10 True Stories Of Near Death Experiences

Patients in “clinical death” recovered and told what they felt at that time. The NDE (Near Death Experiences) have been studied scientifically. 10 people explained their experiences.

Does anyone know how life after death is? Is there anything else after? Does everything really vanish? There are those who argue that, life passes in transit before our eyes watch in the form of ordered scenes.

Some argue that a tunnel of light is hallucinated where the soul separates from the body and levitates.

Others suppose, that deceased relatives already appear to give a last message. Be that as it may, there are people who claim to have a successful “come back” record from that trance.

One who have lived experiences near the death but they have not died. It is what is known as NDE (near death experiences).


NDE is the acronym for “Near death experiences”. The most common type of NDE refers to the memory that remains for sometime who came back to life again after a time when his body has been clinically dead. But there are cases in which the subject is not the one who dies, but someone close to the patient; despite the distance, somehow he/she senses the death or envisions of his loved one.

Cristina Lázaro, a psychologist, PhD in Social Anthropology and an expert in palliative care, focused her doctoral theses on NDEs. According to the doctor, they could be explained a state of far from the brain and that would be associated with the nearness of death in most cases, by taking into account some type of non-ordinary consciousness.

So, without wasting time have a look at the 10 true stories of near death experiences stated by the victims themselves.

True Stories Of Near Death Experiences

10) “I found out that what I saw from above happened”


(responsible for logistics of a warehouse of plumbing supplies, Valencia)

“At 17 years old, one summer day, my girlfriend and I decided to go to the beach on a motorcycle to take some pictures. On the way, the wheel skidded while crossing a bridge and we fell to the ground. The bike and my girlfriend were lucky. The worst part was me. I got fired and stopped with my head without a helmet against the side fence.

I literally lost my body and began to float, seeing myself lying inert on the floor with my girlfriend crying crouching over me. I also remember a young man running towards him asking for help. But the vision was becoming more diffuse because I kept catching height.

I started with an ascent but suddenly I was forced to move backward by someone who grabbed me in the back.

Whoever it was, with a friendly and serene voice, asked me “Where are you going?” And without giving an option to answer continued “This is not your moment. You still have many things to do.”

I remember that I turned to see that one. She wore a white robe, had a long blond hair and a face that did not look good but it gave confidence and tranquility. Still she was pondering the words of my unexpected interlocutor, I suddenly felt as if I were traveling comfortable and happy in a large and luxurious vehicle with a lot of space and a big engine. But then the sensation disappeared and I began to notice blood.

It was when I really became aware of what had happened to me. I woke up in a car that turned out to be an event where I’d seen a guy running up and down. He lived by the bridge, and when he saw our accident he came to our aid. Considering the seriousness of my condition, they decided to send me to the San Juan de Dios clinic in Valencia.

In an operating room, I could know that I had multiple cranioencephalic fractures. I needed sutures through the eyebrows, the temple, the chin, up to fifty points. I was alive with a miracle. But the most incredible thing of all is that I was well, I did not feel pain. They did not even hurt me when I passed the needle and the thread. I was chatting and joking with the nurses as if nothing serious had happened.

Once it was over, I commented on my experience with my girlfriend and found that what I had seen from above was exactly what had happened. It has given me much to think about. It is not, of course, something that is happily told to everyone.

What happened to me leads me to think that we all have someone who is there, next to us, protecting us even if we do not see him. I am also convinced that there is a life after death: not like this, but life goes on.”

9) “I have to go, can’t you see they’re waiting for me?”


(Film director, Cuenca)

Juanra Fernández”My brother suffered a motorcycle accident which, although initially seemed to result in some minor injury. Later it was went complicated when an internal bleeding couldn’t be detected and it increased to the level where it became incompatible with his life.

One morning the phone rang to alert us of the imminent arrival of its end. Something that of course, is impossible to assimilate. No one imagines that the day that he fell to the asphalt driven by someone who decided to skip a stop sign would end in an agony so fast and so shared by the whole family.

We all knew of the proximity of the saddest moment of our lives. My brother remained ignorant of his gravity, he was conscious and lucid, and so remained with a surprising lucidity in relation to his fate throughout the day.

The relatives tried not to join us in the hospital room so as not to arouse suspicion in the patient. Meanwhile, my brother spoke to us normally. At one point he sat up on the bed and tried to get up. I was at his side at that moment. Being both, the only ones present in the room, I asked him surprised where he was going. He answered, staring at a point where there was no one: “I have to go. Can’t you see they’re waiting for me? ” Surprised I clarified that there was no one there, but he insisted pointing to that empty spot.

That night he died. He went. In my sadness and that of all those who miss him, I hope that he went away with someone who loves him as much as we do.”

8) “I saw in detail the life I left behind”


(58 years, Economist, Writer and Deputy director of the area in the Deputation of Seville).

My experience took place in the afternoon of November 29, 2010 in the ICU of a hospital in Seville. I was 52 years old at the time. A fall down through a mountain led to a fracture of the fibula; which turned to be a thrombosis and  at last, a pulmonary infarction. And to this was added an erroneous initial diagnosis of infarction as simple pneumonia.
What I felt clear and clear lasted almost two hours of our time. It would be very extensive to share the experience in words, but can be summarized as follows:

For a moment, I saw myself outside my body, lying on the bed facing up, while I floated over it and watched everything that was happening around me.

Immediately, I saw in full detail the whole life I left behind. Each and every one of the facts and circumstances lived during in my 52 years of life without exception and not in a partial or summarized way, but it was ordered and detailed. Not as a film or a succession of frames that would be projected before me, but in full and simultaneously.

This instant vision of the life that has ended, for me, provides the realization that everything had its purpose and everything fits harmoniously. There are no misplaced pieces in the puzzle of life.

Then I could see and feel that I was accompanied by beings of light. Soon they took on a recognizable look like my father, my mother and several brothers of this one, all deceased years ago. It was my mother who took the initiative to communicate with me, wondering if I was calm and at peace. It didn’t have a verbal communication, but I was able to perceive her message and also I could communicate with them. As a curious thing, there is a sister of my mother who had not died among the beings of light.

Subsequently I was informed that I had died while I was admitted to the ICU.

At last, after seeing me so well accompanied, I noticed a few meters away a magnificent tunnel of light resplendent in horizontal position, without any slope. It was effulgent and almost dazzling. I knew it was the entrance to the “beyond world”. Almost at the end of the tunnel I had a contact with an energetic form that only gave off harmony and an immense love. And that form took the body of Jesus Christ. He extended his hands of light and intertwined with mine, generating with being an experience of unspeakable joy.

Why did I go back to my physical body? It was a consequence of this encounter with Christ and the communication that was established there. He confirmed that I would return to physical life just left, to do “something” that I would only know after a certain time after returning to it.”

7) “I was lying on a fern of clouds”


(Writer, Master of Yoga and Meditation, Madrid)

“Six and a half years ago, exploring Buddhist wisdom in Sri Lanka, I picked up an aggressive bacterium called listeria. Back in Madrid I was admitted to La Paz, where I suffered a respiratory arrest. I was transferred to the UVI. They told my relatives that I could stay four hours more, but I spent three weeks in a coma, debating between life and death. There were very critical days, as I narrated in detail in my book “In The Limit”. I was practically on the verge of death.

I had a veritable torrent with high intensity and often stormy experiences, where I had explored all the material of my subconscious. The Tibetan lamas say that on the verge of death, there are visions and experiences of all kinds accumulated over many previous existences. It is necessary to discern if all this does not happen by the medicines that are affecting the brain or by the reach of the bacterium, as I produced a meningoencephalitis.

The truth is that the visions were more vivid than those that one may have in the so-called waking state. There were other days when my body became light weighted according to my relatives and one of the doctors. Surely it was one of those days when I had a very vivid experience of dissociation of the body. For a long time, I lay on a veritable fern of clouds, floating, as if lying between them. It was a state of maximum consciousness and without the slightest fear. Then I returned to my body, these states of dissociation ceased and I began to recover.

Without entering into any sort of lucubrations, I have limited myself to narrate my experiences. The important thing is that having been for so long doing pirouettes between life and death, gave me a deep feeling of humility and the certainty that in this life what is really important is compassion.

6) “Being in the bottom of the sea we saw a being”


(entrepreneurs of catering in Las Negras, Almería)

“We are twin sisters and this happened to us when we was 7 year old girls. We were with our mother and sister on a beach away from the city, where there are not many people and no surveillance. We went alone in the sea to bathe in a place farther away. We did not realize that we were approaching towards a dangerous area. The strong swell dragged us offshore until we could not make a foothold through the depth. Struggling to keep us up, we jumped from the bottom to catch air, but each time covered more. We could not swim and the current carried us.

Exhausted and without strength, we stop fighting and sink. We knew we were going to die. We could no longer breathe and the anguish of drowning gave way to immense peace. But suddenly, being at the bottom of the sea and knowing that our end had arrived, there appeared a being who swam at us. He was a man we saw without clarity, just like a candle. He seemed to be dressed as an old diver, with a diving helmet from a Jules Verne story. Quickly he pulled me out of the sea and left me in the sand, As I asked him to rescue my sister; without any hesitation at that moment he brought back my sister.

We rest and recover from the almost drowning that we live. Already answered, we never talk about who rescued us. It has always been something very intimate for us; A personal and inexplicable experience. Who could be that being that rescued us from those wild beaches?

5) “I saw seen myself inside the famous tunnel”

True Stories Of Near Death Experiences


(musical critic, writer and administrator in the Andalusian Employment Service, Seville)

“One night in the summer of ’79, when I crossed a street in the center of Seville, I was hit by a car that suddenly came out at a high speed. I did not have time to see it. The blow left me unconscious on the floor with fractures in the head, rupture of the left arm with humerus and serious injuries took place throughout the body.

I do not know how long I remained without knowledge, but when I woke up I know I was surrounded by Italians who had witnessed the accident. They had seen the driver fleeing.

I will not forget what I experienced while I was without consciousness. I saw myself inside the famous tunnel. At last I saw a bright light that blinded me. On both sides of the tunnel, static images in black and white of my life, with my parents, my brothers, friends, etc., were running fast. Images that showed moments that even I had forgotten, but which I recognized as his own. At first, oldest images were appearing including my childhood followed by the others that is closer in time to my 17 years.

I could not think, I remember wanting to know why I saw that, but the dizzying sequence of images prevented me. It was a pleasant sensation by no means. In fact, I did not like anything. I wanted to get out of there.”

4) “I saw a point of light with an image inside”


(48 years, Entrepreneur of the renewable energy sector, Barcelona)

In 1988 serving the military at the Basic General Academy of NCOs. I was in-charge of being the colonel-in-command driver.

I took the colonel’s car and went down to the village. On our way, the road disappeared on a curve and we saw ourselves flying over a ravine. Through the air, we are falling down towards the field with cutting a large pine.

The ground where we landed was plowed and the hood was almost completely buried. I remember seeing the wheels spinning with the car stuck in the field, while I climbed faster and faster, moving away, not knowing where. I felt free, as if I had been squeezed into a bottle and I was out of it. I could see a point of light at the end that became large, with an image inside. It was my mother in the kitchen of the house scrubbing the dishes with a blue apron. Notice that you could shift that light to see other things.

I remember seeing my friend Toni in the canteen, my sister in her Venezuelan house, picking up a red phone that sounded, my grandmother hugging me, my first kiss with a girl, the water running on the nearby forest stream to my house, to my brother Carlos making waves with the smoke of a cigarette …

Suddenly the image changed and I reviewed that day from beginning to end. There I noticed how someone touched me wondering if I was all right. I opened my eyes and noticed something that fell on my face. I was lying on the roof of the overturned car and my companion was hanging from the seatbelt over me. Ask what happened and they told me that we had an accident. I fainted. When I regained consciousness, I awoke from a two-day coma in a hospital in Lerida.
After this experience I completely lost the fear of death and learned to value much more the things that surround us. For a while I cried for nothing, I became a sentimental man who loved everyone. Since then I have tried to focus my life on helping others. ”

3) “My father, young man, came to say goodbye to me”


(Soprano, Madrid)

“My father passed away on February 24, 2015. We buried him two days later and lived all that as if it were a movie, that you see but that is not happening to you. The burial was held so fast that we almost did not realize it. We expected the priest to give him some words or say something else, but it was a very personal, very methodical rite, the mass of the day. He only mentioned that he had dedicated himself to my father but nothing more, and when we wanted to realize, he was already buried and proceeded to close the lid.

We all left there, and I, who was exhausted, went home to sleep. The night came and I say this very clearly: my father came to say goodbye to me. I found him, but also young, dark, handsome as he was. He was looking at me with a lovely smile and a look of unique love. He said it all. He said, “I’m still here. I have not left yet because I had to come and say goodbye.” gave me heart sank.

He was next to me, in my room, but at the same time as in a hospitable environment, and very young. But that apparition, far from frightening me, left me as comforted. I was left with such a deep peace that I was sure that my father was well.”

2) “I unfolded myself as if there were another self”


(driver, Málaga)

“It all happened at the end of 1993, in the living room of my house in the city of Sydney, Australia. It was Sunday and after eating I felt a pressure on the chest. I settled into an armchair but I did not sleep. Suddenly I was involved in an adventure that I will never forget.

I do not remember how, but I went from physical to spiritual. Suddenly I was in a completely dark and uncomfortable place where I felt trapped. I had some fear and panic. Above my head, they began to emerge like a few strokes of light that, at a great speed, descended, falling below my feet. Then those strokes became a kind of oval, round, yellow light.

Without knowing how or why, I unfolded myself. My spiritual self began to emerge as the most natural of the world. It was traumatic at no time, but quite opposite it was: pleasant, pleasant and exciting. Once outside, I began to observe and study myself. It was as if there were another me about ten meters from me. I thought, “My God, is it possible what I am seeing, but I am in outer space, traveling through the cosmos!”

Suddenly a large piece of universe was appeared which is all black and a tunnel in the center. I watched myself traveling at high speed inside the tunnel. I saw a blinding light that approached towards me very quickly. Instinctively, I closed my eyes, bringing my hands to my face to protect myself. I raised my forearms against myself and tilted my body a little defensively.

I stayed in this position for a while, but nothing happened. Slowly I began to relax, softening the pressure of the arms until I began to open my eyes and spread my hands to try to see something around me. I ended up completely discovering my head and opening my eyes fully. I felt peace and immense pleasure.”

1) “From the fog began to appear figures”


singer and songwriter, Educator of Intellectual Disabilities, Emergency Services Operator, Madrid).

“I was alone in my living room, cowering on my couch and wrapped in a blanket, watching a movie on TV. Every time I felt colder and colder. It was a small house.
The intense cold gave way to severe pain in the chest and back. I felt downright bad. I had to rub my eyes several times because I started to see blur. At the end of the corridor fog had been appeared. Thinking that I was tired after the day, I tried to fix my eyes.

I wanted to concentrate on the film, but with that growing pain I found it harder and harder. In addition, the fog persisted and I became nervous. I have always been afraid of paranormal phenomena.

As my pain increased and time passed, figures began to emerge from the fog. One Two Three…. Until it became a real come and go. They passed from side to side, as if they left my room and crossed the hall. Some walked slowly, some as if in a hurry. Some stood in front of me and watched me. There were children, there were old people …. I felt fear, confusion and intense pain. I know I was wide awake and that was not a figment of my imagination.

I barely managed to get up from the couch and get to my room, the crowd was still on, and I jumped on the bed and covered my head. I started to feel my body stretching out on the bed and that my consciousness was out of my control. The pain was strong, but gentle and pleasurable at the same time. I felt as if my body and my mind were separating. I do not know how long it lasted.

I did not wake up, since I was awake, but I came back from where I had gone, I became aware of what had happened to me, I took shape again, I felt myself in my body.

As a result, I had other experiences, some similar and different. When I have told you, some people have not believed me, others have helped me. Well, because they have lived something similar, either because they respect it and believe that it is possible to happen.