11 Most Surprising Kisses Of All Time

Kissing is the ultimate expression of love, affection, and care for someone. It sometimes is the best healer of wounds, the best way to clear misconceptions and the best way to express and speak the heart out. On one hand where kissing is used as a way of ultimate expression of affection, they also can shock or scandalize people. Various incidents occurred in the past that took people to amazement and complete shock in some cases.

What were they? Have a look at these 11 most shocking and surprising kisses caught on camera.

1 Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero

The kiss between Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero made a cover story of the world television in minutes. Iker Casillas surprisingly gave an overenthusiastic kiss to his girlfriend, the journalist Sara Carbonero; all in while she was interviewing him in Telecinco. Millions of spectators were left amazed by the goalkeeper and captain of the Spanish team.

The spectators were expecting a new meeting of Sara Carbonero with Iker Casillas after the match. The goalkeeper of the selection passed through the microphones of Telecinco and in an instant of the interview caught the journalist by surprise and gave him a kiss in the mouth.

2 The legendary trio between Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

Madonna and Christina Aguilera starred in a scandal after kissing at the MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) in 2003. The young Britney gave more sensual look after giving another kiss with the queen of pop.

3 Sandra Bullock and the surprised Scarlett Johansson

Video Credit: GonzaPowerslave

Sandra Bullock tried Scarlett Johansson’s lips when she (Sandra) was called on-stage to be presented with the Generation award at the MTV movie Awards 2010.

4 Adrien Brody and Halle Berry

Adrien Brody kissed Halle Berry in the mouth when receiving the award for Best Actor at the Oscars 2003. Brody accepted the Best Actor award for his work in The Pianist. He overtook Berry who had her arms wide open for the customary congratulatory hug and cheek smooch and almost dipped her full-on kiss.

5 Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock

Videocredit: Eatmynightmares

As she couldn’t contain the excitement of winning an award from the Association of Film Critics and Television, the actress Sandra Bullock passionately kissed her colleague Meryl Streep.

6 Robbie Williams and Anahi

Video Credit: Robbie Williams

There’s no doubt that this is the most controversial Latina and the most scandalous English. Prize collections too have made kisses appear on the stage. The much commented one was the 2005 Oye Awards, when the Mexican Paulina Rubio gave a prize to Robbie Williams. Robbie ignored the award and kissed Anahi, an ex-component of RBD.

7 Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra

most surprising kisses

The 2006 MTV Movie Awards gala witnessed the two bombshells- Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra kissing. Indeed it was the most desired by the male audience.

8 The Miley Cyrus Lesbian Kiss

Miley Cyrus, before her performance in Rock in Rio Madrid 2010, made a presentation in the British program “Britain’s Got Talent”. A lot of controversy sparked since she simulated a lesbian kiss with an accompanying dancer while singing. Miley on the other side insisted that she never kissed the girl but only hugged her. However, there is no denying that at 17, Miley Cyrus despite being underage is already a whole diva of music.

9 Anahi with Snoop Dog

The singer Anahi, this time with rapper Snoop Dog, had a much sounded kiss in the MTV Latin Awards 2009. The American and controversial rapper asked for a photograph and kissed the Latina. He invited many high criticisms for breaking the innocent image that he maintained in his former group RBD.

10 Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty

Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty kissing each other became one of the most controversial kisses. The incident occurred when the actress was in New Delhi to attend a gala for raising awareness of AIDS. The entire country stood up against Gere for insulting the Indian culture. Initially it was just a kiss on hand which later turned into a vigorous kiss from Gere’s end. Although he was downplayed by Shilpa Shetty and he apologized, it wasn’t received well in India.

11 Hugo Chávez and Naomi Campbell

This politician and model duo appeared for an interview on humanitarian aid, following which many rumors of romance unleashed. However, the truth is that they always restrained from any exposure and Chavez behaved like a gentleman.