12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology: List For History Geeks

From time to time, researching, reading and watching some movies, we became quite interested in stories of Greek mythology. I believe in the theory that depicts that all these gods, titans and creatures have already existed or still exist. After all, it can not be a mere coincidence that all stories fit together.

Not even the brilliant mind of William Shakespeare would be able to create a story as convincing and realistic as the Trojan War. So, we decided to create this post.

Mythologies fascinate us, and I am even more fascinated by its protagonists. The myths or legends that we portray, are all about the 12 Gods Of Olympus.

These legendary gods ruled the universe from the highest mountain of Greece – Mount Olympus. Zeus is the main character of the entire God’s community of 12 Olympus.

Greek mythology was also an inspiration to the Romans. Finally let’s, check out the 12 Greek gods, with their respective Roman names in parentheses.

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12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

Zeus is the most important god within Roman mythology. The Greeks believed that their gods were separated into various groups. The most powerful were the gods of Olympus, who were divided into various classes. The upper class was formed by Zeus, the ruler of all the gods.

Hera, Poseidon, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Athena, Dionysus, Demeter, Ares, Aphrodite and Hephaestus are also powerful gods next to Zeus.He and his two brothers (Poseidon and Hades) were regarded as The Big Three. The sons of Zeus were the most famous heroes, such as Heracles and Perseus. His symbol is a thunderbolt and animal is the eagle.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

Hera was the sister-wife of Zeus and the Greek goddess, also known as Juno in Roman mythology. She was too jealous and aggressive in her relation. Since Zeus disgraced the marriage and from the time, Hera considered sacred. She was attentive to the lovers of Zeus and his children. Hera has proud to Maia and her son Hermes as being intelligent in her family.

The temple of Hera built at Olympia & is older than Zeus temple. Here, you may find images of Zeus as a warrior beside the throne of Hera, showing that the goddess had chosen Zeus to be her god.

Her sacred animal is peacock and some legends also indicated the cow as


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

Poseidon was considered the god of the seas. He is always represented as a strong man with beards and hands with holding a trident. He was the son of the Titan Cronos and Reia and brother of Zeus (God of gods) and Hades (God of the underground world).

Poseidon had several lovers and thus had several children so far. Poseidon appears in several legends of Ancient Greece.

In one of them, he disputed with the goddess Athene regarding the control on the State of Athens, but he was unfortunately defeated.

In another story, he helped the Greeks in the Trojan War. He did this to take revenge on the king of Troy who had not paid him for the construction of the wall in the city. In Roman mythology, Poseidon is known as Neptune. His symbol is a trident and sacred animal is a horse.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

She was considered as the Greek goddess of beauty, sexual passion, love, fecundity and marriage. In Roman mythology, she is known as Venus. She had a strong influence on the Greeks for developing sexual pleasure amongst people. She was also considered as the protector goddess of prostitutes in Ancient Greece. She was worshiped in the cities of Sparta, Athens and Corinth.

Aphrodite was born on the island of Cyprus. She was married with Hephaestus (god of fire). However, she possessed several lovers (mortal men and other gods) due to her wishes and desires. She was known to have a son, Aeneas (important hero of the Trojan War) from her beloved Anchises.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

Ares was the Greek god of war, a warrior of savage war with bloodlust, also known in Rome as Mars. he is the son of Zeus and Hera, who inherited the evil powers from mother of genius and his father’s strength.

Contrary to the many Gods, he found his peace only in the struggles and battles. He ruled the city of Sparta and loved with the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

6 Hephaestus (VULCAN)

12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

Hephaestus was known as the Greek god of fire or Vulcan (in Roman mythology) and also protector of all the activities related to metal. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. It is said that the fire god would have been born very ugly and dwarf-like, because he had abnormal leg.

That’s the reason, his mother Hera was very embarrassed & thrown him overboard. But with much generosity, he was nourished under the love of goddess Tethys.

He produced the rays and thunders of Zeus with his power of fire and brass. Also built the trident of Poseidon, the arrows of Apollo and the Achilles’ armor in the Trojan War.

Hephaestus was cared by Tethys for nine years.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Dionysus was the god of wine. He had the knowledge and secrets of planting and harvesting of grapes. Also he was known for having the secrets of wine production.

Therefore, he was also worshipped for parties and all the activities related to the material pleasure. He was the son of Zeus (God of gods) with Semele princess.

In Greek arts & paintings, he is represented in the paintings and sculptures as a handsome young man with long hair. He appeared always cheerful with the effect of drunkenness by wine. In many artistic illustrations, he appears with a bunch of grapes or a glass of wine. When he is not naked, you can see him covered with leopard skin.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

He is the Greek god of music and the sun. Being the son of Leto and Zeus, Apollo is associated with the sun and shepherding. He is described as a tall and handsome young man.

Besides symbolizing order, measure and intelligence, he is also considered patron of the arts.

According to legends, Apollo was not considered a good sportsman but he was a skilled archer. Her arrows could cause illness and sudden death to men. His symbol is a lyre and sacred animal is a mouse.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

Artemis is the goddess of hunting in Greek mythology. She is also the goddess of the wilderness, wild animals and fertility. She is the daughter of Leto and Zeus, and the twin sister of Apollo. She is often represented with a crescent moon symbol above the forehead and was sometimes identified with Selene and Hecate (goddesses attached to the moon).

Artemis belonged to the group of 12 Olympic Gods and is a virgin goddess. Her main vocation was to wander mountain forests and uncultivated lands with her nymphs, which helped her to hunt lions, panthers and deer. Contradictorily, she help, protect and care for her well-being, as well as their safety and reproduction. She was always armed with a bow and arrows, which were made by the god Hephaestus and the Cyclops. His Roman correspondent is Diana.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

He is the son of Zeus with the goddess Maia. Hermes was smart and fast and was always devoted for Zeus services. He was the messenger of the gods and also carried the soul of the dead to the underworld of Hades. He is protector of travelers, merchants, thieves and swindlers, in short, everything that requires skill and cunning he possess all quality. He is always represented as a man in sandals and helmet with wings and also carrying the caduceus in one of the hands i.e, a stick with two intertwined snakes.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

She is daughter of Cronos and Rhea and was the goddess of plants, cultivated land, crops and seasons. From her tragic romance with Lasion, Demeter had a son named Pluto, who later became the embodiment of wealth and abundance. Lasion was struck by a thunderbolt sent by the jealous Zeus to surprise the two lovers together.


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

Hades is the god of the dead. He had no seat on Olympus because he preferred to spend most of their time in the underground kingdom or the world of the dead. He is known for the abduction of the goddess Persephone, and is also the god most hated by mortals.

Additional Number In 12 Olympian Gods


12 Gods Of Olympus In Greek Mythology

When Dionysus was given place, the total number of Olympians became thirteen. Being such an undesirable number, and in order to avoid conflicts, Hestia abdicated its place among the twelve.

Hestia – the daughter of Chronos and Rhea, was the divinity that represented the fire of the fireplaces, that is, the families of the cities and the colonies.

Hestia is related in Roman mythology as the goddess Vesta, being highly respected by all gods and mortals. The goddess was courted by gods like Poseidon and Apollo, but she had vowed to keep her virginity before Zeus, who gave her the honor of being venerated in every household and included in all sacrifices. Although Hestia was well respected by all, her image did not generate many artistic expressions, perhaps for her serenity.

Her image was represented as a young woman, with a broad robe and a veil over her head and shoulders.