the last ones to fear them, or that the disbelievers have a hard time accepting it. Truth is that they discover or invent the secrets of governmental organizations just because they need it. Greed, stupidity, and irresponsibility are the vital elements of our species and history is meaningless without it. A conspirator thinks that he is solely responsible for his destiny, and if he does not dominate the world according to his personal gains, he will have to bear the heavy burden which no one wills to face.

As a part of personal, national or international, financial, or psychological gains, there were many government secrets, plotted in the history of our planet, and believe me, you mustn’t have heard of a majority of them. They are unbelievably shocking. How much? That I’ll leave for you to read and judge.

1 Governments Hide The Truth About Extraterrestrials. Yes! They exist

Government Secrets

Numerous witnesses claim to have seen unidentified flying objects flying throughout the streets of Los Angeles on February 24, 1942. A US defense artillery had open fired it. The US officials, just like in the case of Kennedy’s assassination, happened to give no satisfactory explanation to the public. The number of Californians who claimed to have seen the UFOs was in thousand and it was already three months since the United States entered World War II after Pearl Harbor and the Americans had entered the war.

Roswell incident, the famous UFO case, took place five years later, on July 7, 1947. The recovered bits were the remains of a UFO that would have crashed near Roswell in New Mexico City. Even in this case the number of witnesses was large- more than 100. People said that they knew what would be UFOs or their remains.

People on the other hand realized that the Americans have recovered the body of an extraterrestrial (or a live extraterrestrial). The official explanation issued was that they have collapsed a meteorological balloon, which is nowhere convincing for a public who itself had been the close witness of the wrongly reported incident. The number of people claiming to have seen UFOs exploded has been on a considerable rise since then. Also on rise is the tale of scientific controversies and pseudo-scientific researches that have become a mass phenomenon.

2 Attacks On The World Trade Center

Government Secrets

The World Trade Center attack is notably one of the hottest subjects that have fallen prey to the conspiracy theories of contemporary history. There is a continuously heated argument regarding many powerful individuals in the United States Government and US intelligence who had reliable data on the attack, but they deliberately chose to hide it. The same had happened on December 7, 1941, the day when Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor during World War II. The refusal of carrying out few actions mostly results in wars and attacks.

Officials framed that the explosion of the two planes that crashed against the Twin towers of New York was not strong enough to cause the collapse of the skyscrapers. Another fact attached was that the attack was a result of controlled explosion, and that the Pentagon was not hit by any plane actually.

The reason behind all this was simple- Provoke war against terrorism, increase military spending and control the freedoms and rights of citizens.

3 AIDS, Ebola And SARS Were Invented In The Laboratory

Government Secrets

Novels and horror films have for long taken up the subject of out of control viruses, bacteria, and virological secret experiments that penetrate security measures. As shown in movies, they would spread throughout the world to the point that they would be the cause of an apocalypse. There are very few who know that these issues are an appearance only in the fiction of (pseudo) scientific hypotheses that are convinced of their reality.

The US government has secretly created the publication of documented works saying that the virus HIV, Ebola and SARS are actually some bacteriological super-powers. In fact the spread of AIDS in Africa, between homosexuals and prostitutes, is just one step in a scripted monster mass genocide by Puritan and xenophobic elements of the US administration. Even the flu two years ago was a global test and a warning to China. People holding this theory also reveal that there is possible antivirus for all three bacteriological disasters, but are kept secret.

4 The Development Of Electric Car Was Stalled By The Big Oil Companies For More Than 100 Years

Government Secrets

This conspiracy theory is one of the most concise and was brilliantly exposed in the excellent documentary film “Who Killed the Electric Car?” It launched the hypothesis that various technologies that allowed the rapid and cost-efficient development of electric cars, have been phased out by a association of the major oil companies along with various influential Individuals holding key positions, some in the automobile manufacturing industries.

The knockout blow in the first electric car to be used came in 1899, the year in which a prototype reached a world record of very competitive speed at that date: 110 km/h, an impressive performance in the nineteenth century. Despite having a record speed in 1899, the cars of twentieth century barely reached 30-40 km/h.

It happened again the second time in 1913-1914 when Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, the most prolific inventors in those years, came together to produce an electric, low-cost and powerful vehicle. These giants were hampered by all kinds of individuals with great power and financial influence. Next in line was General Motors as it voluntarily buried the EV1, the first prototype electric car which came for a mass production in 1996-1999.

5 The 2004 Tsunami Was Triggered By A Bomb

Government Secrets

The total toll of death owing to the tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004 was 229,866. If we take the number of casualties into account then it is the 7th most potent natural disaster and the most bloodthirsty earthquakes in history. What till now was considered to be a natural disaster is but a genocide that was deliberately initiated by a so-called tsunami bomb, a nuclear weapon detonated deep in the ocean.

Conspirators say that the technology that can cause such a tragedy is less feasible. A great deal of research has been conducted in this area since the time of World War II. Also the Tsunami-type experiments involving powerful sea bombs became famous in 1944 and 1945 in New Zealand. To add as a proof- In 1997, the then US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen said:

“There are groups that have the ability to participate in eco-terrorism, military technologies capable of climate change, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions”.

In addition to terming everything as a large-scale blood test, it is also difficult to decode the intention behind cruelly beating Southeast Asia for the Indian Ocean tsunami.

6 Masons, Illuminati, Skull & Bones Are The Conspirators Ruling The World

Government Secrets

Masonry is a secret organization whose origin is unclear and moreover, is lost in the mists of history. The sixteenth and seventeenth century were dawned by Masonry and it has since then maintained a debatable and anonymous position in public life. The Masons marked the beginning of eighteenth century to be to motivate their mission of creating a society that has in its base the ideals of freedom, equality, fraternity, church, and separation from the state and religious tolerance.

Considering their mission, it won’t be wrong to comment that the Masons have had an active part in many revolutions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; some of these revolutions were enough to shake the roots of the world and catalyze the irreversible transition from medieval to modern organized society.

The number of Masons in the world has grown rapidly, and if the recent reports are to be ascertained to- they are now around 5 million. The elitist circle is composed of political, religious and artistic people.

The Illuminati can be taken as the Masonic elite with darker desires and the Skull & Bones as a secret society with the sisterhood of prestigious US universities.

Surprisingly one of the Ivy Leagues (a group of eight institution) – Yale University, is a part of it. It is indeed interesting to note that during the twentieth century almost all the political, administrative and financial elite of the United States are connected with Skull & Bones secret society. Be it – presidents, secretaries of state, or intelligence executives or banks or ex-students of Yale, a vast majority of them were the part of Skull & Bones.

7 NASA On A False Trip To The Moon

Government Secrets

A French documentary revealed that NASA allegedly faked the images of Apollo 11 on the moon and this was a greatest conspiracy of the twentieth century.

The images obtained on the moon were destroyed by environmental conditions, and NASA had to resort to Stanley Kubrick and a team of professionals to falsify them before the audience rejected it by saying that the trip never existed if there were no photographs to prove it.

All this gave rise to conspiracy theories and exaggerated theories taped about the forgery.

8 The Simpsons Knew About September 11

Government Secrets

The black day of September 11 will never go down in the history of the United States. Many know it to be an attack by a terrorist agency, but the fact that had been predicted by various personalities from around the world. It is indeed a case that catches the eye.

On September 21, 1997, Fox broadcasted a chapter of The Simpsons in which the Yellow Family goes to New York. A scene in one of the episode shows the cover of a magazine with an image of the Twin Towers and in big letters- “New York $ 9”. The numeric 9 and WTC silhouette collectively was seen as 9-11 incident. That’s a conspiracy theory!! It might indicate if any governmental organization knew about the threat of 9-11 attacks.

9 Kennedy’s Killer

Government Secrets

This is undoubtedly one of the classic examples of conspiracy theory and if sociologists are to be believed, it is the turning point in the history of the conspiracy. Psychologists have a simple explanation for it: John F. Kennedy (May 29, 1917-November 22, 1963), the late US President, was much sympathized by the Americans. JFK assassination came as a traumatic shock to his followers, a kind of same feeling that one gets when you a friend or relative dies.

The Warren Commission Report declared Lee Harvey Oswald as the sole murderer, but the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) concluded that Kennedy’s murder was a conspiracy as a second gunman other than Oswald probably also fired at Kennedy. Also a significant percentage of Americans believed in some sort of conspiracy.

So the question rings in the same arena again. Who killed Kennedy? We may never be able to find this. Whatever the officials may say, 46 years after the murder, the real culprits would be ambiguous to hint on. It could have been anyone- US officials, the US central banking system, CIA, KGB, FBI, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Fidel Castro, or the Mafia.

10 New World Order – World Government

Government Secrets

The New World Order is considered by many as the hardcore version of the previous theory. According to the Conspiracists, it is a highly secret group where the powerful and influential members of the various secret societies dominate the world through a world government that gradually replaces the autonomy of the states.

The same group is in-charge of the formation of large multinational corporations and globalization in the twentieth century. The supporters of the New World Order supports the opinion with the idea that history develops within the parameters of a plan of world slavery, each time being a new stage in the development of the evil plotting system.

11 What is Global Warming? A global business!?

Government Secrets

People may allege that climate change is a fraud for ideological or financial purpose. Global warming has caused a mass frenzy which is actually a forged invention of the vague interest of Bilderberg group (a group of 130 people with large financial and powerful influence- from bankers to politicians).

The climatologist William M. Gray said that global warming is the foremost enemy of international energy system. According to the conspiracy theory there is also a need of great leaders who may facilitate the burden of a case with broad political success, and take economic and social measures for the same.

Avoiding the point of climate change or global warming for instance, is an ideal element for players in the world market, running to meet their goals. The obsession of world to global warming would clearly benefit politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, various structures of the UN, environmental movements, as well as many secret organizations, such as the Bilderberg Group and the Club of Rome.

12 An Earthquake Sponsored By The United States

Government Secrets

We know earthquakes to happen out of tectonic movements etc., but sometimes they are made to happen; if the conspiracy theories are to be believed. It doesn’t come as a surprise that they are usually carried out by secret U.S. military weapons. Again it is no surprising a thing that the Haiti Earthquake was caused by US military and not by some “force of nature”.

There were 3 earthquakes between January 8 and 12 in Honduras, Venezuela and Haiti, all at a depth of 10 km. The use of High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program by the United States was denounced by Russia and China. SOUTHCOM was on alert and deployed 13,000 Marines while unable to launch such forces on Afghanistan.

The EFE news agency reported that the North Russian fleet suspects that the earthquake in Haiti was the master plan of the United States Navy within the framework of the HAARP project.

The movements of American Navy were constantly monitored by the North Fleet of Russia and that too with special concern since the reactivation of the Fourth Fleet that was inactive from 1950. It began to patrol the Caribbean Sea in 2008. In response Moscow performed naval exercises led by the ship “Peter the Great”.

Moscow reports that the United States has taken over in the earthquake weapon sector by leaps and bounds. United States employs devices using Tesla Pulse, Plasma and Sonic Electromagnetic technology along with shockwave bombs.

13 Is It US Government Or Al-Qaeda Behind 9/11 Attacks

Government Secrets

The supporters of the 9/11 truth movement call themselves “Truthers” who clash with the mainstream account of the attacks of September 11, 2001. According to them, the 9/11 attack was laid out by the Al-Qaeda terrorists who primarily went to hijack four airliners, and went on to crash them into the Pentagon and New York’s Twin Towers.

Truthers look forth deep into the evidences from the attacks and then make assumptions about the theories behind. Some organizations opine that the United States government may have been either responsible or must have known about the September 11 attacks. The motive behind keeping the information of the attack secret must have been a pretext to start wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

14 Harry Potter Was Meant To Promote Homosexuality

Government Secrets

No doubt, the Harry Potter series has been one of the most popular and the most sold saga in the recent years. The narration captivated the interest of all- be it children, adolescents, or adults. However, there is a theory that very few people know about and it is the character symbolizing homosexuality in the seven books of history.

JK Rowling, the author, revealed that Albus Dumbledore (Director of the Hogwarts School) is homosexual and had long been in love with another magician; mentioned in a note from EL UNIVERSAL.

Many religious communities had their voices raised high against Harry Potter. There was an instance when an advocacy site published an article on Harry Potter and homosexuality, and ended up recommending Christian parents to look for appropriate reading materials for their children.

15 Zionism & The World Under Hebrew Control

Government Secrets

This is one of the oldest and most extensive secret which have links to chauvinistic ideologies and racist policies. Such policies have victimized history and have been practically reinvented from antiquity to modern times.

Every century witnesses an anti-Semitic movement. In the twentieth century, the theory was driven by a controversial document -the Protocols of Zion, showing that the Jews along with the Masons are conspiring to seize world power and control the world.

The text comes in the form of an instruction manual, making it easy for the new members to strike a balance between the rational politics of the conquest of the world by controlling the media and finance and replacing traditional partner order based on the manipulation of the masses.

16 Q33NY Gives The Idea Of Twin Tower Attack

Government Secrets

Wingdings was a font developed in 1990 and used drawings instead of letters in the word processor MS Word.

However, in 1992, the language was looked as anti-Semitic; reason being the visualization of capital letter acronyms of New York City.

While typing the NYC in Wingdings fonts, the output will be converted into a terrorist idea i.e. symbol of Skull & Crossbones, star of David, and thumbs-up.

The font was again criticized after the attack on the Twin Towers, because when Q33 is typed, one plane and two towers (or it looks actually like text sheets) were shown as a output.

Many government authorities mentions that it was a mistake to consider Q33 a conspiracy, despite the fact that it had no relation with any of the aircraft that were hijacked.

17 US Executive Tests Chemical Weapons on Citizens

Government Secrets

If we believe to the conspiracies, the US government used radioactive particles against the citizens of Saint Louis (Missouri) in the 1950s, in order to test the effectiveness of chemical weapons. It could have allowed the use of chemical weapons on Aleppo that way.

The local authorities informed that the Government was testing a way to protect Saint Louis from aerial attack by the USSR during cold war. Testing on citizens was the supposed reason behind the dense smokescreen that was hovering over the city.

Several documents were declassified and it was unearthed that the evidence was a part of the US biological weapons program. The point behind choosing Saint Louis was its resemblance to the Russian cities. The testing substance that was sprayed on the site had in it many radioactive particles that damaged the health of residents and in some cases even led to deaths. All this was published in an article published by Business Insider.

Simon Books added a statement “We can only ask what the US government is testing today and what risks we run on a daily basis”.

18 Governmental Secrets About The US Invasion Of Iraq

Government Secrets

The controversial issue of Iraq war started during the Bush administration. The possible explanation for the Iraq War was to fight against the development and use of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, human rights abuses, and the rebellion against the demands of United Nations.

The United States and United Kingdom blamed Saddam Hussein for his active participation in promoting terrorism and creation of weapons that may have threatened the neighboring countries and communities. The United States issued a statement-

“On November 8, 2002, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1441. All fifteen members of the Security Council agreed to give Iraq a final opportunity to comply with its obligations and disarm or face the serious consequences of failing to disarm.”

The Iraq resolution supported the proceedings of the UN Monitoring and Verification Commission (UNMOVIC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). As per the resolution, they had the power to go and talk to anyone in order to verify Iraq’s disarmament. Bush Administration worked incessantly from 2001 to 2003 so as to build a strong case for invading Iraq.

After a short time interval from the invasion, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and other intelligence agencies questioned the evidence concerning the weapons of Iraq and the links to Al-Qaeda as well.

The Bush and Blair administrations shifted to bring in secondary justification for the war, which was best suited to their interest as they included the ground of Hussein government’s excruciating human rights record. In a way, they made it appear like a promotion for democracy in Iraq.

An opinion poll was carried out that suggested- people of nearly all countries opposed a war without the consent of United Nations. Also the view of the United States as a danger to world peace had significantly increased. The then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan described the war as illegal, and not in conformity with the Security Council.

False evidences, accusations, threat from Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were cited as the reasons behind the war, or maybe that’s how they scripted it to look like.

On August 31, 2010, the United States officially declared its war against Iraq over. All American troops were withdrawn from Iraq by December 2011 and meanwhile American troops engaged in battling Iraqi insurgents. Due to instability in the region in June 2014, the U.S. forces were put back in Iraq.

The report of June 2015 numbers the total American troops to 3,550. The number of personnel at the Department of Defense officials based at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad (between December 2011 and June 2014) was estimated to be 200 to 300.

19 American Citizens Aren’t Really In Charge Of The Country

We know US to be the best democracy in the world, but hardly do people know that only 1% of people are the regulator of the government.

No one from the US executive would ever reveal the truth that the corporations and wealthy Americans are the ones who decide the course of the nation, politics and candidates.

20 The Hidden Cause Of Financial Crisis Of 2008

Government Secrets

Economists consider the financial crisis of 2007-08 as the global financial crisis. It began in 2007 with the crisis of US finance market taking the shape of an international banking crisis. Lehman Brothers, the investment bank, collapsed on September 15, 2008.

Massive bail-outs, other monetary and fiscal policies were kept in place to prevent a financial collapse. To add on to the economic turn down, the financial crisis was followed by the Great Recession. What followed was the debt crisis in the banking system of the European countries using the euro.

An investigation was launched by the US government to get to the force behind the financial collapse of 2008. The findings are kept secret, which is no more a surprise considering the other lies and secrets the US government told.

The Financial Crisis Investigating Committee Report was concluded in 2011, with only a part of the data being published.

21 The US Manipulates Human Minds

Government Secrets

CIA declassified documents dealing with various arrest and interrogation techniques. It also launched the project MK Ultra in 1953. The crux of all the declassified documents was arrest, intimidating interrogation techniques, and the launch of project MK Ultra -also known as the CIA’s Mind Control Program. The driving force was the development of new substances and procedures of interrogations and torture of Soviet spies and foreign leaders.

The CIA did not want to test the techniques on its own agents, so they used the American citizens as subjects of experiments. The program was technically shut down in 1973, but maybe that’s what they want us to think.

P.S.This post only gives the idea about conspiracy theories, people beliefs and hypothetical statements. We can’t guarantee if any of the above point supports fact. It is up to the audience what to believe or what not.