17 Awe-Inspiring Facts About The Lincoln Memorial

The moment you enter the Lincoln Memorial, you can feel an eternal piece after watching a 5.8-meter statue of Abraham Lincoln. He sits in his chair at the west end of the sidewalk, with his eyes fixed on the Washington Monument. Every year millions of Americans has visited to pay tribute to the man who was an epitome of humbleness and sacrifice.

Born in a modest wooden hut, he grew to the point of leading his nation in the US Civil War and brought an end to slavery. Not only he is revered for his deeds but also given tribute by a memorial on his name- Lincoln Memorial. This post is an insight into the historical legacy of the monument… Enjoy reading the 17 most amazing facts about Lincoln memorial !

1. Lincoln Memorial Is A Sacred Place For US Citizens

Lincoln Memorial facts

The detailing of limestone and marble statue are symbolic. It is advisable to climb the staircase from the base of the water mirror, but ensuring that a respectful posture is maintained, as the memorial is a sacred place for millions of United States citizens.

2. There Are Numerous Footprints Of Historical Events

Lincoln Memorial facts

The importance of this construction and of everything that it represents has made it the central element of lectures and congresses of History. Staying on the steps, one can almost hear the noise of the hundreds of thousands of people who gathered before Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. when he declared to the world, “I have a dream”. In 2009, newly elected President Barack Obama made his inaugural address on the same staircase.

3. Three Chambers Of Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial facts

The inner part of the memorial is divided into three chambers. The chamber lies in the Center where the Lincoln’s statue is located. There are inscriptions on either side (remaining two chambers) of the central chamber that portrays his characters and carries famous speeches including –The Gettysburg Address & The Second Speech of Possession.

On the ground floor, in a small entrance on the left, before climbing the stairs, there is a small museum where one can find several photos, information and texts.

Above them, there are the murals that portray the expensive values Lincoln inculcated during his lifetime: freedom, immortality, justice, law, marriage, fraternity and charity. The reflection of the Washington Monument is visible in the Mirror, a rectangular swimming pool in the Constitution Gardens that extends west to Lincoln Memorial.

4. The Site Is Operational 24 Hours A Day

The Lincoln Memorial is open 24 hours a day. The lighting at the memorial makes it a photographer’s heaven. One should not forget taking a camera and a tripod. There are patrolmen on duty every day to answer questions from 9:30 am to 11:30 p.m., as well as to conduct guided walks every hour.

5. Different Scenic Views At Day & Night

Lincoln Memorial facts

The Memorial is located on the banks of the river Potomac. On the tour of Odyssey Cruises, it passes by. Memorial gives two beautiful views in the day and at night.

Lincoln Memorial facts

Lincoln Memorial facts

The Lincoln Memorial is open 24 hours a day. A visit during the day and another at night is advisable. The day view and the night view are two totally different visions and beautiful.  The memorial is open to the public and does not charge for admission.

6. Lincoln Memorial Is Just More Than A Visiting Spot

The Lincoln Memorial is beautiful, imposing and full of culture. Also it is a must-have program for all ages. It is a great starting point for a day in the city and a spot of delight for beautiful photos.

7. Two Other Monuments Lie In Proximity With Memorial

Lincoln Memorial facts

Washington Memorial View From Lincoln Memorial Building

Lincoln Memorial facts

Aerial View From Lincoln Memorial To WW2 Memorial

The memorial offers a beautiful view of the Washington Monument, mainly because of the water mirror. Also it is in proximity to the World War II Memorial.

8. Henry Bacon Has Been Assigned For Its Designing

Lincoln Memorial facts

The memorial was designed by Henry Bacon in 1914. It serves as a memory of the President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, known for the battles against the abolition of slavery. It has the style of a Greek Doric temple with 36 columns.

9. Dimensional And Constructional Data Of The Memorial

Height of building- 30.2 meters
Height of each column- 13.4 meters
Base diameter of each column- 7 ft. 5 in.
Base circumference of each column- more than 23 feet
Height of the statue of Lincoln- 5.8 meters high (sitting)
Stone Type Exterior of the Lincoln Memorial- Colorado Marble
Type of Stone in the Columns- Indiana Limestone
Stone Type in Lincoln Statue- Georgia Marble

10. The Original Design Proposed A Memorial With 6 Mounted Riders & 31 Pedestrians

In the original design, it was proposed that President Lincoln will share his memorial space with sculptures of six mounted riders and 31 pedestrians. Later on, Lincoln was carved to top out at 12 feet instead of the current 19-feet-tall statue.

The monument was proposed in 1867 and the first design was created shortly after. The project was kept delayed for lack of funding until Congress voted approval in 1910.

11. Lincoln’s Statue Has Been Enlarged From 12 to 19 Feet

The building’s dimensions, nearly 100 feet tall, 119 feet wide and 190 feet long, dwarfed the proposed 12-foot Lincoln sculpture. Daniel Chester French, the sculptor who designed the Lincoln statue, enlarged the piece to better fit the space.

12. Statue Was Started To Build In 1915

President Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, following which his face and hands were preserved in plaster casts. The French began making models for the Lincoln Memorial statue in 1915. The cast was then employed as a reference for the work.

The face of the Lincoln statue is almost surreal that can be felt looking at the man himself. The only difference lies in the fact that the scale is larger than it was in real life. The statue of President Lincoln stands at 28 feet tall.

13. Lincoln Memorial Building Is Perfect Piece Of Art With Greek Style Architecture

Lincoln Memorial facts

The Lincoln Memorial building is a reflection of the ancient Greek style of architecture. When Lincoln died i.e. in 1865, thirty-six states were part of the Union. Each state is represented by a Doric column. It is a robust style and has cleaner lines than Roman designs. The monument was finished in 1922, and by then the United States had 48 states in total.

14. Inscription On The Statue Tells A Lot

The names of all the states can be found carved on the memorial wall. The memorial building also houses two murals and engravings of the Gettysburg Address and the inaugural speech from Lincoln’s second term. The inscription that dedicates the memorial to Lincoln is placed above the statue’s head.

Also there is an inscription in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr… It is placed at the spot where he gave his “I Have a Dream” speech on August 28, 1963.

15. Costing Of Memorial

The total cost of erecting the Lincoln Memorial stands at $3 million.

16. Marble & Limestone Were Brought From Colorado, Georgia & Indiana

The marble came down straight from Colorado and the one used for Lincoln’s statue came from Georgia. Limestone from Indiana was used in the making of columns.

17. Important Dates For Lincoln Memorial

The date chosen for the construction work was February 12, 1915- Lincoln’s birthday. The memorial finally came in shape on May 30, 1922. Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the 16th president, led the dedication ceremony. For his outstanding design, Henry Bacon was awarded a gold medal from The American Institute of Architects in 1923.