13 Most Evil People On The Internet

We exist in a world which is flooded with a juggernaut of public platforms we fondly call social media.

There, however, is an undefined line between them acting as entertainment sites and time wasting methodology. Moreover, it rests on the shoulders of the user to demarcate well that line and act as per it. In the recent times, our celebrities as well as the general masses have expressed and shared things on social media that have caused a mass frenzy, be it their personal or private side of the story.

Some have reached an extent, thanks to their stupidity and brazenness that they are now available on the list of most hated and evil people on the social media… Have a look at the list of these unwanted rulers of the list.

1 Justin Bieber

Most Evil People On Social Media

Bieber is probably the rebel on this list without a cause and without more hated identity. In a short span of three years, Bieber sold more than 15 million albums and gained more than 33 million followers on Twitter. Also, he is one of the most watched artists in the history of YouTube. However, there is a segment, especially in Latin America, who hates him calls him most evil celebrity. In addition, there are thousands of pages against him, and jokes about his maturity abound on Twitter. Well, the hate is obvious considering the stupid behavior he has.

In one of his tour of South America, Buenos Aires, in November 2013, fans threw on the stage a pair of Argentine flags. In what may be called a rather silly gesture Justin took it and cleaned and swept the stage with them. This was obviously going to offend many of the Argentine fans and was also captured by many and then published on YouTube. Justin apologized through Twitter, saying that he did not realize that it was the Argentine flag.

This was just one of a series of strange incidents that occurred on his tour in which Justin was dedicated to painting walls in Bogota and Rio de Janeiro, and not to forget- the ridiculous scene with the prostitute where he acted like a spoiled child.

2 Gerard Piqué

Most Evil People On Social Media

The Barca footballer and provocateur was a good boy who turned to a fall foul. He was an active player in the Spanish national team as well as in the Catalan independence. He entered the limelight with the notorious act of dropping fetid bombs on a plane and provoking Real Madrid with bad taste. This thug is super active on social networks and seldom uses it to humiliate his peers.

3 Melissa Bachman

Most Evil People On Social Media

Melissa Bachman is a television presenter who gained more light after she posted a photo of the lion she hunted, on her Twitter.  Be it anyone who is involved in such actions, she will win the negation of the world. How to make things worse- upload a photo of this so-called achievement on Twitter or Facebook. Surely a lot of hatred will knock the door.

4 Aida Nízar

Most Evil People On Social Media

Aida Nizar is a controversial media personage who had to leave it by to fall badly to the hearing in spite of its many efforts. She was born in Valladolid on May 12, 1975. Her father was a Jordanian and mother is Spanish.

After graduating in International Law from the University of Cambridge (1995 -1998), she took a master’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the European University Higher School and.

5 Mary Snell & Britton Engel

Most Evil People On Social Media

Mary Snell (44)and Britton Engel (21), a mother and son duo were charged with animal cruelty for putting a puppy in a plastic bag and then posting a picture of it on Facebook. The puppy wasn’t injured but it did mean that the public refutation wouldn’t cease.

6 Kids Who Making Fun Of Karen Klein

The event took place when children made fun of a lady on a school bus in Greece, near Rochester (USA). In a YouTube video Karen Klein (68) is seen acting indifferent to 12 and 13-year-old students who acted smart and bothered her by calling “fat” and “elephant.”

7 Pamela Foreman

Most Evil People On Social Media

The title is enough to bring down the news of a video being uploaded showing the catastrophe in Japan. A video made rounds where she is seen mocking praises and God for almost destroying Japan.

8 Matt Forney

Most Evil People On Social Media

Matt Forney, the 25-year-old blogger of Misogynist Articles, is widely hated for his writings about women. There is no denial that he is a misogynist. Also, his blog has a rant against females where he has said things like “fat girls do not deserve to be loved”.

9 Taylor Chapman

This 27-year-old woman from Florida filmed herself insulting an employee at Dunkin Donuts in 2013. She held an iPhone in her hand and began shouting and throwing fascist language and obscenities to the cashiers.

The bad-mouthing was aimed at African-Americans and Arab. Shortly after this, the video was uploaded to Facebook. After the investigation, it was found that Chapman struggled with a mental illness throughout her life, and was hospitalized twice.

10 Hunter Moore

Most Evil People On Social Media

Hunter Moore ran an outrageous website where people posted pictures of their ex without clothes as a sort of revenge. Downright disgusting, isn’t it?

Well, from the outset, Moore planned to get rich by uploading such photos of men and women without their consent. And he did achieve what he wanted. Moreover, his website encouraged people to send obscene photos of their ex to simply bully them online. This act is undoubtedly condemnable, but there is nothing done to evade it.

11 Noel Biderman

Most Evil People On Social Media

As the owner of an online dating site for infidels, Noel had something for which he should not be the most hated, but for the vast majority of women – Yes, he did. Noel Biderman proclaimed himself as the “most hated man on the internet”.

He is the CEO and founder of Ashley Madison, a dedicated dating website for married people who want to have a night of adventure and passion; a crap. And how much he made out of this? Well, a fortune of 100 million dollars. Noel’s motto is: “Life is short. Have an adventure”

12 Jackie Chan

Most Evil People On Social Media

Now, this is incredible but true and comes as a surprise.  In August 2013, the actor received 10,000 comments for praising Beijing’s Blue Sky on Weibo (a kind of Chinese Twitter). This incident was notable as it instilled hatred in people.

The Chinese say that exposing hypocrisy is a total loss of credibility and becomes a popular culture. The fun part of the entire episode was that the netizens linked Chan with the Communist Party. Point is that he just wanted to be famous.

13 Kristen Stewart

Most Evil People On Social Media

A woman so beautiful has had her own share of social media frenzy. Why so? Well, the reason for garnering so much of hatred was her infidelity with Robert Pattinson, her ex-partner. However, she later came out of the closet and accepted her sexuality, and that she had quite a few relationships with girls.

She went on to say that she realized that with so many eyes on her from around the world, a greater number of people would either get affected or take lessons from my acceptance, thus publicizing her private life.