22 Goddesses Of Beauty, Love & Fertility From Different Cultures

There are many goddesses of beauty and love, because there is usually more than one (goddess associated with love) in the same religion. It was therefore difficult, being to choose which would appear in the list and which would not. You will be able to read below most notable goddesses of beauty, love and indeed fertility and their other associations.

1. Aphrodite

goddesses of love and beauty

Aphrodite (Greek) is a Goddess of beauty, love, and pleasure. The myrtle flower, the pomegranate, the apple, the dove, the sparrow and the swan are consecrated to her. She derived from the city of Cythera in Crete, or the island of Cythera, where it is supposed that the Goddess first appeared and where she had a time for celebration.

2. Aine

goddesses of love and beauty

Aine (Irish) is an Irish primary Goddess of beauty, love, summer, health and sovereignty. It is associated with the sun and the Lammas, and is sometimes represented by a red mare. Also sacred to him are the fertile plantations, the cattle and the wild goose. The Goddess / Fairy Queen.

3. Arianrhod

goddesses of love and beauty

She (Celtic / Welsh) is the guardian of the “Silver Wheel”, considered a Goddess of love and wisdom, represents the air and water elements. She is also the Goddess of Reincarnation, of cosmic time, of karma, of the Full Moon, of her boyfriends, and of the Great Mother Fruitful. She is the daughter of Don, the Gaulish Mother Goddess (equivalent to the Irish Goddess Dana). In the Celtic tradition, this Goddess appeared in double form, as Virgin and Mother, patroness of the Moon, night, Sexuality, Justice, magic and destiny. Later, she is introduced as a Mother Goddess, spinning the Silver Wheel and transforming it into a lunar boat.

4. Branwen

goddesses of love and beauty

Branwen (Welsh) is a Goddess of love and beauty. It is considered the “Venus of the North Seas”. She is one of three matriarchs in Britain, with Rhiannon and Arianrhod. Daughter of the Sea God, Llyr, or Lir. It has as symbols the cauldron, the Silver Moon, the white crow, the dove and the starling. White is the sacred color of this Pure Heart Goddess.

5. Dzydzilelya

goddesses of love and beauty

She (Polish / Slavic) is a Goddess of beauty, love, marriage, sexuality and fertility. It is similar to Venus, Aphrodite, Freya and other goddesses of this nature.

6. Ezili or Erzulie

goddesses of love and beauty

Ezili (African / Haitian) is a very elegant Lunar Goddess. She likes flowers, jewelry, beautiful dresses and delicate perfumes. In its luminous aspect it is regent of the love, the joy, the beauty, the magic, the cure and the good luck; in its dark aspect, instead of propitiating love, it provokes jealousy, selfishness, discord and revenge. It rules the water and is represented as a mermaid or aquatic snake.

7. Freya

goddesses of love and beauty

Freya (Norse) is the Mother Goddess of the Vanir dynasty, in Norse mythology. Daughter of Njord, the God of the sea, and of Skadi, the giantess Lady of the winters and Hunter of the mountains. She is the Goddess of love, sex and fertility, beauty and attraction, lust, music and flowers. With its Brinsingamen necklace (which is a balance of the Midgard Serpent which rots the roots of Yggdrasil, and a symbol of fertility), it is associated with the Full Moon.

Already in her aspect of Valfreya, Queen of the Valkyries, this Goddess is associated with the New Moon and is the conductor of the souls of the dead in combat. Freya was the only one who cultivated the golden apples from which the gods fed, granting them the grace of eternal youth.

Freya was also the Goddess of magic and divination, being she who initiated the gods in the art of magic. They are sacred to him the cat, the falcon and the swallow.

8. Frigg

goddesses of love and beauty

(Nordic / Germanic) is a Goddess of Love, Union and Destiny. She is the supreme Mother Goddess of the Aesir Gods. Frigga is associated with the beginning of the New Year. The longest night of the year (Yule) was dedicated to him. The animals consecrated to this Goddess are: the goose, the cat, the pig, the sparrow and the horse.

9. Hathor

goddesses of love and beauty

Hathor (Egyptian) is an Ancient Egyptian Goddess who personified the principles of love, motherhood and joy. It was one of the most cultured and popular deities in Ancient Egyptian History. Associated with music, dance, foreign lands and fertility, helping women to give birth. Represented by cows.

10. Hnoss & Gersemi

(Nordic) Freya’s two daughters, Hnoss (meaning treasure) and Gersemi (jewel), are considered the continuity or aspects of maternal beauty and were revered as Goddesses of love. His gift was to awaken love and increase the ability of people to surrender. Represented by the dove and cat and by the water and the fire.

11. Inanna

goddesses of love and beauty

Inanna (Sumerian) is a Goddess of love, eroticism, fecundity and fertility. In terms of symbology, it is associated with the Moon, the planet Venus, and the serpent. The Great Goddess of Sumer, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

12. Isis

Isis Goddess facts

Depiction Of Isis

Isis is Egyptian Goddess of love, motherhood, fertility, simplicity, protector of the dead and Lady of magical events and nature. She was a healer. Its symbols are the throne, the solar disk with stems of cow and sycamore. The cat and the ibis are sacred to him.

13. Isthar

goddesses of love and beauty

She is Babylonian Goddess of the Moon, of earth, of love, related to springs and dew, the latter being a symbol of fertility. She is the protector of prostitutes, of childbirth and of sexual love, queen of the stars and of the sky, and as the Black Goddess she is goddess of storms and war, she is also a provider of dreams and omens, of revelation and understanding of the things that are hidden, Goddess of magic. Lions, bulls and dragons are sacred to him.

14. Juno

goddesses of love and beauty

She (Roman) is the Goddess of love and marriage, Queen of the Gods and wife of Jupiter. Protective of women. It is represented by the peacock.

15. Libera

goddesses of love and beauty

Libera (Roman) is a goddess of love and fertility. It is the consort of Líber, and often associated with Ceres. It may be known as Proserpine.

16. Medb

goddesses of love and beauty

Mebd is Celtic Goddess who translates Ecstasy. It has a domain similar to Greek Bacchus in the sense that it calls to itself all the forms and functions involving the consumption of intoxicating substances like alcohol, mushrooms, or herbs with narcotic properties and all that induce a state of transcendence. As Mistress of Ecstasy, Medb also dominates the sexual climax, thus becoming a Goddess of Love in its most physical and erotic form.

17. Nanaja

Being the Goddess of Sumer and the Acadian of war and sex, once again the impulse of creation and destruction converge into a female deity, and Nanāja personifies “lust and sensuality” as well as the exercise of war.

18. Oxum

goddesses of love and beauty

The Goddess Orixá of the sweet waters (rivers, streams, waterfalls, fountains). She owns a cheerful, childish, fragile and seductive personality. Her instrument / symbol is a mirror and her color is golden yellow, the color of gold, because it is very fond of wealth. She likes rituals in aquatic environments, including honors with honey and money (copper coins). Her necklace of shells symbolizes his knowledge and divination power.

She is still the Lady of fertility, gestation and childbirth, takes care of the newborns, washing them with their refreshing water and leaves. Being the young and beautiful mother, she retains its characteristics as a teenager.

Filled with passion, she earnestly seeks pleasure. Crowned as the Goddess of Love and Passion, she herself embodies passionate effusiveness, but also her will changes like the currents of waters. She is capricious and likes to be cherished. It protects with the power of 21 the women who resort to it with intense feelings.

Hold – She is the Albanian Goddess of Love. In Albanian folklore she is the feminine part of the fertility pair with Prendi, god of thunder and oak. In the legends of Albania Prende is known as zoja and bukuris (“the beauty queen”).

19. Qandisa

goddesses of love and beauty

Qandisa (North Morocco) is a young Goddess of lust and love, depicted as a demonic, living in fountains and rivers. She seduce young people, let them crazy. On the summer solstice, sacrifices are offered to her. It may be a version of an older Goddess like Astarte.

20. Tlazolteolt

goddesses of love and beauty

Tlazolteolt (Aztec) is the Great Goddess of Fertility, of carnal love, of childbirth. She is a Witch Goddess and is also associated with the Moon. She is often depicted with an ear of corn in her hand and a maraca in the other.

21. Venus

God and Goddess of Roman Mythology

Venus (Roman) is a Goddess associated with blackberry, beauty and fertility. She is identical to the Greek Aphrodite. It is associated with dolphins, goose, swan and dove.

22. Xochiquetzol

goddesses of love and beauty

(Aztec) is a Goddess associated with female fertility, beauty and sexual power, protects young mothers and is the patron of pregnancy, birth and the arts practiced by women. It also represents human desire, pleasure, and excess, also appearing as the mistress of prostitutes and artisans who manufacture items of lust. It is associated with birds and butterflies.