22 Incredible Flash Powers Of All Time

The cloak of flash has passed by several people. Some came to have some powers and some not. Flashes are said to be one of the fastest and powerful superhero. The flashes- Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen have honored the cloak and all the powers and abilities for very long. It is time today to talk about the less talked.

Here are few of the incredible powers of the Flash that only few have an idea about.

1 Speed

Flash Powers

Many of the other powers of the sprinter are derived from its speed. This ability gives it a high speed when moving its body wholly, partially or molecularly.

2 Fast Healing

Flash is blessed with a metabolism faster than that of ordinary people, so it can heal serious wounds in hours and medical conditions that otherwise cannot be healed like loss of vision, paralytic, cancer and the occasional diseases by virus or bacteria.

3 Fast Reading

Flash Powers

For Flash, reading a book is a work of just a blink of eye. It can read a book in seconds. Although it can read quickly its memory is not so good as to learn everything at once, so it remembers everything he reads just for few minutes.

4 Fast Speaking

Flash can speak at high speeds that it is understandable only to the ears of other sprinters or can be used when you do not want to be heard saying a phrase.

5 Forming Suit

Flash Powers

It is the ability to form the suit, based on energy or SpeedForce and is a very difficult skill to master.

6 Running On Liquid Superficies

Flash’s lighting fast speed can make it run on liquid surfaces like water without sinking and he can cross an entire ocean without problems.

7 Running On Vertical Superficies

Like the previous skill, this power allows him to run over buildings or any vertical surface without even falling.

8 Creating Whirlwind

Flash Powers

In some Flash vignettes, we see him moving his arm circularly to create small vortices that launches the villain. He is also able to create whole tornadoes, but did not do much because they were a little difficult to control.

9 Sonic Fist

Flash Powers

The force of the impact multiplied greatly by passing the sound barrier and extending its fist against some object. The sonic fist is able to break concrete, metal or even hit some villain with great resistance.

10 Multiply

In some cases it was SpeedForce clones, and in other light optical illusions. Flash is also capable of creating multiple copies of itself, and deceiving its contenders using simple decoys.

11 Intangibility

Flash Powers

It has the ability to vibrate its molecules and able to transfer solid objects and anything that stands in its way.

12 Explosive Intangibility

Flash Powers

It is the same as the previous ability only that with a variant. The objects that pass through the molecule, alter its composition and make it explode.

13 Control Over Body

He has shown the power to change the shape or the physical state of body whether liquid, solid or gaseous. It has used it only to reform body and is not something to do at will.

14 Control Of Metabolism

It is able to control its metabolism to pleasure, accelerate or slow down at will.

15 SpeedForce Field

Flash Powers

In order to be able to run at high speed SpeedForce gives a SpeedForce field to protect from minor attacks or the friction that his cells suffer and it is the same field that gives you speed.

16 SpeedForce

Flash is always with the SpeedForce around it so running to overload it. It redirects it to his spleen and is able to throw some of the energy by creating the illusion of lightning released by him.

17 Control SpeedForce

Some of the flashes have shown the power to give, remove, distribute and control to their liking the SpeedForce of the sprinters that depend on it.

18 Using SpeedForce As A Prison

As the SpeedForce is an omnipresent energy, it is possible to lock others in the same, although with the risk that they can contract the power of the SpeedForce.

19 Escape From Death

As you read it is possible that a flash live forever. Although only one Flash has been able to achieve this, it is possible because death cannot reach the flash due to its rapidity. Black Flash is death converted into a flash, because death must stalk every living being with unlimited speed capability, but if a flash is able to run at a speed beyond that of light it is possible to enter a space where reality is a lie and death no longer has power over it.

20 Reviving Sprinters

The sprinter when dying enters there SpeedForce so that the energy that they preserve is not lost. To have total control on the SpeedForce, one can take out the dead sprinters in the same one.

21 Travel Between Dimensions

It has demonstrated the power to travel to other lands or even cross the multiverse and omniverse.

22 Traveling In Time

Flash Powers

It is also possible to travel either to the future or to the past. Various flashes have proven to be better than others in this.

Flashes have demonstrated their great amount of powers and abilities by only using speed, breaking laws of physics and being a great respectable hero.

So far each Flash has specialized in a group of skills.
Barry Allen: inter-dimensional trips and temporary trips,
Wally West: Extreme Speed ​​(he is the fastest and many of the abilities he owns only because he is the only one to pass the light speed, since he has a direct contact with the SpeedForce) Bart Allen: control over SpeedForce and over own body.

Have I forgotten one here?

What about your opinions of The Flash?