20 Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices | Amazing List

Sex is probably the oldest practice among living things. Without it, there would be no reproduction, evolution and proliferation of life on earth.

Over the years, with the evolution of sex practices, fetishes have been developed with an amazing rate. Since, attractions have emerged based on social contexts or technologies of each era.

Still, there are practices that provoke the desire in some groups that are very improbable and seem bizarre to those who do not know. Here are some of the weirdest sexual practices and fetishes we’ve selected.

1 Agalmatophilia

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

The attraction and sexual desire for statues or mannequins has named as: Agalmatophilia. The fetish can imply the willingness to have sex with inanimate objects or just observe one or more statues in interaction. The statue does not always have to represent a position or erotic act to generate the desire, but it is based only on seeing the art-work with fascinations.

2 Mummification

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

This fetish consists of involving people in fabrics, plastics or any materials that make them immobile during intercourse. The stimulus may come from the sensation of immobilization or the provocation of the partner without reaction. In some cases, some senses can be canceled such as vision or hearing, to stimulate other sensations.

3 Nyotaimori

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

The practice of eating on a female nude body has a number of admirers around the world. Generally, this fetish made with Japanese foods such as sushi and sashimi. The nyotaimori habit involves a number of special preparations such as modeling training to stay still and still for hours. In addition, the person serving as a table should have the whole body shaved and the bath cooled to not affect the temperature of the food. The same practice can be done on male bodies and bears the name of nantaimori.

4 Ponyplay

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

The fetish is called ponyplay or horse game. This sexual practice involves turning someone into an animal during intercourse. The practice of imitating quadruped creatures does not require imitation of horses. It can also count as canines or felines, for example – the person wears sex toys and fantasies that allow them to be trapped or mounted. The idea is to evade the rules of human behavior and allow an instinctive freedom during the relationship.

5 Salirofilia

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

The practice considers saliva and sweat as sexual stimulants. The practice of licking and spitting motivate the fetishists who adopts this habit into relationships. Sweat can also be the cause of the attraction of those who have this paraphilia. Although uncommon, it can be focused only on sweat during the sexual act, not necessarily any sweat on anyone.

6 Pseudonecrophilia

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Unlike other strange fetishes, here both bodies involved in the sexual act are very much alive. Even so, the idea is to pretend to be an already dead body for one of the partners. The person stands still and tries to avoid any reaction, as if he were dead. In some cases, they still try to cool the body to give the sensation more realism.

7 Autopederastia

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

The act of f*cking yourself is rare, but it is possible and serves as a stimulant for many people. We’re not talking about masturb*tion. Some men are able to place the erect penis within their own anus and not depend on other people for sex. In some cases you can also get oral sex with yourself, a practice that is also possible for some women.

8 Emetophilia

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

It seems more bizarre, but there are people who can associate sex with vomiting. There are different variations to this fetish. People who only imagine the act of sexually stimulating, also may feel a real orgasm when they vomit. For some may have similar sexual feelings and pleasure in both situations, even if they are not necessarily connected.

Another variant still involves people who feel pleasure when they receive their partner’s vomiting. This is felt by wrapping one’s partner stomach!

It is shocking to think that some things that seem so opposed to sex are taken to bed by some groups. Even so, if everyone involved in the relationship is in consensus with the decision, worth everything within four walls.

9 Sadomasochism

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Especially after the advent of 50 Shades Of Grey, this fetish is extremely known and widespread practice.

Now everyone thinks it’s cute and should go to the sex shop to buy leather corset, taya mask and little whip, right? But before you try, the Sadomaso was considered as an unhealthy act by most people.

However, the idea is simple, there are two kind of people in the world one who like to hit and the second type of people who like to catch. When two such beings meet, the result is explosive. That’s all where the Sadomasochism works.

A hot candle wandering in the groin, a whiplash in the back, a woman walking on a needle in the back and one strange objects can bring a single feeling and it’s – “hurts me”

10 Sementerapy

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

We made a point of giving a position to this practice that so many women insist on not understanding: SWIMMING IN THE PARTNER’S SPERM. This fetish is opposed by most of the females, many others have no problem with this.

They love to be smeared with all that is the way – in the body, in the face, wherever! – and even swallow without any problems. And if you find all this bizarre, know that the GREATEST MAJORITY of men has such a thing.

Ejaculate ABOVE any part of the partner’s body or INSIDE her mouth leaves her face crazed. If you’re worried about what you’re ingesting in that strange jet, we’ve already done the research for you, dear reader.

The sperm contains fructose, ascorbic acid, zinc, protein, calcium, antibodies, citric acid, magnesium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and lactic acid among some other nutrients. So, from now on, if this is NOT your beach, you just have to apologize politely to your male: “I’m sorry, but I’m allergic to lactic acid!”

11 Orgy

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

This one comes from Ancient Rome and never went out of the style. Just add half a dozen of nigger and the party is done! Now, the orgy is that it has no freshness and we can describe the fetish as: EVERYBODY GETS EVERYTHING

It is just like the entire WORLD where everything in the middle of the galley. At the same time, it is necessary to sail without distinction of sex, color, religion or team.

12 Maieusophile

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Often a man find it hard to like a pregnant woman body! Though, a pregnant woman used to face swollen feet, huge belly, slow walking, flatulence where no one will want her!!!  But some fetisht LOVES pregnant belly. This bizarre practise is called Maieusophile.

More the months, more the fetish-act would become better. Where a male partner or husband helps her to get almond oil all over the body and eats you like there’s no tomorrow!

13 Bondage

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

“This one you probably know! It’s the person who only f*cks like James Bond!” Bondage is the sexual practice in which you love to TIE the special part of the body where you want to treat it for pleasure or BE TREATED when it comes to furring. The person is absolutely unable to move, only the parts that interest to stay to be tied. The main problem we face in this category is it will turn you mad or give you a lot of pain while practicing.

14 Greek Kiss

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Anilingus, also known as somber kiss or Greek kiss, is the oral stimulation of the an*s. For many people, analingus is a sensual experience, both on the side who gives and receives. Some say that there is nothing as exciting as feeling the tongue and soft and warm lips of your lover giving pleasure to them in such an intimate place, and those who love to do say that the experience is equally exciting. Anilingus can produce unique and erotic sensations.

The Greek kiss is a practice that straight men do in women, gay men do in men and, YES, women do in straight men. This story has its origins back in Ancient Greece, when homosexuality was a perfectly normal thing and sex with men was seen as a privilege, even more so if it were a wise man, a teacher, a philosopher or whatever, doing it is a matter of privilege.

15 Asphyxiation

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Also known as EROTIC CHOICE, this is a high risk sexual practice for LIFE, but is said to give a boost in orgasm. What happens: When the person is partially asphyxiated or strangled. Due to strangling, there is a reduction in the blood flow in the brain.

If this happens during mast*rb*tion or at the time of org*sm, the lack of Oxygen from the “squeezed person” causes him / her to remain TINTED, which would make the orgasmomals intense.

16 Zoophilia

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Zoophilia word is composed from the Greek word (zoon, “animal”) and (philia, “friendship” or “love”), and is defined by the attraction or sexual involvement of humans with animals of other species. Such individuals are called zoos.

While bestiality is legal in some countries, it is not explicitly accepted, and in most countries s*x acts with animals are illegal under the laws of animal abuse and cruelty to animals, and less common, crime against nature.

There are people who do not see the zoophilia as unethical since there is no harm or cruelty to the animal, but this view is not widely shared, as most advocates that animals, like children, are not able to emotionally consent to such an act.

17 Balloon Fetish

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

You can’t believe !!! There are people who are excited about latex balloons (also known as bladders or party balls). This fetish has two aspects: those who like to blow balloons and those who enjoy stroking without bursting them. Imagine how these fetishists go crazy at a kid’s party ?

18 Frotteurism

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Frotteurism may be the sexual pleasure for one who has rubbing himself on another person without his consent. These are the who take the subway or crowded bus for their pleasure and some may already have been victims in a similar situation. This fetish doesn’t make sense because this is nothing but a sexual harassment for others and also, it is against the law!

19 Foot Fetish

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Some people feel happy to have their genit*ls manipulated by the partner’s feet to the point of org*sm and ejacul*tion. This is probably the most common example of excitement with the use of the feet can lead to complete satisfaction (perhaps because it, too, in fact, a form of mast*rb*tion ). Other formulations in which use of the foot itself eventually lead to orgasm and ejaculation also exist, however, it’s form and method may vary from individual to individual.

20 Trampling

Weirdest Fetishes & Sexual Practices

Trampling is a weird fetish act (or may not be for some people) of an individual in which a person is stepping out one by one, usually of the opposite sex.  Its most common version includes a woman stepping on a man.

With the advent of this sexual practice, people often feel excited to be stepped on by another person, barefoot or not, in various parts of your body such as chest, stomach and even head and genit*ls. It is very common to use high heels to achieve this fetish.

The Trampling is often associated with sadomasochism and foot fetishes